Our Life Philosophy? Live it to the fullest! Be Kind! Work Hard! Laugh A Lot!

And when you’re done laughing: Laugh Some More! We’re Fran and Graham and we’re over-the-moon excited to start a family. We hope this snapshot shows the abundance of joy we have for life and the thrill we have thinking about you and your child. We are excited to meet you.

First and foremost: We love Love. We were both raised in extremely close families who provided us with the courage to pursue our dreams, express our feelings and appreciate the beauty around us—and we look forward to providing the same foundation for your child.

Our philosophy on life? Live it to the fullest! Be Kind! Work Hard! Laugh A Lot! And when you’re done laughing, laugh some more! And most importantly: treat everyone with respect. Living in a diverse neighborhood where people of all races, religions and lifestyles live, we’re excited to raise a family that is conscientious and above all: Kind. 

It’s what attracted Graham to Fran in the first place. “He’s just so darn kind,” Graham thought. And turns out: Fran thought the same of Graham. We met seven years ago through a mutual friend, dated long distance for a year while Fran was living in Boston and Graham in Chicago. Long story short: Graham moved east. We realized this wasn’t just a passing thing, moved back to Chicago together and got married two years later.

“I love Fran’s surefootedness,” Graham says, “I love his conviction. I like that he howls at his own jokes. And he is so smart! Fran thinks about things in a way that I would never even imagine. I can’t even put into words how much love I have for my husband Fran. The cherry on top? He plays the piano!”

And Fran on Graham? “Graham has a unique way of making everyone feel special,” Fran says, “He loves celebrating everything. It doesn’t have to be your birthday to get a present or to come home and have love notes taped to the mirror. And I love that he doesn’t just do it for me; he celebrates everyone around him. His creativity in his work and personal life is boundless, inspiring and fun.”

A total match! Because where Graham is not good, Fran excels. Where Fran falters, Graham steps in. We’re a perfectly balanced couple who share an intense love of the arts, quality time belting show tunes at the piano and lots of adventures traveling.

Family, Friends + Our Childcare Plan

The love we hold for our families was one of the things that attracted us to each other from the start. Both of our parents—who have been happily married for a very long time!—live in the suburbs. We both have two sisters. Basically: there is a family fun to be had at all times. We have one niece and four nephews who keep us busy. We love spending time with the kids and the best news? They like us too!

We are fortunate to have great friends in Chicago from all phases of our lives. Many of them have young children now and we are excited for our family to join in on the fun.

Graham works as a creative director of a magazine and Fran is working with Graham’s dad to take over the family engineering consulting business. While we both have flexible schedules, Graham will be with the baby during the day. And—as mentioned earlier—there are two eager sets of grandparents, too! We have endless support around us and are looking forward to raising our child within a tight network of family and friends.

Travel + Home

We are explorers at heart! We love to travel to places and experience different traditions. Our world is large and beautiful and we want to show it to your child. Each adventure is an opportunity to learn, to grow and to gain a new understanding of others. And for Graham: an excellent source of inspiration and souvenirs!

We love picking a destination, renting a car and just driving. Whether it’s the South of France or just to Milwaukee, we always find fun no matter where we end up.

In Chicago, we live in a diverse community close to downtown and within walking distance of the vibrant West Loop, playgrounds and parks. It is a primarily Hispanic neighborhood and we love discovering new restaurants, shops and activities. As Fran speaks Spanish, it’s nice to be able to live within a diverse community that focuses on family, fun and great food!

Our home was a vintage soda factory that we converted into an eclectic and art-filled space. We grow all sorts of flowers and plants in our front courtyard, which also plays host to great BBQ’s. Our favorite part of the home? Our piano where we spend plenty of time singing our hearts out.

A Note on Openness

If we are so lucky, we look forward to working with you to develop a plan that will respect the level of openness you are most comfortable with. Our home is a happy one built on years of memories with family and friends. We are excited to share it with you and your baby.

Your child’s story is one filled with a lot of love and we are excited to be a part of it and to celebrate their unique and inspiring heritage—in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Our Goals as Parents?

Because Graham is able to stay home, he is looking forward to plenty of adventures in our own backyard. From museums to Chinatown, we want to expose your child to as many different lifestyles and cultures as possible.

Fran is an excellent chef. We prepare dinners weekly and we’re excited to not only teach your child about healthy foods but how to help around the house and learn responsibilities to make them feel pride in what they do.

Graham loves the theater and is excited to show your child the many forms of artful expression. From painting and dance, we are looking forward to sharing cultural experiences to inspire creativity and boundless imagination.

We want to provide a home for your child that provides a solid foundation with the tools and resources to creatively explore. And whatever interests your child, we will support them to make sure we foster growth and learning—and a whole lot of fun along the way.

We hope to be inspiring and playful parents who are able to show your child many different and wonderful things to be able to grow up and do some serious good in this beautiful world!


Fun facts

  • Fran graduated 5th in his High School class
  • Fran plays the piano and takes lessons every week
  • Fran broke his wrist and collar bones playing football in high school
  • Fran loves to take naps!
  • Fran ran two marathons
  • Fran is an excellent and creative chef
  • Fran studied abroad in Spain in college and speaks fluent Spanish
  • Fran has a very green thumb
  • Fran desperately wants a cat or dog
  • Fran loves going to the movies
  • Graham can tap dance. And there is a rule in the house: No Tap Dancing on the hardwood floors!
  • Graham loves Spicy Food—The spicier, the better!
  • Graham was named one of Chicago’s Top 40 Most Influential Creatives by a city magazine
  • Graham has to make the bed in the morning to be able to start his day
  • Graham starred in a grocery store commercial when he was a child
  • Graham is a huge Disneyworld Fan
  • Graham studies French and visits his friend in Paris every year
  • Graham loves any excuse to see a Musical
  • Graham and his mom talk on the telephone every day
  • Graham loves to go antique shopping

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