Greetings from Annie and Cindi!

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”. 

Eleven years later, our daily giggles are still the “crazy glue” that binds us.  Thank you for viewing this snap shot into our lives.  Thru our smiles, we hope you see our hearts; Open, child- like, and full of joy.

Life is not about what you have, but about who you have in your life. 


Getting to know a little about us...

It blows our minds to think we have been friends for 21 years, together for 11 years and married since July 2015.  (No, we are not as old as we sound:))

When you really love someone, you want the legacy of your love to grow. We are committed to each other and multiplying the love in our life. For us, being moms is an exciting next step in our together journey.

Our path to adoption feels natural. Annie was adopted as was her brother, Daniel. We desire to love a child as fully and completely as Annie’s parents love her. Adoption is exactly the right way for us to enter family life.

We both come from a supportive circle of family and friends, who are as excited as we are to welcome a child.  We look forward to sharing our experiences, traditions, and love with a baby.

Annie on becoming a mom…

I joke with Cindi, “You’re my next best friend”.  When I say this, Cindi smiles and says, “Yes, I know. Your Mommy Putez will always be your first best friend”. 

As I contemplate being a mom, I am most excited to become the mother and friend for someone else as my mom is to me.

Some of my most cherished childhood memories were with my mom.  We sang silly songs, made pancakes in the shapes of animals, and walked in the rain on purpose. Life is good and meant to be lived, my mother taught me. 

Not a day has gone by since my birth that I did not know how much I am loved.  My mom taught me love isn’t the gifts we buy others but the gift of our heart and our time. Nightly, my mom and I gathered in my room to watch her favorite TV show.  I had no interest in “Remington Steele” but cherished those alone moments with my mom.

These little rituals became the fabric of my childhood.  I would love to hear more about rituals you enjoyed as a child.  With your permission, I would love to share those ritual with our child.

Cindi on becoming a mom….

Growing up in Las Vegas meant I had an abundance of sunny days to play with my friends. My sister and I would spend all day outside during the summer with our neighborhood friends, riding bikes, swimming, playing tag, and playing basketball.  When school started and after homework was finished, the outdoors still called. I remember going to the park with my dad and learning all the fundamentals of basketball. Then coming home where we would all sit down together and eat dinner.

Seeing my parents cheer me on in junior high as I played on the Varsity basketball team was amazing. I can’t wait to cheer on our son or daughter in sports, theater, dance, or whatever they decide to do. I will support whatever our son or daughter chooses to do, as my parents did for me.  I also look forward to starting new traditions as well as continuing ones my parents started with my sister and I; dinners together, movie nights, Saturday shopping at the mall with my mom, and summer trips.

Family Ties….

Cindi’s family lives in Las Vegas and Annie’s family lives in Iowa. We take many trips throughout the year to visit both families. Our families seem to want to visit us in Chicago during the summer, where we take in a Cubs game or a summer festival. The 4th of July from our rooftop patio is awesome.

Annie’s family has a big celebration over St. Patrick’s Day.  With Annie dressed as a leprechaun, we march with her family in the Des Moines St. Patrick’s Day parade, throwing candy out to all of the kids. On Thanksgiving, we have a huge dinner at her aunt’s house in Des Moines, where a large gathering of nieces, nephews, and friends join in. Even Cindi’s family has come to Iowa for some Thanksgiving celebrations. 

We can’t leave out our fur family. We have a Mini-Golden Doodle named Nola. She is a two year old, 20 pound pup full of energy. We also have a nine year old cat named Milton. They both keep us very entertained with their antics.

Life in Chicago….

We live on the North side of Chicago in Wicker Park. We have a park two blocks away as well as three schools. With those three schools so close, there are many kids in our neighborhood. The 606 Trail is only a 10 minute walk from our place. We love walking around our neighborhood, eating at the local restaurants and coffee shops.

The Arrival….

Annie works as an ER Physician and Cindi works from home as an Office Administrator.  Annie has a great parental leave policy with her company. She will get to stay home for the first 6 weeks with Cindi. After the first year, the plan is to enroll our child into a school-based day care. Cindi’s nephew Jaydn was enrolled in such a program in Las Vegas, and thrived. He is doing amazing in 1st grade.

The Door to Openness….

The key to any relationship is communication and honesty. We want to make sure our child knows where their life began-with you. We want you to be comfortable and are open to exploring your feelings on how you would like to participate in their life. We will respect your boundaries and when you are ready, the door will always be open.

Thank You….

When you really love someone, you want to expand your love in every direction. Parenting a child would be our love's legacy. Instilling in another values of kindness, acceptance, and love of all, is how we leave this life better than we found it. We would like to Thank You for taking the time to getting to know a little about us. We wish you nothing but peace and strength during this emotional time. 

Fun facts

  • Dressed up as Astro the dog from The Jetson’s for a Wendy’s promotion
  • Can not say no to a chocolate chip cookie or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.
  • Would love the opportunity to work behind the scenes of a television show.
  • Would love to live on the beach and own a surf shop.
  • Has 7 tattoos, each of which tell a story of different periods in her life
  • Loves animals and wishes she could rescue all the dogs in shelters
  • Has a fear of pigeons
  • Loves music and going to concerts
  • Wrote three plays before the age of 11
  • Has a degree in wine from the Wine and Spirit Trust out of London
  • Dresses as a leprechaun every St. Patrick’s Day to march in the parade in Des Moines, IA with her large Irish family.
  • Can’t whistle but can roll her tongue.
  • Is inspired by the Rocky Mountains, which remain a sacred place to her.
  • Kids seem to love her. Annie thinks it is because she is a kid at heart.
  • Has a fear of bats
  • Loves theatre especially dramatic plays on Broadway

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