Our Story


Our most important values are our faith, commitment to each other through marriage, and family.  We encourage each other to be the best that we are capable of being, and would encourage our child to do the same.  Just as we were raised, we plan on providing a stable, nurturing, and loving environment for our child. 

We are excited about the opportunities that open adoption can provide for the child, for you, and for us.  Our top priority in an open adoption is to put the child first and respect your wishes for whatever type of relationship you wish to have with your child.


We’re the couple that couldn’t figure out how to paddle the clear kayak together in Costa Maya on our honeymoon.  We’re also the couple that can’t agree on jamming to “White Wedding” or “When I Come Around” in Rockband.  However, what we’re awesome at doing together is picking up speed while waverunning in the Bahamas.


When we’re not vacationing, you can find us at home playing with our dog Zoe and our cat Abe.  Zoe’s favorite activities are tattling on Abe when he jumps on the kitchen counter, and chasing squirrels that run around our backyard.  Abe loves to jump on the kitchen counter to tease Zoe and never gives up on trying to catch the laser light that appears many evenings just before bedtime.  One of these nights he’ll be victorious in catching that right light, but don’t hold your breath.


When Zoe and Abe are sleeping peacefully, Peter likes to enter his comic book “Vault” where he can get lost in his books and admire his poster of the Green Lantern hanging out by the Chicago bean.  Peter also enjoys going to conventions where he has been known to appear as Spider-Man in his custom made costume.  When he’s not daydreaming about comics, he’s either watching Chuck on TV, knocking down pins at the bowling alley, or going to White Sox games with family and friends.  Always willing to tackle Amy’s projects around the house, or help our elderly neighbor Rose take out her garbage cans, it’s no wonder why Amy fell in love with him.


Amy enjoys taking Zoe for walks around the neighborhood and riding her bike when the sun is shining, sledding down the hill at the nearby park at lightning speed when the snowflakes are falling, and getting a foot massage from Peter anytime she can, while fulfilling her reality TV show addition.  Peter is amazed with Amy when it comes to the house projects she tackles such as removing the ugly flowered wallpaper in our bedroom.  When it comes to making home cooked meals, you’ll want seconds on her famous lasagna!  She also keeps things so well organized and tidy at home that Peter can’t help but smile every time he puts on a clean shirt.


Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  If you chose, we would love to welcome you and your child into our lives.  We look forward to the opportunities that open adoption brings with it, and would love to learn more about you.  We wish you the best of luck with your decision.