Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We hope this peek into our lives gives you some understanding of who we are and how much we are looking forward to loving a child. We hope to meet you and learn about the dreams YOU have for your child, and we would be honored to raise them as they grow into the person they are meant to be. 

We always knew we wanted to have children together. (Kathy brought up adoption on one of our first dates!) Phil’s best friend and college roommate was adopted, and Phil saw first hand what a positive experience adoption was. When we couldn’t have a child of our own, we immediately wanted to focus on adoption. We are so excited to be taking this step towards becoming parents!

Phil & Kathy

There are many teachers in Phil’s family, so studying was important in his house growing up. After college he went on to earn a master’s degree and then a medical degree and then a PhD in science! Today, he works as a doctor and a scientist helping people stay healthy and active. While he definitely enjoyed being a student, he’s always made time for his true passion: music. He’s been playing guitar and drums for as long as he can remember. Living a healthy lifestyle is also one of his priorities - most weekends you will find him running or riding his bike on the trails near our home.

Kathy has always been artistic. As a child she would spend countless hours on the floor with her sketchbook and crayons. Years later she won her high school art department’s excellence award and went on to study at an art school in Chicago. Today she is a freelance graphic designer and gets to do what she loves every day! She owns her own business and uses a spare bedroom as her office. When the baby arrives she plans on staying home and being there for every moment of their life - and can’t imagine it any other way!

We met during a fire drill at Phil’s medical school, and life has been an adventure ever since. Whether hiking through Western France or scuba diving along the Hawaiian reefs, we love visiting new places and trying new things! We will show your child that the world really isn’t that big and that there are many wonderful things to see and explore.

What Kathy Loves About Phil

The thing I love most about Phil is his genuine curiosity about the world. He can tell you how many miles it is between the Earth and the Moon, how many bones are in the human body, and why Batman is better than any other superhero! He loves traveling to new places and trying new, totally crazy foods. Phil is incredibly patient and a calming force when the world gets a bit rocky. He is a wonderful listener and cares deeply about the people in his life. He has definitely made my life more complete and I know he is going to be an amazing dad who will encourage a child’s curiosity as they explore the world together.

What Phil Loves About Kathy

The thing I love most about Kathy is her ability to take on whatever comes her way and just roll with it: She’s always up for a new adventure and will pretty much try anything once! She’s also incredibly patient and fun-loving. I know from her interactions with the kids in our family that she will be an awesome mom. Kathy’s creativity is limitless - she will be an inspiration to your child with her boundless inventive energy, which will most certainly help them develop their own love of the arts!

Our Life & Our Family

We live in a quiet, safe community, which has some of the top-rated schools in the state. There is a beautiful park right at the end of our block. Our house is old and charming - and nothing makes us happier than filling it with friends and family. We love having everyone over for backyard barbecues - the more, the merrier!

Kathy’s mom, brother, and extended family live nearby. We get together often for family dinners, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations that are filled with sports and games - and lots and lots of laughter! Phil’s family lives in New York and we travel to see them often. Phil is the oldest of 6 children and we have 5 nieces and 1 nephew. There is nothing better than the love, affection, and laughter that comes from his giant Italian family.

Our Thoughts On Openness

The most important thing to us is that your child is healthy, happy, and has a true understanding of who they are and where they came from. We will openly speak of you with respect and love, and we’re looking forward to building a relationship between our two families which allows you to see that your child is safe and loved in the home you chose for them.

Thank You

We promise to love your child unconditionally and teach them the importance of respect, honesty, education and living life to the fullest. Thank you again for taking the time to learn about us. We wish you all the best.

Fun facts

  • Doctor, scientist, and superhero in training
  • Thinks the dog is a lot smarter than he’s letting on
  • Knows all the lines in all the Star Wars movies
  • Completed an Ironman triathlon
  • Taught medicine in England for three years
  • Cooks amazing ribs
  • Idea of a perfect day is sitting on the beach
  • Artist, graphic designer, and amateur dog whisperer
  • KNOWS the dog is a lot smarter than he’s letting on
  • Still enjoys watching the old Muppet Show
  • Played on a high school basketball team that was ranked among the top 10 in the nation
  • Has four adorable godchildren
  • Loves cookie dough ice cream
  • Idea of a perfect day is visiting an art museum


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