We hope that through this profile you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our families, and our future child.  We have always dreamed of having a large family, as we have so much love to give.  Our respect for you is immeasurable and we are honored and excited that you are taking the time to get to know us.  We have a large space in our hearts for another child, and our son is looking forward to becoming a big brother.

Why Adopt?

We both have history of adoption throughout both of our families.  Armin has two cousins that were adopted through closed adoption and Beth’s aunt adopted three little girls through fostering.   It is abundantly clear that adoption is a beautiful way to create a family and we are excited to be on this journey. 

Thoughts on Openness

We are open to a variety of different open relationships including phone calls, texts, scheduled visits, and social media.   We respect your needs, whatever they may be.  We look forward to discussing this with you.

Armin through Beth’s Eyes:

Armin is very handy.  On the weekend you might find him changing the oil on one of our cars, putting together a swing set, or retiling the backsplash in the kitchen.  Armin loves to learn and push himself, but he also loves the outdoors and staying active by taking long walks, bike riding, including Chicago Bike Races like Bike the Drive, and playing basketball in the driveway with our son.  He also loves watching the Chicago Bulls, listening to music, playing the guitar, and playing superheroes with Jacob.  Armin strives to be a father who will teach, protect, and love his children.  He even enjoys coaching Jacob’s summer soccer league.  Armin has been an engineer for Chicago Public Schools for the past 10 years.  He has great hours which allow him to pick up our son Jacob after school and transport him to various after school activities.  Armin is a wonderful husband and father! He truly puts us before anything else in his life. 

Beth through Armin’s Eyes

Beth is a very loving mother.  She is unselfish with her time and extremely nourishing.  Our son Jacob thinks she is the "World's Best Snuggler".  Beth is very creative.  She loves working on our yearly digital scrapbooks that help us keep track of all our favorite memories.  She also loves decorating specially themed cakes for our son's birthday each year.  In her free time, you may find Beth curled up on the couch reading a good book or taking a walk through the neighborhood.  Beth has been teaching 2nd grade for the past 15 years.  When we welcomed Jacob into our family, Beth took six months off work.  Teaching has been the perfect career for Beth as a working mom.  She gets to fulfill her passion of teaching, yet has lots of time to spend at home with our son.  

Meet Jacob

Jacob is a creative, funny, and outgoing 7 year old boy.  He loves to play superheroes and watch movies when he's stuck inside.   When the weather is nice, you'll find him outside playing soccer with his dog, basketball with his dad, or playing at the park with his mom.  We have truly instilled the importance of family in our son Jacob.  He has such a big heart and is excited to be the "big brother" and teach his new sibling all the ropes.

Our Dogs

We have two Beagles; Buddy & Benny.   We rescued Buddy 9 years ago at a local animal shelter.   Benny joined our family as a puppy this past year.  These boys bring so much joy to our lives.  We spend lots of time going for walks, throwing the ball, and teaching Benny how to play Frisbee.  Both boys are very affectionate and patient with children.  Benny can't wait for another child to chase him around the yard!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our story.   We want your child to always know where they came from, and understand and appreciate the sacrifice you are making.  Thank you again for considering us.

Fun facts

  • Is a huge animal lover and will rescue lost dogs anytime, anywhere. 
  • Beth enjoys making yearly scrapbooks to document all of our favorite memories.
  • Wanted to be a second grade teacher since she was in the second grade.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter.
  • Favorite childhood movies consisted of Annie and Anne of Green Gables.
  • Enjoys coming up with matching Halloween costumes for our son and dogs, for our annual Halloween card.  
  • Sometimes I like winter activities more than summer.
  • I may enjoy Legos more than my 7 year old son.
  • I am such a huge Chicago Bulls fan that we named our dog after Benny the Bull.
  • Got hooked on playing the guitar through Rocksmith.
  • Favorite band is Sublime.
  • Favorite childhood movie was the Princess Bride.
  • Enjoys participating in Chicago bike races like Bike the Drive and Four Star Bike Ride. 

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