We are Pete, Eric, and Kai. We wish you well on your journey and appreciate you taking the time to consider our profile. Since adopting Kai through the Cradle in 2014, we have loved being dads to a creative and loving little girl. With 11 siblings between us, we have always known we wanted to raise siblings and are thrilled to welcome a new baby into our family. 

Our Beliefs

We believe in open adoption. We believe in each other and our relationship. We believe in providing our children with boundless love & opportunity. We believe in raising a family that values the golden rule, education, hard work, and diverse perspectives. And we believe we are strongest when we work together.

Our Story

Seventeen years ago we met standing in line at a club in the South Bronx. It was Blatino Night (Black and Latin) and Pete ended up meeting one of the only blonde hair, blue-eyed guys in the club, Eric! Despite our differences in appearance and culture, we had no problem finding commonalities in our values, interests, and hopes for the future. Now we are excited to share these values and experiences with our own children as we continue our journey to grow our family.

Our Family

We love taking walks along the lakefront, scouting planes, camping out at the beach and laughing with friends. In the winter we take swim lessons, visit the nature museum and make playdates with other Cradle families. We both work in education helping first-generation college students earn their degrees. We love our work and the flexibility it brings. We are fortunate to work on a school calendar allowing us quality time as a family. When the baby arrives we will each take six weeks off from work and after three months, we will place the baby in a daycare through Eric’s school along with big sister, Kai.


I grew up in New York with a brother and four sisters. My parents emigrated from Jamaica in search of opportunity for the family ‘back home’ and raised us in the church. My upbringing allowed me to navigate my life with the belief that an honest and positive life binds all people and I believe this culture will be a positive attribute to our children. I can usually be found laughing, making playlists or researching new activities to explore as a family. Eric describes my parenting style as energetic, thoughtful, intentional, and devoted.


I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I have a brother, three sisters, and nine nieces and nephews. Most of us live within an hour from one another so we love to get all the cousins together for dinner or a weekend away to visit Nana and Papa in Michigan. I love adventure, finding new spots in the city and being a dad. Pete describes my parenting style as patient, imaginative, loving, and playful.


Kai is happy, curious and super-sweet. She gives bear-hugs and Eskimo kisses. Not one person has ever seen her face and not lit up in smiles. She is polite and adventurous, determined and patient. She loves to swim, read, draw and explore. Kai is looking forward to becoming a big sister and has been practicing swaddling, burping and providing love to her doll ‘Blah-blah’ in preparation for welcoming home a baby brother or sister.  

Our Home & Community

We live in a comfortable and secure home in the heart of Chicago’s north side neighborhood. We love watching the sunset over the city or catching the sunrise over the lake. In the summer we spend days at the pool or at backyard BBQs. Our neighborhood offers beaches, bike paths, nature preserves, and playgrounds. Our local community is a fusion of global cultures and we are only a few blocks away from African restaurants, Latino bodegas, and Asian markets. We believe in raising our family in a diverse environment and feel fortunate to live in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago.                  

Our thoughts on Openness

We maintain an open relationship with Kai's birth-mom through photos, text, social media and in-person visits. It’s important to us that Kai understands and values her own story and we wish the same for our new baby. We understand each adoption is unique and we would love to have a relationship with you that makes the most sense for all of us.

Thank you

We appreciate you taking the time to look over our profile. We hope it provides a glimpse into our lives and gives you a sense of what's important to us and how we plan to grow as a family. We wish you the best of luck as you decide what's best for you and your child.


Fun facts

  • Is one of 5 children: three sisters and a brother
  • I’m happiest when I am with my family exploring nature
  • Taught middle school in the Bronx NY
  • Was an All-American swimmer in college
  • Loves to stargaze and learn more about our universe
  • Responsible for Kai’s hair…
  • Enjoys watching cartoons and movies based on comic books
  • Experimented with over 10 musical instruments recently reconnecting with guitar and keyboard
  • Every winter I attempt a new activity to avoid the “winter” blues
  • I reflect while running along the lakeshore
  • I’ve participated in scavenger hunts and obstacle courses and one day dream of running with Eric as contestants on the ‘Amazing Race’
  • Responsible for Kai’s wardrobe…

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