We’re James and Alicia.  You know, sometimes life throws you a curveball.  Our’s was not being able to have children.  But just like that curveball, there’s always another pitch coming. So are you going to mope about the pitch you miss, or hit the next one out of the park.  Living with us, your child will have a homerun of a life.

Man, that sounded corny.  But it’s true. Your baby is in for an adventure. Around here, we play and world hard.  If it not our little foster doggies running around the yard, it’s Star Trek and James Bond on the TV.  Working with the Girl and Boy Scouts keeps us young too. 

We have a wonderful neighborhood.  A little subdivision with no through traffic from busy streets.  Our backyard is big so James will probably end up putting in a swing set or one of those bouncy house things.

And it’s not just us – we got friends and family who just can’t wait to spoil, that is, I mean, nurture and develop your baby! James’ niece is adopted.  She lives over in Michigan, but hers was an open adoption too. It’s not a secret, she knows; we know.  But that doesn’t change a thing.  She’s our niece and our “MonsterGirl”.

So, James will take time off from writing that next great detective novel and Alicia will put down her crafts to show your baby the world and all the beauty in it.

​James on Alicia:

Everyone loves ‘Miss Lisa’! she is that ‘aunt’ kids just gravitate to – kids love her and she loves them!  At the center of her being is love and kindness.  Sometimes we talk deep into the night, laughing at silliness.  We haven’t been up all night yet, but it’s been close!  Family first is not just a saying but her motto.  Her desire to be a mother has lifted her to a place not where she has accepted adoption, but can’t wait!  Maybe she worries too much but that only because her heart is so big.  She is the caretaker and the kisser of boo-boos.  Alicia laughs easily and, try as she might, dances…not so easily.  I can’t get her to jump out of an airplane, but she is still willing to try new things and is open to new adventure.  Any baby would be blessed to have Alicia as a momma. 


Fun facts

  • Has been 500 miles above the Arctic Circle
  • Written five detective novels
  • Parachuted through a cloud
  • Trained over 500 Air Force cadets
  • Born and raised in Detroit, the only city in the continental US NORTH of Canada
  • Undisputed master of Detroit Techno and Chicago House music
  • Saw Star Wars: A New Hope 167 times!
  • Experienced the joy of -13 degree weather with wind chill of -137!
  • Met President Barrack Obama
  • I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader
  • I love 80’s music
  • My favorite ice cream is Peppermint Stick
  • I once had to dressed up as a large size Red Robin costume for work
  • Walked up 40 flights of stairs at one time.
  • Ziplined in the Carribean

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