Hello and welcome to our lives! We’re excited to share a sneak peek to the life of love, snuggles, jokes, travels, swims, and cooking that awaits our child! After 12 years together, close to five years of marriage, and experiencing the joy that comes from our nieces and nephews we are ready to be parents to a child of our own.

Having our own child will bring us a spring of pure joy. Watching our child take a first step, blow the seeds off their first dandelion flower, skip to school for the first day – we’ll get to see the world through our child’s eyes and feel the deep joy that comes from caring for another being. We will have unconditional love for our child as they learn to navigate the world, while providing fun and fulfilling opportunities along the way.

We are grateful for you considering adoption, and appreciate how challenging it must be to make an adoption plan.

Twelve years after our first chance meeting, we are a tight married couple with fulfilling careers, a warm, nourishing and lively home in Chicago, and a diverse network of friends and family. We now seek to expand our family to love and raise a child of our own.

Open Adoption is Right for Us

We value the opportunities that open adoption creates for the child. We live our lives very openly, and we will be honest with them about their birth story from the beginning. You will always be a vital part of the story.

Here are our hopes and commitment to our future child…

Join in the Fun

Family dinnertime with our child will be an evening ritual to showcase the humor of the day. Andrew looks forward to sharing his love of witty puns and jokes. The bad joke was a time-honored tradition in Andrew's home growing up, with everyone piling on hilarious and cringe-worthy jokes during the dinnertime banter.

Be Confident & Authentic

As parents, we are keen to help our child be their true selves. Yet, our child will need more than us to find out who they are. For this, we will continue to bring in diverse friends and family into our lives. A majority of our close friends are strong, independent women, some in relationships, others single. We also have straight dude and gay male friends. We have no idea who our child will be; we want them to see enough different people that they can find mentors and trusted adults in their lives.

Grow with Freedom & Independence

We look forward to giving our child a sense of independence and freedom to make important life choices. As a child, Andrew had a good deal of individual autonomy and personal accountability. Not everything in life goes according to plan, and Andrew will guide our child to be confident and comfortable in a complex world.

Jon also looks forward to helping our child's sense of independence through building their ability to care for themselves and others. Jon grew up on a Vermont farm where his chores included taking care of horses, sheep, and chickens as well as helping with laundry, gardening, and cooking. He learned how important his actions were, and how he must be reliable and accountable.

Be a Lifelong Learner

We believe an important key to helping our child be successful is a great education, which can take many forms depending on the child's needs. We both benefited from going to small, supportive schools, which worked for us. We will help find the best school and opportunities for our child.

Savoring Every Minute of Life in Chicago

Chicago is our favorite city and we enjoy it in many ways. From seeing plays at the Steppenwolf Theater, to biking along the lake, to volunteering at Open House Chicago and the marathon, we never get bored. We look forward to bringing our child into Chicago life and our friend group, and setting up play dates with our friend's children.

Travel the World

We have travelled to over 40 countries, and are eager to share our favorite experiences and find new ones with our child. We look forward to bringing our child on our backs, in a stroller, and eventually on their feet for weekend trips around the US, and longer vacations to other countries (Australia, Japan, Brazil, Guatemala, Italy, and India are all recent highlights).

Find Support in a Loving Family

Our family loves to gather, enjoy each other's company, play games, hike mountains, work in the garden, swim, sing, and simply hang out. They are super excited for us to be adoptive parents and for our family to grow! 

Fun facts

  • Grew up on a sheep farm in Vermont. Also cared for horses, pigs, cows, and chickens. Jon loves now being able to sleep in without chores.
  • Studied Marine Biology on an island in Maine, and economics in England and Hong Kong.
  • Loves to swim and can hold his breath underwater for over 2 minutes after practicing many summers at the lake.
  • Sings Christmas tunes year-round, improvising silly lyrics to match the moment.
  • Loves Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Crunch, and gets it in his ice cream birthday cake every year.
  • Has a huge head – “one size fits all” hats often don’t fit.
  • Loves the grocery store. As a kindergartner, his dad got him an old, but working, cash register to play with.


  • Speaks Thai, after teaching English in Thailand for a summer. The most common question he is asked when meeting new Thais is “do you have a Thai girlfriend?”
  • Loves musical theater, and performed as a professional actor in a Country Western show at the Hershey Park amusement park one summer.
  • Lived in the mountains of a France, and still knows a lot about alpine wildflowers.
  • Proposed to Jon on an A380 plane flight to Thailand.
  • Ran his first marathon. It was a disaster though due to heavy mud on the trail after unexpected rain the night before.
  • Is a master whistler, just like his dad and grandpa.
  • Makes the best chocolate chip cookies! (Secret technique: refrigerate the dough)


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