“A baby gives life new meaning”

Michael saw this saying on a card once, and this is a phrase we keep saying to each other.  It reminds us of the immense gift that you are considering giving. 

We know one thing for sure: a baby will be the greatest gift we will ever receive. We’ve thought about this gift and want you to know how special a new baby will be in our lives. We promise to give him/her a life of embracing diversity, reading books, loving color, seeing the world, learning, making messes and cleaning things up.  We strive to make the world a better place and create a loving home through all its ups and downs.  We commit to including you on our journey in a way that is comfortable and open for us all.     

About Us

We try to keep life simple and focus on what’s important.  We like quiet evenings at home, dinner at the table, walks with our dog Lucy, time to read, time to binge-watch Netflix, and lots of time outside.  We have a large and diverse circle of friends, but always make sure we spend time together.

We are very complementary, but our extended families couldn’t be more different. One is loud, the other quiet. One is big, the other small. On paper, it might not look like it would work, but it does. Since we met four years ago, we have fit our families together and are loving the life we have created.

We are true Midwesterners.  We can’t hide it.  Michael loves corn dogs and Dan never met an ice cream cone he didn’t inhale.  Michael cooks and Dan does the dishes (it’s a match made in heaven). We cook many of our meals at home and enjoy the quiet time at the table to catch-up on our day.

Dan works in marketing and Michael works at a university helping people find jobs.  We love our jobs, but work to live, not live to work.

We both love adventures, be they a weekend at a national park, road-trips to our parents or holidays to far-flung locations.  There is so much world to see, and we are excited to share it with a little one.

Lucy was the first edition to our family, and we love her to the moon and back.  We can only imagine how much love we will feel for a new baby.

Our Story

Like many people these days, we met because a computer matched us. We were both single for a long time and from our first date four years ago, we knew we were meant for each other. Together, we’ve built a life in Chicago and consider it our home. We view Chicago as the perfect in-between for our families in Wisconsin and Indiana.  We love the city and all it has to offer, but yearn to get out into wide-open spaces for a bit of fresh air. 

We’ve been married for more than a year and are eager to write more chapters in our life book. We have a diverse group of friends in Chicago. Some married, some with kids, some single. What they all share in common is they have become a multicultural, surrogate family for us.

Our Priorities in Life

~ We're very close to our families and prioritize spending time with them
~! We love our diverse group of friends--our Chicago family
~ We value learning, read a lot, and visit museums to continue our education
~ We thrive on adventures ... be they vacations overseas or day trips around the city
~ We enjoy cooking and trying new things
~ We're those crazy people who love to do projects around the house, and both have a strong hard-work gene
~ Most importantly, we love to spend time together and always have fun when we do!

Our Lives with Baby

We plan to embrace messy kitchens, picky eaters, and fussy sleepers. Michael will be a stay-at-home dad for a year followed by daycare.  We plan to remain active by taking annual vacations with baby—bringing him/her to exciting countries around the world, national parks out west and adventures close to home.  Road trips to Indiana and Wisconsin to see grandparents and cousins will be frequent and many, because family ties are so important.  Knowing where you come from and embracing it gives you a strong foundation to navigate life.


We value openness because it's vitally important for our child.  He/she should know his/her birth family and know where he/she comes from.  We also see openness as a way for us to expand our circle, make new connections, and gain new experiences.  In terms of our relationship, we are open to exchanging photos and updates, keeping in touch through phone and email, and visits every few months.  We look forward to figuring out the specifics together!

In Conclusion

We hope to teach our child about the larger world, to constantly encourage him/her to broaden their perspectives.  We hope each night we can answer one small question about life, give a solid foundation to learn about the world we live in, embrace the mysteries, seek answers to doubts, and always know that he/she has two sets of parents who love him/her very much. 

Thank you for reading our story!  We wish you peace and comfort as you consider your decisions.  Thank you again for considering us!


Fun facts

  • Makes Cookie Monster look like an amateur for my love of sweets and dessert
  • Interned at the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency
  • Likes to be active … hiking, biking and working out are top on my list
  • Loves all things Star Wars, and very excited to buy Star Wars Legos
  • Lucky that I get to travel globally for my job a few times a year
  • Favorite place in the world is anywhere with an ocean view
  • Obsessed with sunrises and sunsets, and takes pictures of them constantly
  • Likes to cook, but loves that Michael does most of the cooking
  • My parents have a family farm, and while we did not grow up there, we helped out when we were kids
  • Read encyclopedias as a kid, so know things about the most random things
  • Dream job would be international spy (think James Bond/Jason Bourne) … even though I am a klutz who isn’t good at new languages!
  • Comes from a rural area and one summer job had him drive 5,000 miles cataloging utility poles
  • Loves Star Trek and isn’t ashamed to admit it (I watch a lot of TNG and Voyager reruns)
  • Loves language and I’m jealous of anyone who speaks two or more fluently.  I speak Italian (conversationally) and still love thinking about my high school French classes.  Plus, thanks to Italian, I can do a passable Spanish (and a TINY bit of Portuguese)
  • Jealous Dan gets to travel internationally 2-3 times a year L
  • Never met a carbohydrate I didn’t love (and inhale)
  • My parents have a huge garden and give us tons of vegetables every summer
  • Sunburns very easily, so you’ll usually find me in the shade
  • Doesn’t like chocolate (many people, including Dan, think this is very weird)
  • As a kid, I hated the country, and now yearns to see the fields behind my parents’ house
  • Loves breakfast. I make terrific pancakes—just ask Dan!
  • Butterscotch pie is delicious. I make my Grandma’s recipe and thinking of her every time I make it brings a smile to my face (plus, who doesn’t love homemade pie!?!)
  • Terrible at any sport that involves a ball
  • Lifelong love affair with Cheetos

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