Benefits of Open Adoption

Our experience with open adoption has revealed the following benefits for all members of the adoption circle:

Open adoption benefits for the child:

  • A clearer sense of identity
  • Understanding they are loved by their birth family and why they chose adoption
  • Ready access to information about their medical and social history
  • Access to biological siblings, if there are any

Open adoption benefits for adoptive parents:

  • Knowledge that birthparents chose adoption freely and willingly
  • A feeling of entitlement and being personally entrusted to raise the child
  • Dissolution of fantasies about birthparents or fear of the unknown
  • Greater ability to answer the child's questions about his or her origins
  • Ongoing access to birthhparents' medical and social histories

Open adoption benefits for birthparents:

  • An opportunity to personally answer their birth child's questions about his or her adoption
  • Reassurance of knowing the child is safe and thriving.
A Match Meeting at The Cradle

In the video on this page, Emily, The Cradle's Match Specialist, discusses a match meeting: I’m Emily Maxwell. I’m the match specialist here at the Cradle, and I work with adoptive parents and birth parents when they meet each other for the first time in a match meeting—just kind of like a facilitated blind date. Birth parents review profiles of adoptive parents, and they decide which family that they’d like to meet in a match meeting.