After meeting while working in the cafeteria in college, we have been together for nine years.  As a couple, we love to travel, spend time with our family and friends, and take our dog on long walks.  Growing up, we both knew we wanted to be parents, however, after we were married, we learned that biological children might not be possible for us.  With this in mind, we began exploring adoption as a means to build our family.  We excited about becoming parents and look forward to what this adventure will bring!

When we were attending the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, we both found ourselves needing a part time job in the spring semester of 2007.  Since the residence hall cafeterias were almost always hiring (and offered the promise of free meals), we both signed up for a few shifts.

While we ended up working the same shift that semester, we did not meet each other until the following fall when we, yet again, happened to sign up for the same Saturday night shift.  Can you say fate?!

We were assigned to work the checker stands and, since we were standing two feet from each other, we began making small talk.  Colleen learned that Adam loved all things movies and television and soon found herself watching some of his favorite shows just so she would have something to talk to him about the next week.  Adam, noticing that Colleen giggled at nearly everything, found himself making up games with ridiculous rules to them to play to pass the time.  As the semester wore on, we became better and better friends and realized there might be something more there.

The following semester we, yet again, signed up for the same cafeteria shift, only this time, we did it on purpose!  A few weeks after the semester began, Adam asked Coleen on their first date – dinner and a movie (“Juno,” in case you were wondering!).

Neither of us had been in a serious relationship before, so we were both nervous.  The date went well and was soon followed by a second, third, and fourth in the weekends to come.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Fun facts

  • Did competitive Irish dancing for sixteen years and traveled to Ireland for competitions.
  • Can learn nearly any skill from YouTube – most recently have learned how to knit and crochet.
  • Loves to bake and cook and makes delicious Thanksgiving turkey and killer chocolate cupcakes.
  • Has lost nearly 100 pounds in the past two years.
  • Competes in triathlons and completed four races in 2016.
  • Has played the drums for over fifteen years and loves to make videos of song covers with friends to post to YouTube.
  • Favorite food is a delicious burger and has made it his mission to be able to cook the perfect patty.
  • Loves to watch, write, and talk about the newest TV shows and movies on his blog and podcast.
  • Between rooting for the Chicago Bears and the Fighting Illini, he bleeds orange and blue.
  • Best way to spend a day is to throw a baseball around outside with friends while talking baseball stats (go Sox!).

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