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We have known from very early on in our marriage that we would grow our family through adoption. Through relationships with adoptees and birth mothers in our own lives, we have witnessed the beauty and strength that can form through adoption. We do not claim to understand the full weight of the decision before you, but we do commit to honor you throughout the process. We seek to always live a life of intentionality, and will extend this value to our family as we raise children to have a strong sense of self deeply rooted in their own personal story.

Our Story

We first locked eyes at a Cubs game in 2012, when Brad was sitting two rows in front of Nicole. Two days later Nicole spotted Brad again working the photo booth at an Easter dance party. Nicole walked up and introduced herself, and that 30 second conversation at a loud party was the start of their connection.

A year and a half later, Nicole decided to move to Nicaragua for 3-4 months for a volunteer opportunity. Before she left, we had a wild conversation dreaming about what if we got married there when Brad came to visit. The wild conversation led to a reality, as we realized the small and simple plan was exactly what we wanted our wedding to be.

We’ve now been married for about 5 years! We live in Chicago, are surrounded by a great community, and are both happy to say we have a zest for life. We are excited to share this joy and passion with our children as we grow our family.

Meet Nicole

“My favorite thing about Nicole is that she has an incredibly high capacity for joy. She’s incapable of being dishonest and she inspires me to live with integrity, openness, and consideration.” - Brad

Hi, my name is Nicole though many of my friends call me Nic. I’m a woman of many hobbies - I enjoy planting flowers and vegetables in our garden, sewing and embroidering clothing, playing the drums, and biking around Chicago. I value kindness, curiosity, and compassion in everything I do.

Meet Brad

“My favorite thing about Brad is that he is a life-long learner. He pursues everything with genuine passion and self-discipline. This quality inspires me to never stop learning and to pursue my own interests and passions.” - Nicole

Hi, my name is Brad and I’m a graphic designer and photographer. My day job is designing web and mobile apps and my side hustle is taking photos. Photography is also a really important way that I love to give back to people. Photos are powerful in their ability to dignify and honor the humanity in people. I’m also a technology enthusiast and you can be sure that I’ll always have hot takes about all the best apps.

Some of the things I love are: typography, instant film, indie software, crossing off tasks from my to-do list, Patagonia jackets, sports podcasts, and (almost) all Apple products.


We are hopeful for an adoption that is as open as possible. One reason why we chose The Cradle as our adoption agency is because we’d like to have a relationship with birth parents that are geographically close so we can visit frequently and foster a close connection. We would love for our child to know his or her birth parents, and have the opportunity to write to them, call them, or visit them whenever they’d like. We would like the birth parents to be part of our lives, and us apart of their life.

Fun facts

  • One of Nicole’s secret talents is identifying tree types
  • Brad bikes 4 miles into work most days, even throughout the winter.
  • Nicole and Brad were born 3564 days apart. (9 years, 9 months, 4 days)
  • Brad has taken over 500,000+ photos in the past 10 years.
  • One of our favorite things in the world is when we get to stay in a hotel, wear comfy robes and watch bad TV.
  • Brad’s first job was as a baseball umpire and one summer he ump’d over 100 games.
  • Nicole’s first job was as a lifeguard for the Indianapolis Colts training camp (football team)
  • Brad’s favorite place in the world (outside of Chicago): Grand Teton National Park or Rabbit Island in Lake Superior. Nicole’s favorite place is the summer camp in southern Indiana she grew up going to.

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