Thank you for considering adoption and taking the time to learn more about us. We have always wanted to have a large family of our own, and we are excited to continue this journey through adoption again.



We have been married for 4 years, and together in a committed relationship for 8 years. Our relationship has endured through Chicago, New York, and Boston, but now we are happy to be rooted back in Chicago near our families and friends. We stay strong with a similar sense of humor, family values, Catholic faith, and passion for learning new things. We have always talked about wanting to have a large family of our own and are excited to continue this journey through adoption.

Our Path to Adoption

During our marriage preparation, we discussed our desire to adopt regardless of whether or not we were able to have biological children.  When we learned from doctors that we struggle with infertility, it was a natural transition to change our focus to the adoption process.  Rather than embarking down a difficult path of fertility treatments, we have faith that God has chosen another path to fill our home and lives with joy. 

In 2015, we were blessed through adoption with our son Teddy.  Being his parents has reaffirmed that we are on the right path for our family, and that we have so much love to give.

We appreciate and fully support the benefits of openness in adoption and look forward to exploring and nurturing this relationship with you just as we are with Teddy’s birthmother.  The connection we have through our child will always make our relationship with you a priority for our family. 

Work and Play

We are fortunate to enjoy the work we do, and that we have flexibility for lots of family time and fun outside the office as well.  Joe enjoys the challenge and variety of working in public policy for the Illinois Department of Labor.  Bethany likes the relationship building and problem solving in her human resources consulting career. Teddy has had the opportunity for both family daycare and center daycare. He loves playing with other kids and exploring. We try to find as much time away from the office to spend together!  Joe can often be found playing the piano or guitar with Teddy on his lap.  Bethany and Teddy spend as much time outside as possible – running, swinging, and finding sticks and rocks.  It is important that we find quiet time for our family every day.  We talk about our plans at breakfast and recap the day at dinner before pajama time, books, and baths.

We have always supported each other’s unique interests and talents. It is exciting to watch Teddy learn new things, and we cannot wait to help our next child find his or her own talents and passions as well.


We both have BIG families that are excited and supportive of growing our family through adoption. We are each the second oldest among our siblings, a  connection we will have with our next son or daughter! 

Joe is the second oldest of six siblings.  He grew up a few hours south of Chicago near Springfield, Illinois, where his parents and siblings still live.  We enjoy taking trips down to his childhood home for relaxing weekends and the chance for Teddy to watch and play with Grandpa Gene's model trains. 

Bethany is the second oldest of 4 siblings.  She grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, where her parents and sisters still live with their families. She also has 20 aunts and uncles and over 30 cousins that we see frequently in the Chicago area.  We spend many weekends and evenings hanging out together. 

We have 12 nieces and nephews (Teddy’s cousins) that we adore and spend as much time with as we can.  Teddy is always in the mix and loves playing with everyone. Bethany has the honor of being godmother to Carys (9) Claire (6) and Peyton (6 mos), while Joe is godfather to James (4).  We talk about adoption with our nieces and nephews. The kids understand that our family is unique just like theirs! 

Thank You

Our prayers are with you that you may be guided by faith and love during this difficult journey.  Thank you for the opportunity to show you a glimpse into our family. 

Fun facts

  • After our first niece was born, everyone (not just the kids) calls Bethany “Aunt Bee”.
  • Bethany was a gymnastics coach for 15 years and even has balance beams at home. 
  • Bethany loves endurance sports. She has completed 3 half Ironman Races, 2 marathons and many other triathlons and run races. 
  • Bethany is a huge White Sox fan 
  • Joe's favorite TV show is Seinfeld, and he can quote many of the episodes from memory.
  • Joe plays the piano and guitar and has been a member in several pit orchestras for musicals.
  • Joe once hit 28 3-pointers in a row on a basketball court and will be found trying to win the basketball game at any carnival he attends.
  • Joe's favorite food is the horseshoe, a dish rarely found outside of central Illinois. Google it!

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