Hi, before we get into our lives, there's this whole other, incredibly important piece that that we'd like to first acknowledge -- you. As you consider in your heart whether adoption is the right path for you, we hope you find peace and support during this difficult time. And if adoption is your choice, we wish you a beautiful, caring home for your child.

"We didn't give you the gift of life. Life gave us the gift of you."

We're John, Anne and Aubrey. We've got a few stories and photos to share with you here. We’d love to share more and hear about your story and your hopes for your child.


Our First Date

Our very first date was at a putt putt golf course in the suburbs. Romantic, right? It was a surprise destination for Anne and despite showing up in heels, she was a total sport. Around the 14th hole, the skies opened up and it poured down on us. We ran to the restaurant across the street for shelter and ate pancakes for dinner. 

We talked forever, laughed... and began to fall in love.

Family Life

We own a small ad agency together. It allows us to be creative, set our own schedules and have lots of family time. In fact, Anne has every Friday off to be with our daughter, Aubrey. When we're at work, Aubrey is with her out-of-this-world nanny learning Spanish and having a blast. We absolutely love being parents to our little girl and can't wait to be a family of four!

As a family, we spend time exploring Chicago, heading down the slide at our neighborhood park, playing bags at the lakefront, eating out, cooking at home with the music blasting, having dance parties, going to the farmer's market, watching dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium, taking soccer and ballet classes, getting together at friends' homes. And just enjoying the JOY of everyday.

Our Path to Adoption

We had both thought about adopting a child before we ever met. Then after struggling to get pregnant with another child, we came to the decision we had both somehow known before. Adoption would be part of our family story.

We're here and it feels right. We are already part of a new, caring community with The Cradle and other adoptive parents. And we are so ready to be loving parents to another child and grow our family.

John (by Anne)

I realized that John was "the one" when he shared a beautiful video about opening up and being vulnerable in life (maybe hinting that it was time to jump into the relationship with both feet!). I already knew he made me laugh, pushed me to try new things and be silly, was generous and such a good person... but when I watched that video, I thought: This is IT. And my heart burst.

I'm so grateful I married this amazing guy. He loves with such a BIG heart. He takes care of our family and finds ways to remind me who he is every day: making the family breakfast, stopping for a kiss on the way to the next room, calling a friend with such happiness in his voice, making everyone he meets feel like they matter, doing the right thing, and being goofy -- not caring if everyone is laughing at his silliness. He relishes that laughter.

When I see him with Aubrey... remember that heart burst? A million times over. He plays and plays and plays. He loves his little girl to the moon and back. To the point of tears filling his eyes. And mine. He's such a good dad.

I'm a lucky girl.

Anne (by John)

Anne's a hugger. She gives those great big warm embraces that put a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I'm having. In Anne, I found the woman who makes me laugh, is naturally beautiful inside and out, loves me for my strengths and weaknesses, and lovingly encourages me to push myself to be an even better man tomorrow. 

As a mother, she teachers our daughter by being kind to others, listening with an open mind, and making education fun. Heck, while her professional career is in advertising, I think her true calling is to be a teacher. Kids adore her, she brings high energy to her work, is incredibly organized and compassionately listens to friends and strangers alike. She enjoys volunteering her time teaching kids about healthy eating.

I'm grateful for many blessings in my life, but I'm most grateful for Anne - she's my rock, my best friend. 


Aubrey is going to be a wonderful big sister. She's sweet and happy, happy, happy (since the day she was born)!

She loves to play and pretend, bursts out in songs, wants to read book after book after book, adores drawing and painting, screams with excitement when she sees her friends, giggles with daddy, cuddles with mommy, helps in the kitchen and plays hide-and-go-seek. Over and over again. YOU hide, Daddy!

Our little two-year old (surprisingly!) shares, eats almost anything and says thank you to everything. And if she gives her sibling even half as much love as she gives her stuffed monkey Sweetie Pie, that's going to be one super-loved little brother or sister.

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to read our story. Our hearts are so ready to love another child, and our daughter Aubrey is excited for a little sister or brother.

We wish you strength as you make your decisions and continue on your journey. And maybe, just maybe, our paths will cross.

Fun facts

  • One of my best friends growing up was adopted.
  • I'm a hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist.
  • I have a small, tight group of incredible girlfriends.
  • I love setting (and accomplishing) big goals: I once road a bike from San Fran to LA!
  • My day starts with snuggles from John and Aubrey. Then coffee.
  • I'm floating-on-clouds happy after yoga class.
  • I'm passionate about food that's good for us and the planet.
  • I have a sweet tooth and won't turn down a homemade cookie.
  • I always have our next dream trip planned.
  • I can’t wait to be mom to another little one.
  • I’ve proudly mentored two boys - now men! - for the past 14 years. They’re awesome.
  • I've always been comfortable with adoption. My mom helped start a crisis pregnancy center over 34 years ago and has provided loving care to thousands. Also, m​y family experienced an unexpected pregnancy​ and chose ​adoption​.
  • Family comes first - always.
  • To stay active, I run along Lake Michigan and do the occasional 5k race and triathlon.  
  • While we live in the city, I love the great outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking...
  • When I pray, I talk with God like we’re old friends.
  • I’ve grown a company from the ground up to be honored as one of the fastest growing in America.
  • I prefer to give a hug over a handshake.
  • ​Life's better with a dog.
  • No fear of dancing like a fool!

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