We are Angela and Eric and we want to thank you for considering us as a loving, adoptive family for your child. 

We admire your courage and your strength as you navigate through this process. We cannot imagine and we won't pretend to know what you are going through, but it's our hope that our little book offers a glimpse of what life could be like for your baby in our family should you choose to move forward with an adoption plan.


Here is a little more about us...


We met in 2006 at a bowling alley in Michigan, not far from where we both grew up.  Eric was a karaoke host and Angela was there with their mutual friends.  We were married two years later on October 17, 2008. We always knew that we wanted to have children and we decided that building a family through adoption was the best course for us. We are so excited about the opportunity to give children a life that will be full of love, joy and excitement!


Angela is the most honest and caring person I've ever known. She loves animals, nature and being with her family. Angela always lets the people that she loves know how much she cares for them. If she is looking at a beautiful sunset, she will give you a hug and tell you that she is glad that she is seeing it with you. She has an enormous amount of integrity and she doesn't take anything for granted. She always makes it a point to see the good things in life. If I'm ever feeling down, she'll ask me to list the things that I have that make me happy. It helps every time! She's a hard-worker, a loyal friend and the funniest woman I've ever known! I know that she will be an incredible mother because of these things in her nature. When someone needs help, she listens, offers a suggestion and shows her support. Loving someone like Angela is easy since she gives so much to others and always makes the most out of life.


When I first met Eric, I knew that he was special and I instantly felt like I could be myself.  He has a way of showing you how he feels through his kind gestures and expressions. Eric knows that my favorite flowers are carnations and sometimes I get in my car in the morning and there is a bouquet waiting for me in the cup holder! He often makes us dinners like chicken tacos, meatloaf, spaghetti, and stir-fry because he likes to cook and he loves to make others happy.  Eric is endlessly entertaining! One thing that he does that makes me laugh is creating characters with different voices - he even made voices for our pets! Eric has a very calming presence and is generous, kind, and funny.  He's been ready to share these qualities with a little one for a long time and he will make a fantastic father.


We live in a beautiful, bright and spacious apartment on the North Side of Chicago. There's always plenty of sunlight, lots of space for visiting families and we love decorating around the holidays. Our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. There's so much to do and the beach is just a short drive away! We love taking along our Boston Terriers, Mickey and Willy, and we can’t to one day go together as a family. Art and creativity have always been very important parts of our lives and it’s something we look forward to sharing with our children. Angela has a degree in photography and Eric is an accomplished writer and artist. Both of us also enjoy independent filmmaking and are members of a film collective here in Chicago. We even had one of our films screen at the Chicago Horror Film Festival!


Adoption has always been very close to our family. Angela’s brother and her best friend were adopted and Eric’s parents fostered several children while he was growing up. We understand and are committed to having a level of openness that is comfortable for you. We’re going into this with open hearts and understand that there are many different types of open relationships. We're looking forward to discussing the right one for you and promise to stay open to flexibility.


Living in Chicago these past four years, we’ve really enjoyed the diversity we have experienced and the friends we’ve made along the way. It’s important for our children to enjoy the same opportunity to build lasting relationships among different cultures. We look forward to providing a home that celebrates unique world views and equality.


We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and we hope that we have given you an idea of what life would be like in our safe and happy home. We wish you the very best as you navigate through this process.  We hope to meet you sometime soon!

Fun facts

  • Favorite Activities:  Walking the dogs, camping, fishing, photography, making movies and shopping at thrift stores
  • Fun Fact: Completed a 10-Week Kickboxing Challenge
  • Favorite Food:  Jet's Pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms
  • Favorite Movies:  Pretty in Pink, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cinderella (cartoon), The Wrestler, and Sunset Boulevard
  • Fun Fact: Loves to build furniture with her Dad
  • Favorite TV Show:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Favorite Singers:  Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men
  • Favorite Place:  The Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • Favorite Activities: Writing, Drawing, Making Movies, Cooking, Being Silly
  • Favorite Food: Pad Thai (So spicy that you can barely eat it)
  • Fun Fact: Is terrified of Possums
  • Favorite Movies: Batman, The Empire Strikes Back, There Will Be Blood
  • Fun Fact: Is currently seeking his teaching license in K-5 Elementary Education
  • Favorite Singers: David Bowie, Tom Waits, Elton John, Elvis Presley
  • Fun Fact: Took 2nd Place in a Karaoke Championship
  • Favorite Book: Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

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