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Need advice

Posted by La2009 , 01 July 2010 · 246 views

I am 23 and just found out I am pregnant. My relationship with the father has been difficult at times. I have always wanted children, but always had the fairytale image in mind with a wonderful marriage, financially secure, and completely prepared. That is not at all the situation I am in now. I told my parents last night and of course they were extremely uspset from my mother telling me I was having a bastard child which hurt me more than I can even explain to them telling me that they love me but this is not God's plan and the devil is jumping up and down and this childs life with be one that came from sin and will never be right. They feel that giving it up for adoption is the only choice. I am scared and at this point feel like my support system which would be my parents is non-existant. My mom told me she couldn't even look at me because I am no longer pure. I just want to do what is right by this child, but how will I ever know what that decision is. I know I am capable of giving my complete love to my child but I want it to have the best life possible and what if I'm not the one that can do that? I would appreciate any advice from any birthparents, adoptive parents, and those that were adopted themselves.

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