Hi and thanks for clicking on our profile! We are James & Brett and we are so excited about the potential to meet you. We may be a little different than the other profiles you find here because we actually live in the Philadelphia area. We are adopting through the Cradle because Brett was actually adopted from The Cradle as an infant! Having had such an amazing experience as a Cradle baby, it was important to Brett (and really the both of us) to have that additional connection to our child. We hope you take a few minutes to look at the rest of our profile and hopefully after learning a bit more about us, you will want to meet us, too! :)

Our story begins over six years ago when we met through a mutual friend in Florida. We connected over our shared love of cars, travel, the beach, and both wanting to have kids! It wasn’t long until we moved in together, and over the next few years, we went on adventures together all over the country. On one special road trip to Cape Cod, Brett proposed to James and he said YES!

Once we were engaged, we decided to move to a place that was more suited to creating a home and starting a family. We chose Philadelphia, because it’s a great city that we both have ties to. We were married in 2013 and love it so much here.  We have great jobs and luckily get to spend tons of time with family and friends. The only thing that is missing now is a little one to share our life with us!

We hope you enjoy learning a bit about us here. Maybe someday we will be able to meet and we can tell you more about ourselves and you can tell us about you! Thanks so much for considering us. We know we can give a child so much love and an amazing life and we hope that you think so too!

James talks about Brett

Brett is the most kind, caring, loving, generous man I have ever met.  He has the funniest sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.  One of the things I love the most about him is how he lights up when everyone surrounding him is happy.  Brett is also one of the most empathetic people and I know that he truly cares about everyone he meets.  His attention to detail and his creativity impress me more and more every day. I really do feel that I am the luckiest guy in the world to have Brett by my side.  With his passion for life and his beautiful heart I know he will be as amazing a father as he is a husband.

Brett talks about James

James has a special something about him that everybody loves. Maybe it’s his ability to make people feel comfortable right after they meet him, or that after they do, that he genuinely cares about them. People can just feel it right away. He loves to have a great time and keeps our social calendar filled and as a result, we have such a fun life with fun friends. I hope his outgoing personality will rub off on our children as it’s such an awesome trait.  James is also GREAT with kids and they always rush to see him when he walks into a family function. His energy level is so high with kids that I always tease him that he won’t be able to keep up that energy when there is a kid around 24 hours a day! But I know he sure would like to try :)

Our Life

We love entertaining and our home is always full of friends and family. James is quite a good cook and likes making dinner at home. Brett makes amazing chocolate chip cookies!

We enjoy traveling and have been on many adventures all over the globe, including trips to Europe every other year, wine tasting adventures in Napa Valley with Brett’s parents, and yearly trips to Squam Lake in New Hampshire with James’ family (a long standing tradition for over 40 years).

We also enjoy shopping for Mid-Century Modern furniture and artwork, taking our old convertible to car shows, and spending time with the amazing network of family and friends we have in the area!

Fun facts

  • Lived in Key West, FL, for five years
  • Makes the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookies
  • Once worked at a Hard Rock Cafe
  • Can quote any 80’s Brat Pack movie all the way through
  • Loves the Grateful Dead
  • Could potentially win a 90’s rap battle!
  • Taught sailing lessons for over eight years growing up
  • Invented “Puppy Olympics” a treat game that all dogs he meets must play! (and they love)
  • Has over 140 cousins
  • Ran the New York City Marathon
  • Is a pool shark!
  • Is an expert Candy Crush player (currently at level 1128!)
  • Has the best hair in the world (says Brett)

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