Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and tell you about our family of 4.  We are Dara, Frank, Breia (7 year old daughter), and you can't forget Figaro our 2 year old cat.

Having a daughter currently, we understand the love a parent has for a child as well as how difficult this journey must be for you. Should we be lucky enough to be the family you select, we can promise your baby will be raised in a home with a multitude of love, faith, joy and of course fun!!

Our adventures together began in December 2010. After months of talking, we had our first official date. Frank has been in IT for 18 years and Dara stays home.  People tell us that we are perfect for each other, not only in love but that we totally complement each's weakness is the other one's strength.  We agree!!!  We know how much you love your child, and how important you are to this child's life so we want to be flexible in our relationship with you and work together to determine what is most comfortable.  

 From the moment we knew we wanted to spend our lives together forever, we always envisioned having at least 2 or 3 children.  With Frank already being a step dad to Breia, we couldn't wait to give her a brother or sister and to experience having a child together.  After 2 years and that dream seeming impossible to happen naturally, we knew that God had a different plan for us and that we were being drawn to adoption.  Having openness already with Breia's paternal family's side we believed that openness with an adoptive family would be much easier on our family than most.  Whether you wish to remain only in contact with email, letters or pictures; or have a more active role like play dates at the park, we want to be able to have communication in a way that makes you feel at ease. We never want you to feel pressured and only want what will be best for everyone but most importantly the baby.


At a very young age Dara loved to dance and to this day will bust a move every chance she gets! She is a fun loving, adventurous person with a huge appetite for all kinds of food. She enjoys reading but if she could, would spend most of her time doing outdoor activities and sports. If she could choose further, there would always be a beach nearby and the sun on her face! She loves spending time with family and friends and loves entertaining. Every year she coordinates/hosts a themed summer party, the last being an 80's theme. As a stay at home mom, Dara takes advantage and loves being able to enjoy as many activities with Breia as possible.  There are many trips to the zoo, pool, and parks during good weather.  Teaching Breia volleyball in the backyard is always a fun day and rainy days make a way for projects, crafts and mini bouncy ball inside. 


Frank is extremely patient and kind with a way of making all those around him feel comfortable and welcome.  It goes hand in hand with his love of travel and cultures and has gained him friends in countries all over the world.  He is always willing to lend a hand or try new things even if not his "cup of tea" and he would gladly eat bread all day long if your favorite meal was the only thing left in the refrigerator.

Frank loves sports but his favorite is soccer and he has played most of his life both for fun and club.  He loves spending time with his daughter (they are two peas in a pod playing pretend) and also coaches her soccer and softball teams.  Golf is another hobby of Frank's for two reasons...1. a fun day out with friends 2. when on tv always provides a nice nap on the couch.  He doesn't cook much but can make a mean burrito and makes the best spicy tuna sushi you will ever taste!  


Grounded and guided by our Christian faith, we believe parents should always lead by example. We constantly encourage our child to treat others how she would like to be treated, to show respect and to be honest in everything she does.  No one is perfect and we stress this but we believe in teaching children to do their best no matter what and regardless of how things turn out, being proud in knowing that you gave 100% effort.  As the saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child", and we believe this to be true and try to surround ourselves with our families as much as possible.  Whether it be a simple phone call, holiday, weekend get together, week night dinner or vacation-family is never far away. New experiences and good ole fashioned fun are a huge part of our parenting practices also.  Learning new cultures, trying new foods, seeing the world, experiencing different activities, making up games/skits, making new friends---all are just a portion of what we incorporate into raising our child and will continue to do with our future child.  Showing a child physical love is just as important as emotional love.  Lots of hugs and kisses are a part of our daily lives but we never stop there....we have dance fests, piggy back rides to bed,tickle sessions and even those all so important high fives! We also believe parenting involves learning together and showing a child even adults can learn new things. From building a lego friends car and camper, to catching crabs in Savannah, Georgia; we learned as we went as a family.  It's important to let your child teach you as well.  Frank and I both learned all about Narwhals from Breia which is a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large "tusk" from a protruding canine you didn't know that one! All in all though there isn't one formula for being a good parent and we believe that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and take things as they come.  We do believe though that with a lot of love and faith and simply just always being there for children and being that example, we won't fail as parents. 


Breia is an amazing little girl who loves to stay active!  You won't find her trying to play video games or sitting in front of a tv too often.  Give her a cardboard box and she will make a rocket ship-or a handful of leaves, sand and water and she will concoct a 7 course meal for her stuffed animals and dolls.  She is always up for a good game of tag or hide and seek (we have run out of hiding spots in the house but that doesn't stop her) and she enjoys playing on her softball and soccer teams.  At her request, she is starting her 3rd year of Spanish lessons and has a better accent than Frank who is fluent. :) She is extremely thoughtful and always wants to help with whatever you are working on.  She has a great sense of humor and loves to goof around and you are always guaranteed to hear her squeal AGAIN when she is having a good time.  We asked her what she thought about being a big sister  and she replied "I will play with it, take care of it, love it so much, and I love babies and I have always wanted a brother or sister".

Breia will be a fantastic sister and we can't wait to see her teach her brother or sister how to dance and do the Nay Nay, how to find all the Easter egg hiding places and all her swimming strokes!  She is so loving and to see her hug and kiss the little one is going to light up our lives.

Dara’s Family

Dara grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago with her mom Val and brother Brett. Her Grandpa had 6 brothers and sisters so there was never a shortage of Aunts, Uncles and cousins, as they all lived in the area.  To this day most are never too far away.  Just as Dara grew up with Great Grandparents so will their children. Dara's Grandpa and Grandma are still as spunky as ever and have a great relationship with Breia already and are super excited about meeting their next Great Grandchild.With her family's primarily Italian background there is never a shortage of food and conversation and most of her family get togethers focus on those two things!  It is probably where Dara gets her love of food and entertaining from!

Frank’s Family

Frank grew up in the Maryland Suburbs with his Mom (Gabriella), Dad (Frank) and Brother (Chuck). As a History/Geography Teacher, Frank's Dad's many adventure stories from all over the world inspired Frank at a young age to travel and ultimately have a career in the Travel Industry.  His bro/best friend Chuck was always with him to  explore the neighborhoods and trails and they continued to explore new countries as adults.  Although his family is out of state, everyone is happy to travel and gets together quite a bit throughout the year and talk on the phone all the time.  With 2 nephews already on Frank's side and another baby on the way, Frank and Dara's children will always have cousin love


Traveling is a big part of our lives that we hope to be able to continue to do always. Our love for food, new adventures, different cultures, history and spectacular views has taken us all over the world. Some of our favorites being: zipline in Honduras, fish pedi in Beijing, hiking the Great Wall of China, paddle boarding in St. Kitts, cruising the ocean, snorkeling in Jamaica, playing in the waves in Georgia, sites in Italy (also where Frank and Dara got engaged), sitting on our over water bungalow in the Maldives, cave tubing in Belize, walks in Dominica, King Julien on a Mexico cruise. We can't wait to travel as a family of 4 and introduce our newest addition to our Jamaican friends who we have visited every year for the last 5 years.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a beautiful neighborhood in the Western Suburbs of Chicago full of children, parks and bike paths. We bought the house 3 years ago and plan on being here until we retire. Whenever possible, even in the snow, we try to be outside.  There is always a neighbor or two to chat with and every season brings a different smell, sight and activity! 

Breia is so excited to give her brother or sister all of her decorations from her nursery.  While it is a work in progress currently, we know that the little one will love the teddy bear theme and calm colors just as much as Breia did. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to let us share our life with you.  We have so much love to give and can't wait to add to our family.

We pray that you have all the love and support you need through this process.


Fun facts

  • She loves live music and has attended over 75 concerts
  • She collects elephants and has roughly 100 various kinds including jewelry
  • Favorite food is ribs (crispy)
  • Hates wearing socks and shoes
  • Favorite travel spot is Jamaica
  • Favorite dish to cook is orange ginger glazed Cornish hens
  • Loves to read-Frank says he has never seen someone read books so fast
  • Has a sweet tooth and is known to try to influence others
  • Played in the largest amateur soccer league in the country for 7 years
  • Only spoke Italian before going to school
  • Frank Leornardo-was named after the artist Leonardo DaVinci but has no artistic ability
  • Loves to make and eat sushi and learned to make it 15 years ago in New York
  • Loves golf, but still trying to score less than 100

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