We are Steve and Jill, and we believe that families can be created not just by blood, but by love, affection and investment in each other’s lives.  We care about you and what is important to you.  We hope that learning about us will help as you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Why Adoption

Adoption has always been part of our conversations about building a family.  Our journey to parenthood has not been an easy one.   We lost our first child, Melody, at birth.  Our son Lincoln, was born prematurely and spent several weeks in the hospital.  Though Lincoln is now a healthy little boy, another pregnancy is not the right choice for us. 

We belong to a diverse church community that places high value on taking care of each other, and adoption is an important part of that.  One of the things we like best about our church is that it includes all different kinds of families.  It is a warm and welcoming place because of our beliefs that every life has value and that love unites us in our differences. Many of our close friends have adopted, and that is especially important to us. 

We are beyond excited about adding a baby to our family through adoption! We have a lot of love to give, and we care about investing in the lives of children.  We look forward to helping our son get to know a new brother or sister.

About Us

We met in January 2009 on Match.com, when Jill lived in Virginia and Steve lived in Kentucky. Jill’s profile said she was a college professor in Richmond, Virginia; Steve assumed it meant Richmond, Kentucky! By the time he realized his mistake it was too late; we were both hooked!  We started talking on the phone nightly, and took every chance we could to see each other in person. A year and a half later, we were married.

Those eighteen months of nightly phone conversations gave our marriage a solid foundation.  We can say anything to each other, and we work through difficulties together. We take time for each other, and we have both tried to embrace each other’s passions.

About Jill, by Steve

Jill is one of the smartest and most determined people I know. Her playful side comes out when she is with our two year old son. Her ability to cheer him up when he’s sad, encourage him when he’s frustrated, or comfort him when he’s hurt are what make her such an outstanding mom. Jill is also passionate about music of all kinds. I love the way she encourages our son to sing and play piano along with her. He share her passion for music because of the way Jill has made music part of our daily family life.

About Steve, by Jill

One of the qualities that makes Steve such a great special ed teacher—not to mention husband and father—is his seemingly endless patience.  When he tells me about his day, it is clear that he cares deeply about his students and their success.  He is thoughtful about difficult issues, and is very good at discovering what makes each kid tick.  Steve also balances humility and confidence better than anyone I know.

Steve always makes me feel secure and beautiful.  He values the person I am inside, even when I’m having a bad day.  Steve is also kind of a big kid.  He loves to play with our son, he gets very excited about every new Star Wars movie, and don’t even think about taking away the remote when the Cubs are in the playoffs! 

Our Family

Even when life gets busy, we make spending time together a priority.  Being home together helps us rest and refuel, and brings us so much joy.  Every evening we walk our dog Gracie, eat dinner together, and talk about our day.  We also read books, play music, and watch family movies together.  When the weather is nice, you will find us at the park, playing in the backyard, or at the pool. We also love to take summer road trips!  Most of all, we simply love being together.

We are Christians and attend church each week.  We learn Bible verses together and say prayers together each night as a family.  We also place tremendous value on learning and discovery. We both love to discover new things and explore new ideas, and as parents we love exploring the world with our children.  We believe in encouraging creativity and curiosity in order to help our kids have fun learning about the world around them, and we encourage them to pursue their passions.  We want to show them that learning goes beyond the classroom and that our everyday experiences can be powerful teachers.

We both grew up with very close extended families, and we hope to provide that for our own kids. We make a special effort in summers and on holidays to spend time with family.  Our families have shared in our life journey and are all very excited to welcome a new member to our family! Although our extended families are not nearby, we have built our own special family of close friends.   A number of our close friends at church are already parents or have become parents recently and it has been helpful and fun to walk beside them in our parenting journey. 

Our Parenting Style

Our goal is to raise kind, caring, and responsible kids who feel secure in our love for them.  We want them to learn independence, yet be confident that we are always there to support them.  We work together as a team to push them, correct them, and comfort them.

Our parenting style is built on talking to our kids and showing them unconditional love and affection.  We LOVE to give hugs and kisses and tickles and to snuggle together on the couch!  We talk together about the books we read, the joys we experience, the feelings we have, and the hard decisions we need to make.  We will make sure our kids know they can always talk to us about anything, and we will always love them.

Where We Live

We live in a diverse neighborhood in a suburb north of Chicago.  We have a three-bedroom home with a dining room for family meals, and a large family room in the basement with plenty of space for toys, bookcases full of fun books to read, and a big TV for family movie nights or rooting on the Cubs. We live within walking distance of several parks and restaurants, and our town plans many fun events for families in the summer. 

Our block has several families with small kids, from newborn through school aged.  We are already thinking we may need to build stairs over the fence so our kids can play with their friends!

Final Thoughts

We look forward to sharing more about ourselves with you.  Most of all, we pray that you are able to find the decision that is right for you and your baby, and that this decision will bring you peace.

With love,

Fun facts

  • I went to college at the University of Kentucky and am a huge UK basketball fan.  I like to talk trash with Steve during basketball season.
  • I am a bit of a tomboy, even though I also love to dress up and be feminine.  I spent lots of time as a kid playing baseball with the boys, and my last vehicle was a 4-wheel-drive truck!
  • I love terrible jokes (Why did the banana go to the doctor? He wasn’t peeling well!)  I even inflict them on my college students.
  • My favorite meal is peanut butter and jelly.  I love peanut butter so much I can eat it by the spoonful!
  • I once worked as a Christmas Caroler at a theme park--complete with hoop dress and bonnet.
  • I love Christmas ornaments and have always collected them on my travels.  We continue this tradition as a family and when we put up our tree each year, we reminisce about the places we have been.
  • I went to college at Michigan State and am a huge MSU basketball fan.  I like to talk trash with Jill during basketball season.
  • My favorite teaching memory is when my entire 4th grade class stood up to a 5th grade bully to protect an autistic classmate.
  • I love all things Star Wars. I have seen all the movies, read all the books, and even have my own toy lightsabers.
  • I worked in a coffee factory one summer during college.  Turns out, I’m allergic to coffee.
  • I’m a certified storm spotter for the National Weather Service.  I’d love to go storm chasing--if only my wife would let me!
  • In high school, I won a competition to call a minor league hockey game on the radio with future Chicago Blackhawks play-by-play man, John Weideman.
  • My dad and I have the same birthday.

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