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Why am I interested

Posted by Yante , 01 July 2010 · 239 views

I am interested in being an adoptive mother because I feel as though everyone deserves to be in a family- oriented environment. Sometimes people do things that they regret. Everyone makes decisions that they are not always proud of. I can be their way out. I can be the person that helps them get on the right track. But how do I do it? I know that I have all the love that a child needs. I just can't have them to give them all of the love that I have. That is why I am ever so grateful for agencies like The Cradle. Hopefully they will be what I need to make me feel like a woman. Because right now I don't understand the reason that God made me a woman.

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    Which way should I go

    My name is yante and I have been struggling to have children for three years. I have been pregnant three times and they all ended with either surgery or medication to terminate the pregnancy. When I was younger, I became pregnant with twins. At the time of my pregnancy, my boyfriend(at the time) gave me a STD which ended my pregnancy. As a result, I keep having tubal pregnancies. I have a man that loves me and we are planning to get married in February. He doesn't have any children, and I can tell that it makes him feel bad that I can't have any. I don't know how to get started with the adoption process and what criteria I have to meet, but I am willing to do it. I was told when I was hospitalized for the last pregnancy, that I was really putting my life in danger when I keep getting pregnant, because I have a hole in my uterus and the fertilized egg keeps floating into my abdomen. I didn't want to give up hope for me having my own children, but I can't keep putting my life at risk. I need some advice, because I feel like my life is missing something. Feel free to email me @ yantechambers@yahoo.com