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John & Rebecca

Welcome to our profile! We are John and Rebecca, and we understand that you have a difficult decision before you. We hope these pages and photos will help you get to know us a little. We both come from families built through adoption, and we want to share the love and joy we have experienced in our own families with a child. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Our Story

About Us 

Hello! We are John and Rebecca, and we live in a diverse and lively suburb right on the Chicago border. John runs a college theatre department, and Rebecca is a published writer who has stepped down from teaching so that she can be at home with a child fulltime. We both love working with young people, and we have always dreamed of a family of our own.

What binds us is the way we both try to move through the world with honesty, loyalty, and a lot of love. Our home is our center, a place for shared meals and much laughter, but we also like to get outside and explore, from neighborhood walks and bike rides, to adventures in the city and in other countries. We love books and music (both making it and listening to it!) and the beauty and culture of Chicago.

Family is everything to us.  We have some very eager potential grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins–all waiting to welcome a child.

 We also have a very loving cat named Pinto whose favorite activities are playing with string, eating treats, and taking naps on top of one of us!

Our Road to Adoption & Approach to Openness

We were unable to conceive a child of our own, but we also chose adoption because we come from families enriched by adoption: John's little brother was adopted from Peru, and Rebecca's mother was adopted before open adoption was the norm.

Rebecca recently connected with her mother’s birth family, and this has deepened our commitment to open adoption: it is powerful and meaningful to know even a little more about where you come from. We want you to know that we will follow your wishes for the amount of openness you might be comfortable with, whether it is sharing photos or texts or emails or planning in-person visits. We understand that that may change over time: we promise to listen and adapt.

We also both come from diverse families– Rebecca’s paternal grandfather was Filipino and John’s brother is from Peru– and you can trust that we will learn about, value, and celebrate our child’s multiple heritages from both birth and adoptive families.  We have a wonderful and diverse community to draw on, and we are committed to helping a child feel at home in every sense of the word.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for learning a little about us and considering us as adoptive parents. We very much hope we get a chance to get to know you as well.  Our hearts are with you as you navigate this decision.

With love and peace,

Fun Facts

  • I love to bake: I even won a holiday cookie baking contest.
  • I once had a job where I fed an injured hawk.
  • My sister and her husband own and run a pizzeria.
  • I have always loved mysteries, from books to tv shows!
  • I play guitar and I am learning to play mandolin.
  • My family turns up the music and dances when washing dishes together.
  • In the fourth grade I won 31 free Baskin Robbins cones for reading the most books.
  • Favorite ice cream at age 9: bubblegum
  • I have worked on Broadway (but only backstage)
  • I once biked across the South of England.
  • I love scary movies and popcorn.
  • I write about medieval history – kind of like Game of Thrones!
  • I’m a history nerd who loves visiting old churches around the world and climbing ancient castle towers.
  • Stray cats tend to adopt me, which is fine by me.
  • As a kid I played piano and trumpet, now I play guitar.
  • I have been a donut connoisseur since age 8

"John & Rebecca" Family Photos

  • Brunch with Rebecca's cousins in Chicago
  • Hiking with John's brother
  • John loves old castles of all kinds. This one is in England.
  • Winter walks.
  • Visiting Chicago's WNDR Museum
  • Visiting NYC
  • We have a lot of fun at the family pizzeria run by Rebecca's sister & brother--in-law
  • An afternoon out at the ballet in Chicago
  • Exploring Arkansas where John's parents retired
  • John and his mom are always up for adventures - zip-lining!
  • John and his parents love Rebecca's family pizzeria
  • John with his aunt and cousins
  • Like us, Pinto loves unwrapping presents
  • Our Home is full of love and laughter
  • Our house is full of books and musical instruments
  • Cuddle time with Pinto!
  • Some of our best friends are our best friends' pets

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