Hi. We're Heidi and Justin. While we take this adoption process very seriously you should also know that we are a house full of laughter and silliness. Keep reading to learn more about us and why we are adopting.

From our earliest discussions about starting our own family adoption was always a part of the conversation. Justin's dad and aunt were both adopted through The Cradle, which is one of the reasons we are choosing to work with The Cradle. Heidi has been open to adoption since she was very young and recalls asking her own parents to consider adoption.

Justin has always known that his dad and aunt were adopted and it has been a regular part of conversation throughout his life. Heidi has a cousin who was adopted as an infant. Justin recently learned during a conversation about our adoption plans that his grandfather was also adopted.

We have no reason to believe we cannot have our own children but we feel very strongly about our first-born being our adopted child. We want him/her to know that he/she was loved and wanted from the very beginning. Both of our extended families are thrilled we are pursuing adoption. 

Heidi: It was the second day of my first real job after college and I had just moved from North Dakota to Denver, Colorado when he walked through the office door. From the moment I first saw Justin I knew he was meant to be a part of my life.

Justin: It was my last time traveling to Colorado for work when the greatest thing that has ever happened to me occurred. A girl that I had never met and thought was way too far out of my league agreed to go to dinner with me. It was a good thing one of my friends was there to ask her for me!

Heidi: I am skeptical of the idea of love-at-first-sight but I have no other way of explaining it. I just knew...it took Justin a little longer to figure it out but we have now been married for more than seven years.

Justin: As I sit and write this today it reminds me just how much I love the girl sitting next to me. I am excited to begin another chapter in our lives together.

Heidi: I was (and still am) drawn to his sense of humor, blatant honesty, and desire to live life to fullest. It is impossible to not break into a smile or laughter when he is around. He is going to be the best dad! You should see him when he gets down on the floor to play and has two toddlers climbing on him.  

Justin: Heidi is the person that I chose to spend the rest of my life with, and I can't wait for our child to be able to learn how to be the best version of themselves.  In the seven years of marriage I have learned to give more than you receive because that truly is the key to happiness.

About Heidi (by Justin):

Heidi's great loves in life include the mountains, family, reading,  theater, and travel. A perfect weekend for Heidi would be traveling  to Colorado for a quick ski trip with her entire extended family in a 4-bedroom condo, people sleeping all over the place, followed by a trip to New York to see a Broadway play. While we have yet to complete this trip in one weekend there have been numerous visits to both locations to experience the other loves in Heidi's life.

About Justin (by Heidi):

Justin's great loves in life involve family and water: hooking trout while fly-fishing in Montana and Colorado, wading in the waves of the ocean anywhere in the world, splashing in the pool with our friends kids, puttering around a lake in Minnesota enjoying the sunshine and wake-surfing with family. If it involves water Justin is happy camper.

Our Home

We live in a family-friendly, diverse neighborhood on the north-side of Chicago. Our spacious and sunny top-floor condo feels like we are living in the trees and we love opening up all the window in the summer to let in the breeze. Around the corner is a huge park, complete with multiple playgrounds and spaces for playing. Some of our favorite restaurants are within walking distance as well as Heidi’s work. We are also within blocks of three schools which means our neighborhood is always full of children.

Our Favorites

~ Traveling

~ the Great Outdoors

~ Dinners with friends

~ Trying new restaurants

~ Every minute we can spend with family

~ Big family dinners outdoors while on vacation together makes our hearts explode!

Thank you!

Thanks for taking a moment to learn a little about us. Ask to see our profile book to learn more about our big love for family and friends, all the things we can’t wait to share with our kids, and our thoughts on open adoption. 

Fun facts

  • Favorite superhero is batman
  • Spent most weekends and summers on the back of a horse as a kid
  • Once had a pet Angora goat named Benny
  • Trained as an opera singer in high school
  • Has last line of wedding vows tattooed on arm
  • Reads 25-30 books per year
  • Loves sushi
  • First date with Heidi was front row seats at a Packers game in Denver
  • Gave Tim McGraw a high-five at a concert in Soldier Field
  • Has been to all but 5 states
  • Goes fly fishing every year in Montana
  • Camped for 1st time in 2013 & slept without a tent on the river bank
  • As a kid he once drove with his best friend from Scottsdale to Tucson, AZ to see if the Taco Bell there was better...
  • Likes to tell everyone he is a professional miniature golfer

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