We are David and Ben and we’d like to thank you for taking a look at our profile and learning a little bit about us.  We’ve been Chicagoans for 7 years now and love our adopted city.  Together, we have created a home filled with Southern hospitality and Midwestern warmth.  Family is very important to us, and we look forward to expanding our own.  We are ready to open our home and our hearts to a new baby and hope our profile gives you an idea of what life in our family will be like.

A bit of background

We’ve been together seven years… married for almost five… and we started talking about kids the day we met.  Both of us have big extended families, so we knew a baby was in our future.  With our siblings and cousins all starting their families, now feels like the right time for us to start growing our family. 

From David

Fatherhood means everything to me.  From playing peek-a-boo to card games, making bottles to packing lunchboxes, ABCs to algebra homework, I know the most fulfilling thing I will ever do in my life will be to help my child grow into a mature individual.  Also cookies – I’m looking forward to baking lots of cookies.  Seriously though, I just cannot thank you enough for considering us in your search. 

From Ben

I cannot wait to be a dad!  I tend to be the more reserved and quiet one of the two of us.  But not on this topic.  I want nothing more than to come home after work to a bit of play time, feeding my baby dinner, and rocking them to sleep in my arms.  Throughout my childhood, I remember countless evenings by my mom’s side when she would read aloud to my siblings and me.  I’ve already started collecting the same stories she read me to share with our child.  I see how much my life will change once we adopt, and I’m so excited for years to come filled with coaching sports teams, listening to choir concerts, and family Halloween costumes (at least until the teen years, haha). 

Our families

Although we didn’t grow up in Chicago, we feel lucky to have a number of family members in the area and a ton of amazing friends.  David’s brother lives just down the street from us, and both of us have extended family out the suburbs.  David’s parents have also spent the last two summers living in the city and are so happy to be living down the street from their first grandchild.  Ben’s parents are a couple of hours up north in Michigan and are just as excited to welcome their sixth grandbaby. 

We’re part of a big extended family. Ben’s sister has five kids who are all regular visitors to our home, and three of David’s cousins have had babies in the past year and a half.  Some of Ben’s favorite childhood memories are of weeklong summer visits from the cousins.  Staying connected with extended family was always a priority growing up, and we plan to make that an important part of our child’s life as well.


We didn’t understand what open adoption was when we started this process.  But after learning about it from The Cradle, we can’t imagine another option.  We want our child to know where they came from and how loved they are by everyone in their life.   And we want you to be a part of our family life in any way you feel comfortable. 


We are looking forward to a family-centered life after adoption.  Both of us have jobs that are flexible about taking time off for the adoption.  We’re building up vacation time as well so we can take as much time as we need.  Our jobs are also flexible about working from home, and we are confident that we can strike a good work-life balance.  We also plan to eventually hire a nanny to help us cover the gaps when we can’t get away from work.  David actually grew up with a nanny throughout his childhood and is still close with her today.  We are already getting to know the local nanny network so we can find the very best person to help care for our child.

Letter from our friend Danielle

“Three and a half hours… that’s how long Ben carried my 20 month old daughter, Paige… through the snow.  I’ve worked with David for a couple years and we quickly became friends. My little girls (Latrice and Paige) and I first met David's husband Ben on an outing to Maggie Daley Park. Paige can be a little shy but she quickly formed a bond with Ben, and Latrice became smitten with David immediately. Latrice regularly asks about Mr. David and when will we see him again. Last winter we decided to go to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the zoo lights. It was not long before Paige decided that she did not want to walk and that she had to be carried… by Ben.  Not even Mommy would do.  So Ben carried my baby Paige – all 26 pounds of her – through the snow, up the stairs, past the jungle cats, lifted her up to see all the different monkeys.  And he did so without hesitation. His natural instinct was to nurture, care and being comforting to my daughter. As I watched him help Paige wipe up after a messy session with French fries, and watched David help bundle up Latrice and put on her mittens, I knew these two were going to make great dads.  Between the love they showed my children, and the care they show for me and each other, I know their child will be blessed with a warm and loving home and two amazing parents.”

Thank you

We’re so grateful that you took the time to get to know a little about us.  We and our whole extended family look forward to adding to our family through adoption.  We promise to do our absolute best to love, support, and care for our child and to include you in that experience as much as you may wish.  

Fun facts

  • Sang in the choir from kindergarten through 4 years of college.
  • Plays softball in a Chicago league and is no longer the worst player on his team.
  • Favorite color is blue, favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and favorite animal is a dog.
  • Lived in England for two years during middle school (but sadly didn’t pick up the awesome accent).
  • While growing up he lived in Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, Indiana, Arizona, and England!
  • Loves iPhone games including Clash of Clans!
  • Taught Sunday school in church for 5 years.
  • Loves cooking but hates cleaning the dishes after.
  • Favorite Chicago activity is to pack a picnic and go listen to concerts in Millennium Park all summer long.
  • Expert dishwasher organizer.
  • Lifelong Star Trek fan and kinda wishes he went to school at Hogwarts. 
  • Loves classic cars
  • Favorite cookie: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
  • Favorite summer outdoor activity: biking, especially along the lake
  • Favorite winter outdoor activity: sledding with nieces and nephews
  • Favorite indoor activity: board games with friends and family
  • Favorite TV show: CBS Sunday Morning News
  • Plays kickball in a recreational league
  • Favorite childhood memory: My grandfather always kept a pack of mint-flavored wooden toothpicks in his shirt pocket.  Every Sunday growing up, we’d go over to my grandparents’ house for lunch. When I was still young enough to sit on his lap, he’d let me fish out this pack of toothpicks and take one for myself. Nothing in the world seemed more valuable to me.
  • Played football and was on the rowing team in high school
  • Graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where I majored in Economics, and where the job I worked at while going to school introduced me to my career in IT

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