Our Story


In the summer we like to go canoeing. We also enjoy the occasional camping trip, but not in the heat of July- we found that out the hard way (hot and steamy is not always a good thing...). Our house came with a pool, so Chris finally got her childhood wish. Along with a quick dip in the pool we like to host barbecues. Nothing too fancy, just some dogs, burgers and the occasional chicken breast. The fall is not complete without a small bonfire in the back yard, cooking smores with our friends and their kids. Have you ever tried having a smores with bananas instead of marshmallows (or both)? Don't knock it until you try it...

We are looking forward to being hands on parents. I see how Steve is with his nephews. He takes the time to explain how things work. He has a loving nature and patience about him that kids are drawn to. And of course he gets to play with the toys. As a teacher, Chris has been around kids her entire adult life. With an early childhood degree she has learned many successful techniques of rewarding good behavior. In the classroom she prefers to have a routine so that the children know what to expect. She also enjoys doing hands on activities like finger painting & story time, and has acquired a small library of children's books.

It's important to us for Chris to be at home with our child. She is well suited for the challenge because she has been an early childhood teacher for some time now. Her mother was at home with her, and we feel it's very important to spend as much quality time with our child as possible. That is why Chris is planning on staying home once we have a child. The local park district offers Mommy & Baby classes and Chris is already looking forward to signing up for them. We live just 4 blocks from Chris's sister and her 3 children. One of her nieces is also an early childhood teacher, just like Chris. They are all looking forward to helping out.

Steve and I enjoy spending time with friends and family by going to dinner, or just relaxing in front of the fireplace. But what we like most are the holidays and birthdays. The holiday season is always a challenge. All 3 of our families (Steve's parents are divorced) demand to see us and we wouldn't have it any other way. Family is important to us so we put in the extra effort to drive 3 hours to Indiana if needed to see Steve's Dad, Stepmother, brother & step brother. Luckily his Mother and sister live a lot closer. On Chris's side we have a Christmas tradition of sitting in a large circle as the presents are passed out. We start with the youngest person and open one present. Then the next oldest opens one, and so on, and so on. During this process we quietly blow out any candles and start the annual paper toss. On Steve's side it is more of a free for all. When it comes to birthdays, they are not complete without a cake or pie baked by Steve's Mother. However, the cake or pie may look a little funny. Steve's mother has a big sweet tooth, and a habit of taste testing a slice of her masterpieces to make sure they came out ok. They always do...

When Steve and I met, I new he would be the one that I would be with for the rest of my life. He's very thoughtful about how I'm feeling. He has a great sense of humor. He's honest, and responsible. He keeps me grounded by watching the budget, but not too closely. It seams like Steve is always working on one project or another. He may be an accountant by trade, but he also knows his way around the tool box. He gutted and remodeled the kitchen with my father. They also installed a fireplace, and remodeled 2 bathrooms. I like how well he gets along with both of my parents and family. It goes without saying that he is my best friend. I couldn't see myself with anyone but him. Steve also likes to play with our friendly cat, Whiskers. She is 15 and has become a lap cat in her older years.

Chris is easy going, funny, caring, and loving. She loves to talk and I love to listen... But seriously... Chris is the kind of person that has a lasting effect on children. She gives them love, structure & consistency. And before you know it, they end up loving her so much they hate to see her go. Chris always comes home from work (at a local daycare center) with stories about the children. They range from the shy little boy that will not hold anyone's hand but Chris's, to the spoiled little girl that will only behave properly for Chris in order to get her praise. I could not think of a person more willing and prepared to become a mother!!

Chris is Catholic and Steve is Lutheran. We are not active members of a church at this time, but we plan on raising our child Lutheran. We feel it's important to give our child a background in religion to help instill values and social responsibilities.


One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much was in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like.
But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child.

We would like to thank you for giving us your time and consideration. There are still a lot of things we would like you to know about us. Like what brought us to The Cradle and our view on open adoption. We would also like to hear more about you at some point. We don't have a plan on how open adoption will or won't work. It is a new concept to us. We are "open" to quarterly visits and or photo/letter exchanges. We also promise to surround your child with a caring and loving family who will embrace your child just as they would any family member. We don't know what the world has in store for us, but one thing is for sure. Chris and I are looking forward to becoming outstanding parents!!!!!!

With Love,