Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us!

We admire your love and courage in considering an adoption plan for you and your baby. We promise to love, protect and celebrate this precious gift unconditionally. We can assure you that your beautiful baby will be surrounded by family and friends who will cherish them. Wherever your journey leads you, it is our wish that you find comfort in knowing that your baby will be regarded as the biggest blessing to our family. 

We are praying for you as you make this decision. 

We have been building a life together for nearly ten years. After meeting through Kurlyn's 5th grade best friend, who confidently played matchmaker, we reluctantly met for a blind date at a local Starbucks in the midst of a snowstorm during the Christmas holiday season of 2007. Joe often jokes that he kept the car running just in case it didn't go well. But we had an immediate connection that led to a three-year long-distance relationship until Joe made the decision to move from Wisconsin to Illinois to be close to Kurlyn. A few months later, we got engaged and had a beautiful destination wedding in Aruba on September 1, 2011. 

We both take our marriage and commitment to each other very seriously.  It is important to us that we keep our relationship fresh and exciting, so we made a promise to each other to never stop dating one another. We have date nights regularly and cherish our weekend mornings relaxing and having breakfast together.

About US

About Joe (by Kurlyn)

Joe will be a perfect dad! He is passionate, protective and loyal to his family and friends. He is very fun, outgoing and has the loudest, most contagious laugh ever; he is always laughing at his own jokes. Joe is definitely the comedian in our home. I receive daily jokes and memes from Joe via text that I have grown to look forward to. He is committed to keeping our marriage fun and lighthearted. For as long as I've known him, Joe has always had great empathy for other people; he has the biggest heart and is always willing to go the extra mile to help others. He is very disciplined, committed, and hardworking; so much that he works out rain or shine 365 days a year. Joe also attends church services every Saturday evening, which gives him a great foundation to live his daily life. 

Having Joe in my life has been one of my greatest joys and I have no doubt that the same joy he brings me will make him an incredible father. His personality and character traits will allow him to be loving and playful, yet provide a solid foundation and guidance to raise a child.

About Kurlyn (by Joe)

My wife is the definition of the word heaven-sent. She is smart, loving, and caring, and loves to connect with others as well as foster close relationships. She enjoys being around people and always see the positivity in all. The thing I most adore about her is that she is really sensitive and completely bias free. She is a comedienne in her own right without trying; she speaks only the truth in a nonchalant manner.  Kurlyn's biggest goal in life has always been to have a loving family.  She adores her nephews, nieces, and Godchildren to the fullest extent; they have a special relationship. I’m looking forward and can’t wait to watch her love and nurture a child of her own.

Our Home & Community

We reside in a cute neighborhood in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago within walking distance from the park, library and great schools. We are within close driving distance from shopping, great restaurants and other conveniences. It's a fantastic, safe and family-friendly neighborhood!

We consider our home our sanctuary and welcome friends and family with open arms. We live in a spacious two-story townhome that reflects both of our personalities and cultures. It is warm and inviting and has some of Kurlyn's Caribbean influence. Our lower level is where we hang out; it's surrounded by pictures of our loved ones and our favorite comfy recliner.

Family and Friends

We are a fun-loving couple who enjoys spending time together with our family and friends. We have a great group of friends who have truly become our extended family, and we celebrate holidays, life events and take awesome trips together. We have a special relationship with our nieces, nephews and godchildren, and we always try to be a part of their milestones.

Kurlyn’s Family

Kurlyn comes from a tight-knit Caribbean family; her older sister lives in Wisconsin, her younger brother lives in Florida, and her parents who have been married for over 40 years moved from Wisconsin back to our home of St. Lucia in 2011. Her family makes an effort to stay connected when apart through a group chat which they share morning prayers, encouragement, funny stories, updates about the little ones and tons of pictures; and her parents visit all three children each year. Since Kurlyn does not have any family in Illinois, her friends have become more like family.

Joe’s Family

Joe comes from a close family from the Southside of Chicago; his mom is originally from Puerto Rico and his father from Alabama. He has two brothers and a sister. His parents were educators for more than 30 years, and have been married for 57 years. He visits his family every weekend after attending church. Joe makes an effort to stay connected to family and friends; he never forgets anyone's birthday and always sends holiday greetings to everyone. 


We enjoy spending every holiday together with our family and friends.  We have our own holiday traditions such as decorating the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and enjoying a special breakfast together on Christmas morning.  We also attend an annual fun-themed holiday party with our Milwaukee family; one of our favorites was the year we all wore holiday pajamas.  Besides Christmas, one of Kurlyn's favorite holidays is Valentine's Day, because Joe always goes the extra mile to make her feel special.

Travel Fun

We enjoy taking vacations together and are usually accompanied by our friends and family. We try to visit a new place every year, such as San Diego, Cancun and Dominican Republic. Since Kurlyn's parents live in the Caribbean we travel to St. Lucia often; her best friend always joins us on this trip because they consider her family.  Kurlyn enjoys taking weekend girls trips to such places as Las Vegas for fun or Washington D.C. to visit the monuments.


We want you to know that we are committed to the mission of an open adoption.  We want our child to have a connection to their birth family and heritage.  We know that openness can take many forms and are comfortable with letting you choose the pace.  We are open to emails, texts and visits; and hope to build an open relationship and develop a plan that gives this baby everlasting love from everyone. This baby will always know that is and always will be loved by all.

Thank you

We wish you courage in the days ahead and will pray for the decisions you will make for your child. Thank you for learning more about us.


Fun facts

  • Kurlyn is addicted to coffee and will drink it anytime of the day.
  • Kurlyn enjoys trying out new recipes that she finds on Pinterest.
  • Kurlyns favorite tv shows involve food and travel.
  • Kurlyn is known for having spontaneous dance parties.
  • Kurlyn was allergic to Joe's cat, Fredo, and it was a long-time running joke due to her constant stuffy nose.
  • Kurlyn is gifted with all of Joe's used gadgets.
  • Kurlyn was a member of a service sorority in college.
  • Joe served in the Marines for 4.5 years.
  • Joe is a former competitive body builder.
  • Joe loves watching cartoons, his favorites are Family Guy and American Dad.
  • Joe had a white fluffy cat named Fredo that we adored, who passed away a couple years ago from natural causes.
  • Joe is known as the gadget man because he is infatuated with technology, and is determined to have all the newest toys.
  • Joe was a member of a service fraternity in college.

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