Hi, we’re Elizabeth and Michael.  We have thought and thought about what our first words should be to you, someone who might become one of the most important pieces to the rest of our lives.  Words aren’t enough to capture how we’re feeling, and we certainly don’t want to presume to know how you’re feeling.  Hopefully we can partner with you and figure out this journey together.  Authenticity is important to us, so we tried to put ourselves honestly on these pages.  If it strikes a chord with you, we hope you will consider us in your adoption journey.  No matter what, we wish you peace.  

We met online in 2011. Elizabeth was the very first person Michael messaged!  We both surprised each other on our date with food treats for the other person:  Elizabeth made brownies for Michael, and Michael made chocolate chip cookies for Elizabeth!  After a few months of dating we felt like we had found family in each other.  We were engaged in 2012 and married in 2013.  


We love to travel, go on adventures (walks, bike rides, hikes), grow plants, take care of our four tropical fish, watch movies, and play cards and games.  We can’t wait until we have a child to grow our family game night!  One of our other favorite things to do together is cook.  We are so excited to cook together in the kitchen with our little one and then snuggle up for family movie night!

MEET MICHAEL (According to Elizabeth)

One of the first things I noticed about Michael when I met him was his long red beard. Our friends’ babies always grab it with a “death grip” in their tiny fists, and now I can’t stop imagining our own baby yanking on his beard too.  Michael works as a counselor with kids and teens.  That’s one reason why he is so easy to talk to. Michael’s counseling background means he’s a rockstar at keeping calm and collected during a crisis. When one of his dear friends needed to be driven to the hospital to say goodbye to a dying parent, he called Michael.  On a lighter note, when I dropped a huge bowl of homemade guacamole on the floor and it went EVERYWHERE five minutes before a huge dinner party, he just laughed and started to clean it up. He’s the kind of guy you can count on to help you out, no matter what.

Michael does have some lovable faults: 1) He is brutally honest.  2) He always makes way too much food for a party (but hey, yay for leftovers!). 3) He cannot say no to buying anything related to Legos or our fish.  (But I love imagining Michael playing Legos with our child, and I can totally picture both their faces pressed up eagerly against the fish tank.)  

But back to Michael’s beard...he does have a rebellious side.  He loves to fight back against gender stereotypes, a trait I can’t wait to see him pass down to our child. For example, when we got married, he decided to take MY last name, and he’s also the main cook in our house.  (This means I sometimes playfully yell at him, “Woman! Where’s my food?”  Luckily his sense of humor is rather rebellious too.)  He also cares deeply about fighting for equality for all.  I often imagine the conversations Michael will have with our child about justice and peace.  I know these will not be easy conversations, but I know that as a father, Michael will do his best to help our child navigate the world.  

MEET ELIZABETH (According to Michael)

Elizabeth’s a teacher.  Just the other day I went to help her in her classroom.  I saw books everywhere and supplies at kid height, which were labeled so kids could find things themselves.  I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to see her do this at home for our kid!”  Elizabeth is always talking about how excited she is to teach our child how to do so many things.  Whether it’s learning how to pull the stems off greens, how to read, or how to tie their shoes, I know Elizabeth is always thinking about things from the perspective of children.  This is one reason she will be such a wonderful mom.    

Elizabeth is also very caring.  Shortly after we met, I burned myself while making beef tongue tacos alone on a Sunday night.  I called her, and she dropped everything to come over and take care of me.  She spent the next several hours tending to my every need.  She does stuff like this for me all the time.  Whether it’s making me a special birthday cake every year, making my lunch every day, or just giving me the best hugs, Elizabeth has a way of always making me feel taken care of. I know this is another reason why she’ll be such a great mom.

Another thing you should know about Elizabeth is that she loves to sing.  Whether she’s stomping around in high-heeled boots singing Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” singing to me as she scratches my back at night, or humming to herself as she cooks in the kitchen, there’s almost always a song in her head. I know one of the things she is most looking forward to doing with our child is singing together.  


We are open to a child of any race or ethnicity.  Therefore, we want to take a moment to acknowledge that race could be a very big piece of a very challenging decision for you.  We want you to know that we don’t have blinders on.  We do see race and color, and we acknowledge that it will take extra effort on our part to raise a child of color in this country.  We are up to this task and will be relentless in the support of our child, creating space in and beyond our home to have their identity affirmed and supported.  We will protect them, but also allow them to learn the resilience and strength that will ultimately allow them to face the prejudice they will undoubtedly have to manage throughout their lifetime.  We will support them unconditionally.


Elizabeth is a teacher, and she has known many students whose lives have been touched by open adoption.  For example, one day she was walking through the hall past one of her student’s lockers.  She saw a photograph hanging in the locker of a person she didn’t recognize.  “Hey, who’s that?” Elizabeth asked her.  “That’s my birth mom,” the student said, and then she began to chat happily about her.  Another instance was at a school assembly on family heritage when an adopted child proudly presented on the heritage of her birth mom as well as her adoptive family.  These experiences showed us the benefits of open adoption.  Elizabeth also has two cousins who are adopted, and we are excited to have our child share the unique bond of adoption with them.  We know it won’t be easy, but we want to work with you in figuring out a plan that works for all of us.  We’re in this journey together. 

Fun facts

  • Elizabeth likes yoga and walking around the city (especially by the lake) and dislikes being inside all day.  
  • She loves vegetables and chocolate and dislikes warm orange juice.
  • She loves the smell of clean laundry and dislikes Michael’s dirty socks.
  • She loves musicals but dislikes scary movies.
  • Her favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • She loves to bake—cakes, tarts, pies, brownies, crisps—you name it!


  • Michael likes tea and dislikes coffee.
  • He likes projects/activities and dislikes boredom.  
  • He loves travel, novelty, and spontaneity, and dislikes being stuck in a rut.
  • He likes strong women and dislikes people who are close-minded or unkind to others.  
  • His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
  • He loves to cook meat (grilling and slow cooking are his specialties).


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