Rebecca's Open Adoption Story

Rebecca's Open Adoption

I’m Rebecca Grey. I’m 29. I placed my son, eight-years-ago through the Cradle. I just did a birth mother’s panel, and they wanted to know, all of the adoptive parents wanted to know, what it was about the profiles that made us choose them. And I fully believe that there is just something there. Because I was just flipping through these books, and I don’t know what it is that caught my eye. And so, I saw it, and I was like, “This is the family.”

And after we met and we even visited their home, they had the same little knick-knacks, the same china. I mean everything just fell in place, and it’s like, this is the right family. We stayed in contact and the adoptive mom, she went with me to a few doctor’s appointments. They were both there at the hospital when my son was born. The mom was actually in the delivery room with me.

So, I had him April 26th, at 2002. And it’s been great. I mean I can go down and see him any that I want. I’ve always been a part of his life. When I get back to my car tonight, I can call him like, “Hey I’m coming down.” And they’d be like, “Great.”

He’s going to be, I think going into 2nd grade—2nd or 3rd grade. He plays all types of sports, and he’s really good at them. I will go down and try to play baseball with him, and it actually hurts because he’s gotten so good at it. What an awesome life he has. He’s got two parents. He never has to want anything. He’ll be able to go to college without struggling like his birth father and I had to do. For the most part he’s always smiling when I see him, and I was just like, “God, I wish I had that childhood.”

But if he ever asks any questions, I’m going to tell him why. And it was never because I didn’t love him. It was never because I didn’t want him. So, I mean, I think that after he asks me questions and stuff like that, I really don’t think he’s going to resent me. I think he’s really going to understand. I think he’s going to be happy because where he’s at, they’re in a really nice house—kid’s got everything.