We’re Dean, Christine, and Owen.

“Fun-loving” is the best way we can describe our family. Our home is a joyful one, filled with warmth and laughter. We love being parents and we can’t wait to welcome another child into our family through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

We want you to know that we appreciate what an incredibly difficult and personal process this must be, and we wish you strength and peace as you consider your choices. We know that whatever decision you make will be out of love.

About Us

We are down-to-earth, playful, and love to laugh. We enjoy all kinds of activities together. Some of our favorites are hiking, traveling, cooking (actually, eating is the best part - but we like cooking too!), and camping.

Dean is a software engineer who works from home. Christine is a stay-at-home mom who works from home about 10 hours/week as an instructional designer. We have a 5-year-old son named Owen, who is excited to become a big brother.

Owen is a happy, friendly, energetic little boy who likes trains and car washes, creating new inventions, playing card games, and playing sports like soccer and baseball. Owen has several friends with younger siblings, and he is so sweet with all of them. He is gentle and helpful, and he will be a great older brother.

Our house is in a family-oriented suburb of Chicago – there are tons of parks, festivals, and other children’s activities. There is a great park just down the street from us with a playground, outdoor summer concerts, tennis courts, and a pool.

Our Life

If you took a peek into our lives, here’s what you might see throughout the year…


Dean built garden boxes in our backyard, and each year we look forward to planting all kinds of vegetables and herbs – peppers, kale, tomatoes, basil, and more. Owen’s garden box (aka, “the mud pit”) becomes a mud pie-making factory where Owen always ends up covered head-to-toe in mud but has a great time. As a family, we like to explore nearby forest preserves and go bike riding.


In the summer, you can find us walking downtown for ice cream, eating our favorite tacos at the farmers market, going to outdoor concerts at the park down the street, or splashing at the pool. We go into the city a number times each summer to meet up with friends, go to the lakefront or a museum, or visit Millennium Park. We also go camping in Michigan and Wisconsin at the sand dunes.

As much as we love all the activities summer brings, we also spend lots of time just hanging out and playing cards on our back porch, barbecuing with friends, running through the sprinkler, or playing baseball in the backyard.


Fall is one of our favorite seasons! We love the feel and smell of fall. We go apple picking in Door County, Wisconsin every year. We hike and even camp in the fall, when the colors are so beautiful. Every Halloween, Christine makes Owen’s costume. Last year he wanted to be a robot, which was really fun to make and even had some light-up buttons.


In winter we tend to stay cozy inside by playing a lot of board games or making popcorn and watching movies. But after a big snow, snowmen, snow slides, and snow angels are pretty common sights in our yard. Dean is just as into the snowman-making as Owen is, running inside to get hats, scarves, and other decorations. Christine and Owen do lots of science experiments and creations together, like making Oobleck – who knew cornstarch and water mixed together could be so much fun?

Our Family

We are close with our families and enjoy spending time together. We both had very happy childhoods and parents who were - and are - wonderful role models for us. Both sides are absolutely thrilled about having another child come into the family through adoption.


Our home is full of unconditional love and acceptance. Although we are often silly and playful, we take our role as parents very seriously.

We believe in:

~Teaching and modeling kindness and respect for one another and for others.
~Valuing differences.
~Teaching children to make good choices.
~Setting limits in gentle and loving way.
~Taking a playful approach whenever possible (“Let’s play follow-the-leader to get to bed – first tiptoeing…now marching…now hopping!”)
~Being open and honest with children in an age-appropriate way.
~Making sure our children know that we will always be there to listen and support them.
~Instilling a life-long love of learning.
~Encouraging children to explore, use their imagination, try new things, make messes, and be silly.

Adoption and Openness

We are very excited to grow our family through adoption. Having a 5-year-old already, we know the joys, challenges, and commitment involved in raising a child. We have the benefit of parenting experience (though we’ve learned there are always surprises!). We have so much love to give, and we embrace adoption as a wonderful way to welcome another child into our family.

We like the idea of an open adoption, and if you choose adoption, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on openness. No matter what, you and your family will always be an important and special part of our lives and an important part of your child’s story. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope this gave you a little glimpse into our lives.

We imagine that you must be going through a lot of emotions right now, with difficult decisions to make. Above all else, we wish you peace and comfort with whatever you decide is best for you and your child.


Dean and Christine

Fun facts

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, with chocolate peanut butter a close second.
  • I’ve run a marathon, two half-marathons, several 5Ks, and a “mud run” full of messy obstacles.
  • I was born on a Friday the 13th, so 13 is my lucky number!
  • I enjoy painting, making crafts, and doing pretty much anything artistic.
  • My favorite thing to cook is soup. I make all kinds – tortilla soup, cheeseburger soup, chicken noodle, lentil curry, chicken chili, and more.
  • I spent a month backpacking through Europe with a friend, which sparked a lifelong love of traveling.
  • I prefer to eat peanut butter by the spoonful.
  • My idea of relaxing means curled up in a blanket reading a good book.
  • I have eclectic taste in music – everything from country to classic rock to alternative.
  • I love to come up with all kinds of creative and fun activities to do with Owen, such as making “concoctions” with ingredients in the kitchen or using a bin full of dried black beans as a construction site for toy trucks.
  • I was born and raised in Canada, and I'm reminded about my "accent" often living in the United States.
  • I spent all my childhood summers living at our cottage with my grandmother, swimming, fishing and water skiing.
  • I really like woodworking, and I’ve built a bunk bed, a sandbox, custom shelves, garden boxes, and a train table. Next I’m building a picnic table for our porch!
  • My favorite flavor of ice cream is maple walnut, but is hard to find anywhere outside of Canada.
  • I enjoy cooking, especially ribs on the BBQ.
  • I once spent a winter living in the Canadian Rockies, snowboarding several days a week.
  • I have scuba dived in Australia, skydived in New Zealand, and hiked in Europe.
  • I started taking guitar lessons a few years ago - I like to play the blues, folk, and classic rock songs.
  • I like all sorts of card games and board games and often play Scrabble online with my parents in Canada.
  • I enjoy camping several times a year, even in the cold weather.

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