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Bobby & Michael

Hi! We’re Bobby and Michael.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our family as you explore adoption. Though we’ve never met you, we’re thinking about who you are and where you might be every single day. (We hope that doesn’t sound weird, but it’s true). And we hope that you’re feeling respected, loved, and supported right now.

Our Story

Fun fact: The two of us met online, on a dating website, over 7 years ago. So if we meet you thanks to this online profile, our family will owe Al Gore a big “thank you” for inventing the internet.

We’ve been talking about adoption and dreaming about this moment for years. We’re so grateful that we’re here and now, at a time and in a place, where families like ours are possible.

As a family, we love art (both looking at it and making it), travel (anywhere from Detroit to Tokyo), and movie nights—all things we can’t wait to do as dads with our child. In fact, we’re so excited for family movie nights as dads, we’ve started previewing the kids’ movies, just the two of us. Two grown men going to see Princess Moana. It’s pretty embarrassing.

We’re best friends and know the other will make an incredible dad. (Though we sometimes tease each other about who’ll get the “#1 Dad” mug, and who’ll get stuck with “#2”).

Bobby on Michael

We recently went on a trip to Japan and Michael didn’t just bring back souvenirs, he put together a full PowerPoint presentation to capture and bring back the whole trip for everyone. (Seriously, a PowerPoint).

His passion for food, art, and travel is contagious. His excitement alone is enough to convince me to try mystery seafood, go to art exhibits on Butter Sculptures and Vikings, or get over my fear of flying to take a vacation halfway around the world.

When I think about the type of dad he’ll be I see a teacher and someone ready to explore the world with our little guy or girl… and hopefully, a dad who can use some of that contagious excitement to get them to try a vegetable or two at dinner.

Michael on Bobby

It is hard being on Bobby’s team when we have game nights because he doesn’t care about winning, all he cares about is making everyone laugh. His sense of humor and his big heart are what made me fall in love with him. He’s the type of guy who will spend a Saturday mentoring teens for an arts program he volunteers with, and then spend the rest of the weekend photo-shopping our family’s faces onto cartoons to make a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Nephews” coloring book. He’s ridiculous. He loves kids, and at heart, is one too.

When I think about him being a dad, I see him being a big, sentimental softy. One who won’t just be heavy on the “I love yous”, but will always be ready with a corny dad joke too.

Our connections to adoption

We’re thankful that from day one, our child will have a strong support network of family and friends with personal ties to adoption—people that can relate to the experience and families that will look like ours.

Bobby’s older sisters both have ties to adoption. His sister, Sara, worked as a counselor for birth moms, and his other sister, Gina, and her husband, Joe, are blessed to have adopted three children over the past five years. We’re so grateful our child will be able to bond over and talk about adoption with their family.

Our family

In the Chicago area, we have 7 brothers and sisters and 7 nieces and nephews (with an 8th on the way!), all super excited to welcome your child into our family! Our parents are also in the process of moving here to be close to our baby and the grandkids.


We know firsthand how important openness is to families, and how different it can be for everyone. We’re hopeful to hear your thoughts on it, and in the meantime won’t get carried away with any expectations.

Thank You

Thank you for making it this far (we feel like we just told you our whole life in a nutshell). We imagine you’re making some pretty difficult decisions, and wish you love and support.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Fun Facts

  • Worked for years as an artist painting murals at a children’s hospital, and can’t wait to paint one in our nursery
  • Tricks his friends in to attending game nights
  • Taught himself how to swim at age 25 (with the help of YouTube), so that he could complete an Ironman Triathlon
  • Growing up, he shared a bedroom with his little brother (and best friend) Charlie, for 17 years
  • Can talk for hours about the Uncanny X-Men—don’t get him started on Storm or Wolverine
  • Danced with his mom to Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog at his wedding
  • As an architect, got to design an ice cream shop in Wicker Park
  • Is addicted to travel and has been to over 15 countries—including Turkey, France, and Italy
  • Made Christmas dinner for both our families this year (all seventeen of us!)
  • Always orders the strangest thing off the menu 

"Bobby & Michael" Family Photos

  • We’ve been in love for 7 years
  • Michael has a passion for food and will try anything twice
  • Bobby’s a kid at heart, with our niece
  • We’re close to our families, here with Bobby’s mom and brother
  • Michael’s family is very close
  • Birthday parties with Bobby’s family usually involve costumes and themes, here we’re at “Prom”
  • Michael with his brother and sister-in-law
  • Bobby’s mom and niece
  • Our nieces and nephews tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve with Bobby’s brother
  • Christmas has always been Michael’s favorite
  • Babysitting our nephew
  • Halloween has always been Bobby’s favorite, here we are as “Groom of Frankenstein”
  • We both love making art as much as we do looking at it
  • We love crafting with the kids, and can’t wait to continue that fun as dads

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