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17.5 wks

Posted by SkyeAshley , 14 February 2008 · 279 views

  • Second Ultrasound Visit. 16.5 wks.
  • First Set of Ultrasouds 11 wks
  • First Set of Ultrasouds 11 wks
  • First Set of Ultrasouds 11 wks
  • First Set of Ultrasouds 11 wks

what do i do when i know i don't have enough money and i know that i should be looking into adoption.. but the birthfather is against it and i'm getting so attached to her? I can feel her starting to move and grow. It makes it so hard to think that shewouldn't be my child. I don't know if i could do that. But if i decided i could, what about the birthfather? he's completely against it. How do i talk to him about it without him feeling threatened? Me and him are not married. and i'm not ready to be. So that also brings up the issue of who's last name would the baby have? My parents want it to have mine. He wants it to have his. I suggested Hypenated but he doesn't like that. He wants just his. and what happens if we don't end up getting married? There's  no identification in the baby's name that it's mine. I don't want to ever be asked 'what relation i am to the child. I'm not the babysitter or the nanny, I'm her mother. Idk if this is coherent for anyone but me but i'm feeling lost. I don't like it. Ne who... gotta go get some clothes smile.gif

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