Hey there, we are Jon and Martin!  We hope these pages will help you get to know us: who we are, what our lives have been like together, and what kind of life we would provide for a child.

In 2014, we got married after 12 wonderful years together.  We come from different places and backgrounds, yet what always brings us together is our love and humor with one another and our shared values of respect and equality.  We are ready to start a family with those values in mind.

We could never pretend to fully understand how difficult your journey must be, but we are truly grateful for the opportunity to show you why we would provide a loving home for your child.


We met at a party just after college through a mutual friend who lived in the same building as Martin. A week later was our first date, and we have been together nearly every day since.  We spent many years together in Chicago before moving briefly to New York, and then to Omaha, Nebraska.  In Omaha we were able to reconnect with family which was our main goal in moving there.  It also gave Martin a job with Olive Garden where he would eventually work up to Manager.

After a few years, we knew our hearts were in Chicago, so we made one final move back to the city in which we had met and spent 10 years together.  We've been back for 5 years now and we love everything about this city, from its Lakefront and Museums, to its festivals and food and arts.  Chicago is such an amazing place in which to raise a family, and with our friends and family in the city to help, we know we will provide a diverse and nurturing environment for our family.


We both love to be out in the city.  We try to enjoy the Lakefront as much as we can.  And there are so many festivals during the summer that provide a unique experience.  Martin loves to knit and crochet, and we love to spend time on FaceTime with Elizabeth playing Minecraft.  Jon loves to play the piano and sing, and we love to watch science videos on YouTube and scary movies.  If it's nice out we like to just take walks and look at the beautiful city and the people. 

And we love to spend time with friends and family in whatever way we can.  We like to go to the museums in the city, and we go to as much theatre as we can, whether it's a small local production or season tickets for Broadway in Chicago.  Chicago is a city of a million things to do for all ages, and we try to get out to enjoy it while we can.  We also FaceTime very regularly with Jon’ sister who lives in Omaha.  She is a big part of our lives even though we live apart.


We understand that the most important thing is what's best for the child.  We want to create a safe and open environment for our child to be able to express themselves and find out who they are.  We want to create family memories and instill the values of integrity, empathy, and compassion in our child which we find important in our own lives.  We also understand the value in structure, discipline, and accountability which will help them later in life, and we think making sure they get quality and diverse education from the beginning is important. 

We think it's important to engage with a child in different ways and understand their needs as they grow up.  We want to expose our child to different cultures and languages, and give them a broad array of experiences and encourage them to explore and question and learn as much as possible.


We have thought a lot about the aspect of openness in adoption.  To be honest, it was our biggest uncertainty in the beginning.  However, throughout the adoption process we've learned so many positive things and have come to realize that an open adoption is hands-down the best option for the child.  This has become an exciting aspect for us.

We have heard so many stories of how great it can be, and we now look at it as an opportunity to build a larger family.  We want you to know that we are committed to doing what is absolutely best for our child, including expanding our family to include you as well in whatever way we all decide is best.

Fun facts

  • Jon loves to cook as often as he can.  For a while he thought this might be a good career for him, and he even took some culinary classes while in Omaha.  Even though he decided not to pursue that career path, cooking has remained a passion.  Jon loves cooking for others, and can’t wait to have an even larger family to cook for.
  • Jon won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Grammy Awards in 2014 through his job.  Every year, his company has a worldwide “ROCK STAR” contest and chooses 4 winners, and Jon’s entry was one of the winners.  He had to come up with a Hospitality-themed music video, so he re-wrote the song “Royals” by Lorde with new lyrics (you can see it on YouTube).  It was a whirlwind trip filled with dinners, tours, a VIP trip to Universal Studios, and ended with walking the Red Carpet with the stars and attending the Grammys!
  • Jon has always been musically and theatrically creative.  He worked professionally in Chicago as a Musical Theatre actor, and still loves to sing and write music whenever he can.  He plays the piano, and has even written a couple musicals.  Music is the guidepost for a lot of people’s lives, and this is definitely true of Jon.  Jon will always remember the first big musical he saw as a kid, “Big River”, and what an impact that had on him at such a young age.  He can’t wait to share that same experience with his own children.
  • Martin has always loved video games, and was introduced to them at young age.  Like a lot of kids, one of the most impactful games was “The Legend of Zelda” on the original Nintendo.  He played other games as well, like “Magic the Gathering” and “World of Warcraft”, but Nintendo and its vision as a company have made a big impact on his life.  He has a large collection of “Amiibos”, which are the playable collectables sold alongside the Wii.  Martin is definitely excited to share the world of Nintendo with our kids.  He also loves more traditional games as well, and can play a pretty mean game of chess!
  • Martin is an exceptional knitter, and has been knitting for over 15 years.  He has taken the time to teach himself various techniques and has  grown into being able to even develop his own patterns from scratch.  He has knit everything from the standard hats and scarves, to more elaborate creations in 3D and other intricate designs.  Someday Martin would love to open a yarn shop.  In the meantime, we will have no shortage of homemade booties and stuffed animals!
  • Martin also has a strong passion for Magic.  He has seen many of the great magicians live, including David Copperfield and Penn&Teller.  Some of the most impressive magic for Martin is the slight-of-hand work done up close so it’s nearly impossible to see the secrets.  Martin has always maintained his sense of wonder, and this plays in to his love of magic.  And of course when the Harry Potter books came out, we were some of the first in line waiting for each new release.  Martin loves to have fun and loves surprises, and we can’t wait to take our kids back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter once they are old enough.

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