We are Anjelina, Gary, Ava and Leo! A big city girl meets a small town boy. We like to think we have the best of both worlds in our family. We feel that our differences are what make our relationship and family so strong. Our differences also add lots of color and adventure into our lives! We look forward to sharing who we are and this adoption journey with you.

About Us

Anjelina is from Chicago and Gary is from Logandale, a small town in Nevada. We met while Gary was in Chicago for clinical rotations during medical school. Our relationship can best be described with the old saying, “opposites attract”. Anjelina is short, talkative and outgoing, while Gary is tall, cool, calm and collected. While we are different in many ways, we have the same core beliefs and values.  We both have chosen professions in the medical field. We both also had a desire to adopt even before we were married. We are excited to grow our family through the journey of adoption again!

Our Family

We believe family is everything.  While we have some traditional values, we are definitely not a traditional family. We have a 11 year old daughter named Ava. While Ava is Anjelina’s daughter by blood, Gary has been parenting Ava since she was five years old. Ava is very outgoing, big hearted and funny. She loves drawing, swimming, animals, baking and telling jokes. We also have a 1 year old son named Leo. Leo joined our family in August of 2017 with the help of The Cradle. We have an open adoption with Leo’s birthmother communicating via text messages, pictures and occasional visits. Leo is a very active and playful little boy. He enjoys going for walks in his stroller and listening to music. Ava and Leo adore each other and can’t wait to welcome another sibling to our family.  

We love to spend family night playing board games, video games and watching Star Wars or Harry Potter movies. Miniature golfing and bowling are also family favorites! We love going on adventures together as a family. That includes exploring our local forest preserves, downtown Chicago and frequent traveling. Another family favorite activity is planning our next Disney World Vacation! We typically go at least once a year! We are both close to our parents and extended families and have taken multiple big family vacations with them. Anjelina’s parents and extended family live within minutes of us, so we see them multiple times a week. Gary’s family live in Nevada and Utah. Although Gary's family may be far in distance, we have managed to find ways to see them quite frequently. Whether we travel out west to them, they travel to Chicago, or we all meet up at a destination, the next reunion is just around the corner!

Our Home

We live in a cozy, three-level home. There are five bedrooms with the nursery right next to the master bedroom. The large family room overlooks the spacious back yard where we entertain ourselves with BBQs, a trampoline and games during the summer and snowball fights in the winter. Our home is surrounded by forest preserves and is within walking distance of a large park, splash pad, and a great school system. The community is very close-knit with many young families.


Our focus is always on doing what is best for the child. While we have an open adoption with Leo’s birthmother, we understand that everyone's level of comfort about openness is different. We are comfortable with all forms of openness- whether it is through pictures, letters, email updates, or visits. Regardless of where you may fall in the spectrum of openness, we are dedicated to exploring all options to find a level of openness that is comfortable for everyone involved.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us and consider us as parents for your child. No matter what you may decide, we truly hope you find peace and comfort as you move forward through this difficult journey. We wish all the best for you and your child.

Fun facts

  • Loves Mexican Food- especially her mom’s homemade tamales at Christmas
  • A die-hard Chicago White Sox fan
  • Went to an all-girl Catholic high school and enjoys learning about women’s history
  • Hates to cook, but loves to eat
  • Can play the flute and piccolo and was the drum major of her high school’s competitive marching band
  • Loves attending live theater, concerts and watching Star Wars movies with Gary, Ava and Leo
  • Looks forward to the annual family Disney World trip
  • Has a love for the city of New Orleans, its food, its culture and its live Jazz music
  • Loves to sew and crochet in her spare time
  • Favorite color is white
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Lived in Central America and the Caribbean volunteering with various organizations for a total of 4 years
  • Is an Eagle Scout
  • Is the master chef of the family
  • Ran the school TV news in High school
  • Has filled our home with handmade furniture, including our dining room table and bedroom sets
  • Loves to organize the annual family Disney World trip
  • A die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan
  • Costco is his favorite place to shop
  • Favorite color is orange

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