"The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes." We believe this is even truer for children, and we can't wait to create so many memories as a family. Thank you for getting to know us better. We hope we give a glimpse of 'us' in our profile and we can't wait to get to know you. We are committed to an open relationship with you. We can’t wait to expand our family to include a little one and to create a life for them that is filled with happiness, love, support and many fun adventures!

About Us

Our 15+ year marriage is based on Love, Trust, Honesty, Patience, Communication, Laughter, and a lot of Fun.  We met at work, but soon learned that we had much more in common beyond being accountants.

WE ARE BIG SPORTS FANS.  Carrie was born in Nebraska and attended college at Notre Dame so we love those football teams.  Tim grew up in Denver and watches the Broncos when they are on TV.  We like the Blackhawks, White Sox and Cubs too.  We cheer on our nieces, nephew and Godson whenever we can as they play soccer.  We also love to play backyard soccer, baseball and football with our family and friends’ children as well!  We appreciate how families enjoy sports together and look forward to sharing these experiences with a child.

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL.  From London to Costa Rica, Maui to San Francisco, and New York to, of course, Disney in L.A. and Orlando – we enjoy visiting new cities and look forward to exploring the world with our child.  

The best travel is visiting family.  Tim’s parents and brother still live in Denver and we visit them at least once a year.  Carrie’s parents still live in Nebraska.  Her sister lives in Tampa with her husband and their son and three daughters.  We get together several times a year.  Christmas in Florida has become a favorite tradition.  From impromptu soccer, Barbie make-believe, Connect Four games, and Chuck E. Cheese visits, we have a great time as Aunt and Uncle!  We love and cherish this special time with our nephew and nieces.

WE ENJOY MUSIC AND LAUGHTER.  Carrie is a little bit “country” (loves Kenny Chesney) and Tim is a little bit “rock and roll” (big U2 fan). We listen to all types of music and love to catch summer concerts in the park and at local festivals. We also laugh a lot and enjoy visiting Second City improv shows in Chicago.  We often joke around and are silly together.  

WE’RE ACTIVE AND HEALTHY.  During the week we regularly exercise before or after work.  We also both train with a personal trainer and do active things together like bike, walk with our Shih Tzu, Sophie, and run in 5K, 8K, and 10K races (that’s our current limit!).

About Carrie (by Tim)

Carrie is an incredibly generous person.  She is always thinking of how she can help or offer something to others, which is why I think she will be a GREAT mother. She has volunteered countless hours at various charities to help underprivileged children.  She also taught 2nd grade religious education at our church for several years.  Carrie is an awesome baker and is always making cookies, cupcakes and brownies to share with family and friends.  She loves to share her baking skills with our nieces and our friends’ children.

The best part about Carrie is that she is fun! She loves to dance and pulls me into an impromptu dance during a concert or at a wedding.  She plays a mean game of Scrabble (arrghh!), dances and sings to music in the car (especially on road trips), and celebrates the holiday season by hosting an annual holiday party for our friends.

About Tim (by Carrie)

I knew Tim was a keeper when he ate my grandma’s pumpkin pie with a smile on his face…she had forgotten to add SUGAR, so it was not tasty.  He really cares about other people and their feelings. He also takes care of his family and never hesitates to help.  He frequently drove my grandmother to the grocery store when we visited her in assisted living.  He is patient and a good listener – two things that will make him a great dad.

Tim is the most supportive person I know!  He is my biggest fan in anything I do.  He also makes me feel special by surprising me with dinner, a fun dessert from the city, or tickets to a fun event.  I know he’ll shower the same love and support onto our child.

Tim is an amazing uncle and I enjoy watching him with our nieces and nephew, as well as our friends’ kids.  He is the best at just being silly and having fun with the kids.  I can totally see the father in him already.

Our Home and Community

We have lived in our home in a suburb of Chicago for over 10 years.  Our best friends live close to us and we are always getting together with them to celebrate birthdays, holidays and just for fun.  

There are lots of families and plenty of kids in our neighborhood and someone is always hosting a barbeque or having a fire pit party with s’mores.  We also look out for each other, whether it is taking care of watering plants while someone is on vacation or helping a neighbor with shoveling snow.

The queen of our home is our dog, Sophie. She twirls, rolls over and “high fives” for treats.  She is very friendly with kids and adults and snores while sleeping!

We Are Family

Our family and friends are very excited for us to adopt a child. Carrie’s grandfather and brother-in-law were adopted, and one of Tim’s cousins was adopted, as well.  Carrie’s mom made tooth fairy pillows for all the grand kids and she cannot wait to make one for our child.  We live near a close group of friends and have so many people we can count on for love, support, and help when we need it.  They are ready to shower a new little one with attention! 

Becoming Parents

Carrie plans to become a stay-at-home mom and during the initial months, Tim plans to take time off.  He will then work from home as much as possible to establish a strong bond with our child.

Thank you

We are committed to an open relationship with you that will meet everyone’s needs.  We understand all relationships are different and look forward to developing one that works for you.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.


Fun facts

  • I love games – Yahtzee, Scrabble, Bocce Ball, Mini Golf – you name it, I want to play it! Good thing Tim likes to play too!
  • I have a sweet tooth and I bake often.  Whether it’s trying a new recipe or making a family favorite, the house is frequently filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, bread, brownies, or cupcakes!
  • Mexican food is my favorite.  I probably eat fajitas, tacos, or nachos at least once a week.
  • I love Disney movies.  I have a collection of them on DVD and keep adding to it. Finding Nemo is my favorite.
  • I’m a numbers girl.  Math has always been my favorite subject and I had the top score in Illinois when I took the CPA exam.
  • I can’t resist dancing when I hear a good song -- I can sometimes be caught dancing along even in the car.
  • I am always in the process of reading a good book.  As soon as I finish one, I start reading another. 
  • Ridden over 100 coasters across the U.S. and survived a 2 hour rollercoaster riding marathon.
  • I love spicy food, especially Green Chile, which is a Colorado specialty.
  • Once a drummer, always a drummer.  I am often tapping away to the beat when I hear a song on the radio.
  • I’ve travelled to many countries for work and for fun including Argentina, Venezuela, Trinidad, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Mexico and several islands in the Caribbean.
  • I can’t resist chocolate or Carrie’s baking. 

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