Watching football on new year’s day with Oma and Opa, watching mom, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Katie run the shamrock shuffle, fun playing at Pop Pop and Cita’s pond, watching fireworks with cousins, celebrating birthdays, dressing up together to say trick or treat, giving thanks for all we have, meeting Santa and opening gifts as a family. These are only some traditions we have throughout the year. Hi, we are Tim, Kristen, Molly, and Owen and we are so excited to be adding a child to our family through adoption to continue these traditions and add many more. 

After many years of infertility issues and procedures conducted we were finally blessed to have our daughter Molly who is now four. After Molly we decided to adopt and we were lucky enough to get Owen. We would like to expand our family more and feel that adoption is the right step to take since Tim’s brother was adopted.

Diversity & Openness:

We are open to all races because even though we may be a Caucasian family we feel that we have a strong diverse family, friends and the neighborhood that we live in.  We have nieces and nephews on Kristen’s side that are both Hispanic and Native American.  We have many friendships and colleges with people from different races and cultures.  Living in the second largest city in the state gives us a pretty large and diverse population in our neighborhood and school district and allows us to attend different cultural events such as cultural festivals and concerts. Emails, calls, pictures, visits; these are the ways we have kept an open adoption with Owen’s birth mom and are happy to do with you.  We feel that having openness is a positive aspect for your child.  Your child would be able to have questions answered and have both birth and adoptive parents supporting them through life’s journey. We also feel that we need to help them understand their culture and heritage by attending events with each other.

Our Family:

Tim has a bachelor’s in management from WIU and an MBA from NIU.  He was born and raised in Aurora and now works for the family company. Kristen has a bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from WIU. She was raised in Aurora with her six brothers and sisters. Molly is a fun loving, silly, go with the flow kind of girl. Owen is a strong, independent, and observant little boy.   They enjoy playing with their cousins as well as having play dates with their friends.

Kristen is a stay at home mom with our children Owen and Molly. She plans to continue to be a stay at home mom as the children grow. Both of our parents live in the area so they would see their grandchildren on a regular basis. We are also close to our siblings though some may not live in the area. There are lots of phones calls, emails, and visits to catch up on every body’s life. Our families are so excited to be joining us in our adoption adventure as we know how much love we can give and gain as we have experienced in Tim’s family.

We would like to thank you for reading our profile and taking the time to get to know a little about us. We wish you all the best on all of your decisions and throughout life’s journey.  We are excited to be on this wonderful journey to adopt and continue to grow our family.


Kristen & Tim

Fun facts

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