We are hopeful and looking forward to starting a family through adoption.  We have siblings, parents, and friends who are excited and supporting us on our journey to raise a child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us.  We hope that we will have the chance to know more about you too. 

Why Adoption?

We have always wanted to be parents, and we both love kids.

Early in our relationship, while giving Kara a tour of his condo, Derek was careful to point out that his building had an elevator, which was "great for a stroller or dealing with groceries with children in tow." Kara was relieved to hear Derek mention kids, as she hoped for children someday.
At their wedding, Kara's niece asked "are you and Derek going to start having babies now?"  She is eagerly waiting for some cousins!

A Little Bit About Kara

I was adopted as an infant.  I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and lived with my mom, dad, and my brother, who is ten years older than me; he is not adopted.  I'm close with my parents and my brother, who I affectionately used to call my "third parent" when I was a kid.  

Our family liked to take road trip vacations everywhere: New York, Colorado, Toronto, Washington DC, Florida.  We also had fun family traditions like going out for ice cream on a hot summer night or getting up really early Christmas morning to see if Santa came.  

My dad, brother, and I share a love of major league baseball, and my mom and I have a tradition of watching musicals together, either live in the theater or old movie musicals like Grease and Oklahoma.  I can't wait to start new traditions with a child.

A Little Bit Abut Derek

I grew up in a small town in the Chicago suburbs.  As a child, my favorite things to do were to play in the woods, ride my bike and visit my grandparents, who lived just a few miles away.  I grew up with my mom and dad any my older sister, Mimi.  We also have a half-brother, Doug, who we are very close to.  

Family is very important to me and I was lucky to grow up spending a lot of time with my cousins and aunts and uncles, many of whom lived close by to us.  I count two of my cousins as some of my best friends.  

Growing up, my family would spend a couple of weeks each summer on a small lake in Wisconsin where I learned to water ski and swim and spent a lot of time playing outdoors.  


We believe that a child we adopt should know his or her story from the beginning and we are open to having a relationship with the child's birth family.  We anticipate a need to be flexible so the plan can be worked out over time, together. 

Parenting Plans

We have a lot of passions to share with a child including cooking, traveling, taking walks, singing and dancing around the house, riding bikes, and making cookies.

Kara and Derek each have careers, and we both expect that we will adapt our careers once we become parents.  We will seek help with childcare and we are considering a number of options--day care or in-home help.  We are each fortunate to have independence in our jobs so that we can prioritize the needs of a child. 

Fun facts

  • Sports team: St. Louis Cardinals baseball (shared favorite with my dad, brother, and Derek)
  • Places: St. Louis (where I grew up); Positano, Italy (best vacation with Derek)
  • Movies: The Sound of Music, Meet Me In St. Louis, Aladdin (my mom and I used to see all the Disney movies together when I was a kid)
  • Books: Pride and Prejudice and all the Harry Potter books (my nieces are reading them now!)
  • Color: Blue
  • Snack Food: Popcorn
  • Dream Job: Providing the singing voice for a Disney princess
  • Teams:  Univ. of Michigan Wolverines; St. Louis Cardinals
  • Book:  David Copperfield
  • Children’s Book:  Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Comedian:  Stephen Colbert
  • Beverage: Coffee
  • Places:  Positano, Italy; Salzburg, Austria; New York, New York
  • Snack Food:  Popcorn
  • Dream Job:  Travel Writer
  • Activities:  Travel, Enjoying Food

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