I’m Diane, and I’m 33 years old. I’m eager to become a single parent through adoption. I consider myself an organized and prepared person, so I always think carefully and plan before making big decisions. I have an established career, and own a home and a car, I am ready to become a parent. I am what some call an adoptive parent by choice, meaning that adoption was my first choice in becoming a parent. I value deep relationships, which is why I know that a biological connection is not what makes a family; it’s shared love and experiences.

About Me

I live and work in downtown Chicago. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting from the University of Iowa, and I have practiced as a tax accountant for the past 10 years. Please don’t hold this against me – I promise I’m not as dull as we accountants are portrayed in the movies! Rather, I’m the kind of nerd who’s always loved math, enjoys solving problems, and understands that most everything has a right answer.

I’m a Pisces, and like the fish I can “go with the flow”. I am trusting, caring, giving, and I desire strong relationships. I always did well in school, and I love to learn and to teach. Since I’m a bit clumsy, I prefer watching sports to playing them, and I enjoy activities like baking, scrapbooking, and watching movies. Over the years I’ve been to college football bowl games, held White Sox season tickets, and even attended a Blackhawks hockey game played at Soldier Field.

My two cats, Pico and Kazoo, live with me in our high-rise condo in Chicago’s Loop. I love being able to walk to movie theaters, restaurants, parks, and museums. I also love how easily I can get a pizza delivered – it’s my favorite food, certifying me as a true Chicagoan through and through!

My Family

Although I live alone, my family lives close by in the Chicago suburbs, and I have a very strong relationship with them. My parents are Bruce and Lori, and they have been together for almost 45 years. I’m quite similar to my dad, who is an engineer. Last year, when my dad turned 60, I told him I would take him on a trip anywhere in the world, and he chose Japan. The two of us spent 10 days there, riding the high speed trains and watching the cherry blossoms bloom.

My mom, Lori, stayed home with my sister and me when we were little and gave us the kind of childhood experiences most of my friends never had. We went to the library for story time and to the park for picnics. My mom is strong, but not too serious. She likes to laugh, including at herself, and I don’t know anyone that loves animals or nature as much as she does. Last summer, my mom and I went up to Quebec to watch whales swimming in the wild and it was one of the coolest things either of us has ever seen.

Renee is my only sister and my best friend in the world. No matter what, she will have my back, and I can and do tell her everything. Renee is gregarious, spontaneous, funny, and will do anything to protect the people she loves. She will be such a fun aunt for a child because she’s not afraid to make a mess or bend any rules! Renee married Prabkirat (Prab) in Paris, France earlier this year. My brother-in-law is 35 and grew up in India. Prab and I bonded quickly over our shared love of watching movies, and my love of baking perfectly complements his love of eating sweets!


My parents, sister and I traveled on a family vacation every year growing up. I’ve been to almost 40 states and 20 different countries on five continents. My family still takes an annual trip together, and the whole family is so excited to vacation with my child one day!

Holidays are hugely celebrated in my family.  Thanksgiving is my personal favorite, and because our family is Italian, it’s not out of the question for lasagna to make an appearance at our family Thanksgiving. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Operation Santa. My sister and I have answered letters through the Operation Santa program at the Chicago Post Office for the past eight years. I love to read through the letters and choose a few families that might miss out on Christmas without our delivery. Another unique tradition in our family is birthday cakes. Even as adults, my sister and I bake and decorate funny cakes for each other’s birthday every year. Our family and friends anticipate seeing the newest idea each year.

Thoughts on Openness

In choosing adoption as my path to becoming a parent, I learned a lot about open adoption. For me, open adoption is all about choice. As a birth parent, you will be able to choose the best parent for your child. Together, we will choose a relationship that works best for both of us. Our child will have the choice to learn about his or her birth parents, extended birth family, race, culture, and history. I want to create a family for my child to be nourished in which he or she can thrive, and that will include an understanding of how we became a family. I want my child’s birth parents to have the opportunity to write our child’s story, too.

Thank You

I want to close by acknowledging the path you have been on and the decisions you have made so far that have led you to reading this letter. I hope that you have had support and encouragement during the past several months, and that you have people building you up right now! I thank you sincerely for spending this time to learn a little more about me. 

Fun facts

  • I’ve traveled quite a bit, and been all around the world. In fact, I’d been to Africa twice before I’d ever seen the Rocky Mountains!
  • I’m a pizza lover. My sister and I even journaled our “Year of Pizza”, where we visited a different Chicago pizza joint every month for a year!
  • Some of the other birthday cakes we’ve had over the years include a zombie cake, a TV dinner, and a CTA bus.
  • I love winter! Sure, the warm weather is nice, but I love how quiet and fresh the air feels when snow is falling.
  • I won a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament in college by telling my opponents I could read their minds and psyching them out.
  • The easiest places for me to travel have been Quebec City and Paris, France, since I can speak a good amount of French.
  • My favorite number is 3, my favorite color is yellow, and my favorite ice cream flavor is bubble gum. 

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