Writing our profile is one of the most challenging stories we have ever had to write because we want you to receive the most accurate picture of who we really are in a short story. We hope you see how eager we are to provide a child with unconditional love and a loving home. We also know this is a very challenging time for you and cannot begin to imagine what thoughts are going through your mind. We wish you well as you continue to explore adoption. We hope you will start to get to know us through our story and consider us as an adoptive family for your child. 

How we met

On May 5, 2010 Brandi finished up a final test for a class in graduate school and traveled almost three hours to Springfield, IL to meet up with her coworkers at the Illinois Police Memorial celebration. When Brandi arrived she received a call from one of her high school friends who was a Police Officer that worked for another department. She invited Brandi to meet her and her coworkers at a bar. When Brandi arrived she met up with her friend who introduced her to her coworkers. Bobby happened to be one of the friends Brandi was introduced to. Bobby and Brandi engaged in a little conversation. Brandi was attracted to Bobby because he seemed to be the life of the party and quite the lady's man. Bobby left shortly after. Bobby and Brandi did not exchange any contact information. A few weeks later Bobby located Brandi on Facebook and requested her friendship. Brandi made an impression on him too and he knew he wanted to get to know her better.

For the next few months Bobby and Brandi messaged each other on Facebook. Bobby worked the night shift and Brandi would be up late at night working on homework for Graduate school. In August, Bobby finally asked Brandi out on their first date. Shortly after their first date, they became exclusive. Bobby proposed to Brandi at a Cubs game on his 27th Birthday (The Cubbies won that Day). Bobby and Brandi were married five months later on one of the hottest days of the year, September 2, 2011 surrounded by family and friends.

About Bobby from Brandi

Bobby is the most amazing person I have ever met; my best friend. He is selfless and loves me unconditionally. He will give anyone the shirt off his back, which in turn makes everyone love him. He is a very hard worker and a perfectionist. If he does not get something just the way he wants it, he will not give up trying until he does. Bobby is also my own personal mechanic. He loves fixing cars and makes sure my car is always in tip top shape. He is a huge Cubs and Notre Dame Football fan. If there is a game on he will be watching it. He also loves following and watching UFC. He loves spending time with family and friends and he is wonderful with kids and often spends hours playing ball with our nephew Mason. He will be an amazing Father!

About Brandi from Bobby

Brandi is amazing with kids; it’s one of the traits that attracted me to her. The way she takes care of all our godchildren convinced me that I wanted her to be the Mother of my children. She has a kind heart and will help anyone in need and does not expect anything in return. Just the other day, Brandi saw a gentleman in distress walking carrying groceries on a very hot day so she made me pull over and offer to take the man where he needed to go. He was very grateful for our help since everyone else just drove past him. After knowing me for only a few months, Brandi sat at the hospital with me during the birth of our nephew Mason. Not only did she sit with me but she sat with my family without me when I got called into work. When I returned a few hours later, Brandi who was still there told me “Your nephew Mason is here.” Brandi has shown me she is going to be an outstanding Mother by her treatment of all the children who are already in our family and life. Watching Brandi with children; she makes it look so easy. I have no doubt that Brandi will be phenomenal with our children.


We can only imagine how hard it is to explore an adoption plan. We want to make sure our child knows they have been loved from the beginning. We both have family and friends that have been touched by adoption. Bobby’s Grandfather was adopted. Brandi’s friend placed her child for an open adoption when they were teenagers. He is now a junior in college and doing well. Brandi’s best friend and mentee were also adopted. We understand the comfort level of openness may be different for each of us and we will do our best to make sure that we are all in agreement of what is best for our child. We look forward to you being a part of our lives in any way you feel comfortable. We are very inviting people and treat all of our friends like family.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

Being parents is one of the greatest gifts we have hoped and dreamed for. We cannot wait to shower our child with love. We share similar beliefs and values when it comes to parenting. We believe it is important that our child knows that they are loved. We believe it is important for our child to have a stable home environment. We will teach our child to respect people, to be kind and teach him/her to treat people how they would want to be treated. We believe that it is important to teach him/her how to set goals and make a plan to achieve them. We will instill in our child to be grateful for what they have even though it may not be what they hoped for at that time. We believe it is important for us as parents to expose our child to many different experiences so they can see what the world has to offer. We also understand that parenting can be full of challenges and obstacles but we will remain committed and devoted to our baby. We plan to continue to learn how to be better parents at all times.    

Our Child Care Plan

Our schedules can vary at times. We are not fortunate enough to have a set 9-5 schedule. Brandi will be home with the baby the first three months of the baby’s placement. Bobby will be home a portion of that time. When it is time to return to work, Bobby plans on being home most nights with the baby and the nights he works, Bobby’s and Brandi’s mothers will care for the baby. Brandi will care for the baby during the day. Both Bobby and Brandi will enjoy time with the baby on their shared weekly days off. We are going to try to avoid placing our child in daycare during infancy. After infancy, we think it will be important for our child to interact with other children so we intend to enroll them in preschool/daycare a few days a week.  

Thank You

Thank You for taking the time to get to know us and considering us as parents to your child. We hope to be a part of your life, and vow to be the best parents we can be. We will offer your child every opportunity and experience that may be presented. We pray you have nothing but courage and strength during this time in your life. 

Fun facts

  • Does not like leftovers
  • Collects Disney movies.
  • Sleeps with her eyes (partially) open.
  • Doesn't like lipstick
  • Won't sleep in an unmade bed.
  • Loves anything chocolate.
  • Eats pizza and pork chops cold.
  • Favorite candy is Swedish Fish.
  • Knows almost every rule in Major League Baseball.
  • Is the family mechanic.
  • Trims his nails several times per week

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