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Katy & Matt

Welcome!  We are Katy, Matt and Frances and we are a warm and happy family that has more love to give!

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.  We have a loving and silly family and we can’t wait to add to it. We know that this is a hard time for you and that you have a difficult decision ahead.  We hope you find peace as you search for the best home for your child, whether it is yours, ours, or someone else’s.

Our Story

Our Story

We have been married for 10+ years and we have known each other for even longer.  We met at work in 2004 and lived in Chicago until 2013, when we moved to Evanston, Illinois.  We are grateful for the life we have together, and we complement each other incredibly well.  Katy is the fun and silly one in the relationship.  She is always searching for new family activities, and eager to try different things.  Matt balances Katy’s crazy, silly self, always staying calm and collected when things gets too hectic.  Frances joined our family in 2015 and we love spending time with her and watching her grow up.  Like us, she is looking forward to growing our family.

What we care about

Katy has a big loud Irish family who live in Skokie and Hyde Park.  She likes spending time with them and is grateful for their love and support.  Grandma and Grandpa love spoiling their grandchildren.  Matt’s family lives in Florida.  His mom was a teacher and his dad was a minister and served in the US Navy.  They instilled in Matt a strong sense of right and wrong as well as the importance of community and service. 

As parents ourselves, we value kindness, education, and family.  We try to be as consistent as possible with Frances and encourage her curiosity and education.  We try not to be over-scheduled, and we spend a lot of time in nature and always find time to giggle.  We want our children to feel unconditional love and acceptance.

Fun facts about Frances

*Has been to 11 US States so far and hopes to visit them all by her 18th birthday.

*Has never left the country but has a Passport just in case.

*Wants to be a firefighter, swim instructor, or carousel operator when she grows up.

*Loves all things from Liverpool, England, like the Beatles and the soccer team.

*Is afraid of Spiders and Santa Claus – is not afraid of swimming or ice skating.

*Could never have enough stuffed animals.  She and our dog Clifford want to share them with a new family member!

Home, community and openness

We love Evanston.  It has good schools, it is near Lake Michigan, has plenty of libraries, and is close to public transportation.  We bought a house there in 2013.  It had 4 bedrooms and we have done a lot of work to make it a clean safe and happy home.  We live in a diverse neighborhood, and our elementary school is less than two blocks away.  We always feel safe and comfortable, and we spend a lot of time out in our neighborhood.   Katy organizes the annual block party and has even been awarded the totally fake title of block mayor.

We also love Evanston for its diversity.  Frances has had a very colorful life.  Our block has many families of color.  Frances’ head teachers have all been women of color and her dentist is a woman of color.  Katy’s sister-in-law is African-American and her niece and nephew are bi-racial.  Our elementary school is 41% white, 37% Hispanic, and 12% black.  It also has a Spanish Language Immersion program.  In short, we are very open to adopting a child of any race. 

We know that this process can be difficult for everyone involved, but we value The Cradle’s mission of open adoption and we are open to exchanging photos and other updates, as well as keeping in touch through phone, email and visits.  We would also do anything we can to honor the culture of any child we were blessed to have in our home.

We hope you will consider helping to make our family complete.

Fun Facts

  • Was Captain of her high school swim team and swam in college.
  • Studied in France and Austria and would like to take her family there someday.
  • Picks up trash wherever she goes to leave the world more beautiful.
  • Owns 14 pairs of cheap, brightly colored prescription eyeglasses.
  • Once attempted to drink 24 Diet Cokes in 8 hours to win a bet.  Fortunately, she only made it to 18.
  • Organizes a Holiday Gift Drive at work for local foster kids every year.
  • Was once a local champion dart thrower.  Has run in 5 half marathons and hopes to one day do it with his family.
  • Folds shirts super neatly from his time working at Jimmy Buffet’s T-Shirt Shop in Key West.  He never wants to hear a Jimmy Buffet song ever again!
  • Has met two Heisman trophy winners.
  • High School mascot was a Fighting Conch, which is basically a big slug in a big shell.
  • Has brewed his own beer and hopes to pair it with Katy’s homemade cheese.
  • Loves landlines, encyclopedias, newspapers, records, and all things low tech.

"Katy & Matt" Family Photos

  • Grant, Katy, Tracy & Ian cutting down a Christmas tree
  • Ron, Matt & Kathy – Matt’s 8th grade graduation
  • We bought a farmhouse in Evanston in 2013. It was built in 1879 and we’ve done a lot of work to make it a clean, safe, and warm home.
  • Katy has organized our block party for three years in a row. The street is closed to traffic and fire fighters open the hydrants. We also have a bouncy castle, face painting, lots of food, and a band.
  • Frances celebrated her first birthday at Disney World with Matt’s sister and Frances’ cousins.
  • Frances Jane is named after Matt’s Grandma (pictured) and Katy’s Grandma. Granny Frances passed away last year.
  • These are Katy’s parents Grant and Tracy. They live down the street and watch her once a week. They also enjoy taking Frances on trips – Katy, Frances and Clifford recently met them at the beach near Boston.
  • This is Katy’s brother Ian and his family. They live in Hyde Park. The cousins are busy teenagers, but we see them at holidays and birthdays.
  • This is Clifford. We share him with Katy’s parents. He is a cuddly 7-month-old Standard Poodle.
  • Education is important to our family. Katy got her MBA from University of Chicago in 2012. Matt got his MBA in 2015.
  • Katy (pictured) works in Chicago as an economist for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Matt works in Chicago for BMO Harris Bank. We both love living so close to Chicago because there is so much to do there!
  • We love cooking, and most weekend mornings we make pancakes or scrambled eggs (or both). Katy and Frances love to make things from scratch, including cookies, bread, and cheese.
  • Embracing the local customs in Nebraska.
  • We enjoy traveling around the country and the world. Our trips are not the fanciest, and we love to take in the local attractions.
  • Matt used to train for and run a half marathon every year. He probably could run one today if you asked him to.
  • This is Katy doing a charity swim-a-thon. She has also done three 200+ mile bike rides for charity since 2012.

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