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Iulia & Dan

Because we both grew up with adopted family members (Iulia’s mom and Dan’s sister), we both have first- hand experience of the wonderful families that can be created though adoption.

We would also like to thank you for having the courage and strength to consider adoption. You are giving a gift about which we have only dreamed and are providing us with the long-awaited opportunity to expand our family. Thank you does not seem like a big enough expression to show our gratitude for your consideration.

Our Story

About Us

Although we were born worlds apart on two different continents, ever since we met about a decade ago, we have been inseparable. We met online and we quickly bonded over our love for Chicago and our wish to live close to our families.

Together we enjoy travelling, unwinding with a good book, making time to watch our favorite television programs, bike-riding throughout town and on the forest preserve paths, as well as dining out and going to festivals and museums. We have a huge network of family and friends that live all around the Chicago area. We both are blessed with supporting family members that are excited we have chosen the adoption path. Our parents are ready to pitch-in and are thrilled to someday meet their new grandchild. Around the house Dan enjoys making our favorite meals and experimenting with new meals as well as following the highs and lows of the typical White Sox and Bears seasons. Iulia enjoys pouring through guidebooks and watching travel videos in preparation for the latest family trip, creating calendars and books filled with family photos, and relaxing with cross stitching or an elaborate coloring book. We both love spending time outdoors, from camping with friends, to dinners on our back patio on warm nights, to family barbecues, and enjoying Chicago with strolls through its many neighborhoods.

About Iulia

I was born in Constanta, Romania and moved to Chicago at 13. I came to the US with my parents and one of my two brothers. The four of us worked hard, learned a new language, and made many wonderful new friends in this new homeland. In 2010 my oldest brother, his wife, and our niece moved to Chicago from Romania. My grandmother (90 years old) joined us the following year. Together we enjoy our favorite holiday traditions and the many large and elaborate Romanian meals prepared by my mother. My family is no stranger to adoption as my grandparents adopted my mom when she was 3 years old. Now, the entire family has been reunited in Chicago and is eagerly awaiting the addition of a new child.

About Dan

I was born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and have family roots in and around Chicago that extend back several generations. One of the many family traditions is Christmas Eve at my great aunt Sarah's house who is 95 years old. This tradition goes back to before I was born. I am also the proud brother of an adopted older sister and know first-hand the joys of living in a family that has been expanded through adoption. My immediate and extended families are looking forward to our adopted child.

Openness and Diversity

While we both have adopted members in our immediate families, we both have had different adoption experiences. Dan's sister was adopted through a closed adoption while Iulia's mother was adopted within the family and always had a relationship with her birth mother. Having had both of these experiences, we would prefer to have an open adoption, but the open or closed nature of our adoption will not change the way we plan to parent, and we will let you choose the level of openness that makes you comfortable. To us openness means email and letter communication, text messages, telephone conversations, and face-to-face meetings.

We joined Iulia's Romanian culture and traditions together with Dan's American culture and traditions in our marriage, and we always enjoy the experience of learning new things and seeing the world through a different perspective. We are also friends with people of many different ethnicities who have children of their own. We have learned a lot from these friends by attending weddings, birthday parties, and other cultural celebrations, and we are eager to make new traditions a part of our lives if we adopt your child.

Where we live.

We live in the suburbs of Chicago with our very friendly cat Mick. Our house is around the corner from a large public park, the forest preserve, and the local elementary school. We also live a short distance from the Brookfield Zoo and are close to downtown Chicago! Our neighborhood is extremely quiet and we have children of all ages who live up and down our block. Our house is a cozy ranch with a lush backyard and a spacious lawn. The child's room is two steps from our bedroom, overlooks our garden, and has a lot of natural light. We also have a finished basement with plenty of room for toys and for play.

Thank you.

We want to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and wish you the best of luck in your journey, whatever your choice.    


Fun Facts

  • Lived 10 months in Singapore
  • Has visited 17 countries
  • Fluent in Romanian
  • Worked as a lifeguard in HS and College
  • Loves chocolate and popcorn
  • Is SCUBA certified
  • Great sense of direction
  • Loves to quote Seinfeld, The Simsons and SNL
  • Is infamous for refusing to eat condiments
  • Loves Cheez-It crackers
  • Loves the White Sox
  • Has seen Pearl Jam live seven times
  • Enjoys working out at the local YMCA
  • Loves to read

"Iulia & Dan" Family Photos

  • Dan bravely riding a donkey in Santorini, Greece
  • Our nieces Maddie, Kate, and Ana. Excited future cousins.
  • Apple picking with Iulia’s family.
  • Our nieces Maddie and Kate playing with our cat Mick.
  • Dan enjoying a green tea ice cream with Mt. Fuji in the background on our latest family vacation to Japan.
  • Fun times at our friend’s wedding.
  • Dan’s sister and her family.
  • Dan’s parents enjoying their favorite summer activities.
  • Dan and Iulia’s brothers playing bocce ball in our back yard.
  • Iulia’s work book club enjoying afternoon tea.
  • Kate and Maddie about to embark on a Disney Cruise
  • Easter brunch at our house with the whole family.
  • Our cat Mick loves boxes!
  • BBQ in Iulia’s parents back yard.
  • Dan’s father enjoys being a grandfather and looks forward to more grandchildren.
  • Dan watching TV with his favorite companion.
  • Iulia and her brother love to ski.

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