The Cradle Today
  • The Cradle's Evanston office as it stands today.

  • The Cradle sign at the corner of Ridge and Simpson in Evanston.

  • Our beautiful courtyard visited by Cradle Baby Kate and her dad.

  • A birth and adoptive family in an open adoption. Pictured here at the steps of The Cradle

    A birth and adoptive family on The Cradle's front stairs.

  • The reception area at The Cradle today.

  • The living room at The Cradle.

  • A Cradle counselor sits in our living room with an expectant mom.

  • One of The Cradle's family rooms. Match meetings take place in this room as well as home study meetings with counselors.

  • The Cradle's nursery today.

    Babies in The Cradle's nursery have round the clock care by licensed nurses and volunteer