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Jerard & Kaitana


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a little better. Our hope is that this short look into our lives is enough for you to want to know more about who we are on a personal level. More importantly, though, we understand that there is nothing easy about the process you are in right now. But no matter your decision, you matter to us. Our goal is not only to be matched with a child, but a mother whom we can build a healthy and quality relationship with. God has an amazing way of bringing people together, and if that’s you, then we welcome the opportunity. Thank you again for seeing something in us, and we pray that in the end you can have peace about whatever decision you make.

Our Story

When we look back over our lives together, we know without a doubt that we were meant for each other. We were both born in Chicago, IL, but Kaitana primarily grew up in Bolingbrook, IL (where we currently reside). We ended up meeting at Wheaton College, but the paths that got us both there at the same time were so unique that only God could orchestrate them. Jerard had to go over 1,000 miles away just to learn about a college that was only an hour outside of Chicago. On top of that, Jerard took two years off after high school, otherwise they wouldn’t have even started together. Kaitana had to turn down scholarships from other colleges when the college she knew God wanted her to attend hadn’t offered anything, but she had to have faith that the finances would come in time. All that to say, we met our freshmen year and the rest is history. We got married the summer after we graduated and have been together for 9 years now. 

We’re very committed to our church, where we serve as youth ministers, and Jerard also as the worship leader. Our faith is an integral part of our lives and is the foundation of our relationship. We’ve truly been blessed to have a strong community around us of family and friends that support us, and we look forward to bringing a new addition into that community to benefit from all the love we’ve been not only able to give, but also receive. We consider ourselves a fun and loving couple. We like to travel and find joy in being silly together doing fun activities in new areas we go, but we’re also very comfortable just chilling at home with our two cats and watching a movie. Family is important to us and we usually spend a lot of time with them, especially our nieces and nephews. We’ve had the privilege of being involved in their lives and have loved watching them grow, plus it’s really prepared us for becoming parents one day. 


Having an open adoption is something we are very excited about. We understand the importance and value of our adopted child not only knowing their full story but owning it as they grow. We will be committed to maintaining that open line of communication because we want you to have the opportunity to always feel a part of their life. Knowing that you are and will be making many difficult decisions, we will respect whatever level of contact you desire, realizing that it may look different over time. We understand if you may need space and time, so we will be sure to send updates to The Cradle so you will have access to them when you are ready. 

Why Adopt? 

When we got married, we always had a desire to start a family and were looking forward to when that journey would begin. As we began our journey, we struggled with having children biologically and that was very hard to handle. We felt strongly that God had a plan for us in growing our family, so we did not give up hope. While we knew adoption was a possibility, we didn’t want to do it for the wrong reasons so as time went on, we began to shape what those reasons are. We don’t view it as a secondary option, but as the plan that God had for us all along. We knew we had enough love in us to share with our child and that doesn’t have to be limited by us having the same blood. We are so excited for the opportunity to grow our family in this special way. While many in society may see adoption as some heroic act, we see it more as a humbling privilege to open our home to a new child. We will graciously accept the responsibility of caring for our child and giving them the best of us. 

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Food: Ribs
  • Favorite Sports Team: Chicago White Sox
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Place(s) to Shop: Best Buy & Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Favorite Movie: Space Jam (the original)
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Superman
  • Random Fact: I have to have a glass of milk with my cereal because I don’t like to drink the milk in my bowl after my cereal is gone
  • Favorite Food: Dessert…I only eat dinner to justify getting dessert
  • Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bears
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Place to Shop: Hobby Lobby
  • Favorite Movie: I don’t have one in particular, but I can watch any movie multiple times as long as it’s not a horror movie
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
  • Random Fact: Unlike most people with a nut allergy, I can actually have peanuts (and also almonds) 

"Jerard & Kaitana" Family Photos

  • Celebrating our niece’s 12th birthday.
  • Sibling escape room challenge accepted and defeated
  • Christmas photoshoot time!
  • Sunset boat cruise in St. Thomas
  • Exploring Sea World like we were little kids
  • Our first trip to Washington D.C. with a couple of our nephews and niece.
  • About to sing at Disney World with our college choir.
  • Our two cats, Jax (above) & Little Foot (below)
  • Proud to celebrate our nephew’s high school graduation.
  • Meeting Scottie Pippen at a Chicago Bulls event.
  • Each other’s forever wedding dates
  • Jerard with his mom and brother
  • Kaitana’s parents taking two of their granddaughters for a walk

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