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La Toya

Hi, I’m La Toya. Thank you for seeing me. I would love to be part of your adoption plan.

Our Story

My Story

Thank you for considering me to love and nurture your child. Your gift will allow me to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother. You are the bravest, most selfless person I know. I admire you. I promise to you that this child will know how much you loved and sacrificed for him or her, and I promise to ensure that he or she is happy and that his or her whole heart is full. I reflect about sharing a life with my future child and truly being in the moment. I look forward to the day when I can prepare my child for his or her first day of school or introduce special fall treats such as apple crisp or pumpkin pie. I am excited to celebrate holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving with the entire family. Simple pleasures such as playing in the leaves or picking apples will become even more joyous when seen through the eyes of a child, and I am excited for this special experience that only motherhood can provide.

As a child, I was raised by a single mother in an extended family home setting. My mother sacrificed and poured her very best in me with unconditional love. She is my greatest supporter, best friend and confidant. We've enjoyed so many mother-daughter memories over the years and are excited as we add a bundle of joy to our family.

My maternal and paternal sides of my family are always a joy to be around. We celebrate every birthday, holiday and milestone together and support each other in all things. There is nothing more important to me than family.

About Me

Throughout my life, I have been involved in various leadership and community service initiatives.  Of particular interest is advocacy and programs for underrepresented populations. Currently, I am the Midwest Regional Social Action Coordinator for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (world's largest organization of African American college educated women) and Ex-Officio of Women's Board of Chicago Urban League.  Most recently, I have been appointed to Planned Parenthood of Illinois Action, where I advocate for black women's reproductive and health issues.  And when the time comes, I plan to be involved with parent organization and activities with my child.

I was raised and lived in the Chatham community for most of my life.  Most recently, I bought a new house which I am renovating with special features for a child including a reading and playroom, a window seat for him/her to cuddle in and plenty of space for backyard fun.  My new community is more diverse with greater resources and some of the best schools in the city in the area.  My neighbors are very friendly and there are several local parent groups to keep the children engaged with one another and to serve as a support network for parents. They are anxiously awaiting my new arrival.

Parenting Plan

As a mother, I want to have a nurturing and loving relationship with my child. One where he/she sees me not as their provider, but also as their protector.  I want to have effective, open communication with my child so he/she always feel they can come to me regardless of the situation--big or small.

I want them to know they won't be judged and warmly received and we will address any concerns he/she has.  Of course, there will be rules and curfews to ensure parameters but I want our house to full of joy, laughter, fun, play dates, special mommy and daughter/son activities, vacations, cooking lessons and us starting our own traditions.  I plan to be celebrate and uplift my child in the positive manner. 

Just as my mother, I will be my child's biggest cheerleader and remind him/her that she can do anything she puts his/her mind to.  I plan to decorate our home for the holidays, pick out cool Halloween costumes, celebrate first day of school to college graduation, be the tooth fairy and his/her Santa Claus.

I want my child to be exposed to different cultures and have an appreciation for others and that while we are different, that God made us in His image and we are wonderfully and uniquely made.

Ultimately, I want my child to not only be told they are loved but also shown everyday and when they look back on their life, I have given him/her the tools and resources to be a loving, compassionate successful (by their own standards) adult.

As a new parent, I have already developed a list of activities, schools and resources.  Additionally, as part of my childcare plan, I have selected an award winning daycare which will be a safe and clean environment which will stimulate and prepare my child for higher quality educational options.  This will be further supported by me with my flexible work from home schedule and great grandparents assistance.

Perspective on Openness

I believe that it is important to collaborate with biological parents in raising this child. I will foster healthy relationships with the birth parents and encourage their involvement in the child's future to the extent they are comfortable.  I believe this should extend to additional biological family members such as siblings and grandparents.  While terms can be negotiable, I am open to working with you to send photos, letters, emails and/or scheduling quarterly visits. I want the child to understand who they are and who has contributed to their being.  Just as I would like to share family traditions and history with the child, I want him/her to also know such things when possible about their biological parents that they would like to share.  It is also important for establish openness in case he/she should have questions and answers need to be obtained, medical history and to pour what is great in each of us into this child, as we agree upon.

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

I want to thank you for the incredible gift you are bestowing upon me. It is my greatest wish to be a mother, and you are allowing me to fulfill this dream. I cannot overstate how grateful I am to you.  Know that this child will be showered with unconditional love, opportunities for growth and excellence and will always know from whom he/she came.  I recognize this decision cannot be taken lightly and wish you peace, healing and understanding during this time.


Fun Facts

La Toya
  • Favorite Food:  Watermelon with pizza coming in as a close second.
  • Favorite Movies:  Imitation of Life, Grease, Five Heartbeats and Friday.  I love classics and comedies.
  • Favorite Music:  R&B and Hip Hop, of course! LOL I also love Gospel and musical themes.
  • Favorite Travel:  I have a goal of visiting all seven continents and am halfway there. To date, my favorite destinations have been Egypt and South Africa. My Fab 5 Girlfriends and I have annual trips and have been all around the world.
  • Favorite Sport:  Tie between watching tennis and basketball. I also enjoy volleyball and participating in races where I am participating for a charity and a cute medal.
  • Hobbies:  Creative writing, wine tasting, fine dining, cultural activities especially Broadway plays.  My favorite of all time is Phantom of The Opera as I've seen it five times and plan on seeing it many more.
  • If I wasn't an attorney, I would be a screenwriter. I enjoy witnessing the art of storytelling and breathing life into characters.
  • I own over 200 pairs of shoes.
  • I am an art collector and enhance my collection with pieces from my travels and local artists.
  • I am a Press Your Luck and Wheel of Fortune fanatic. I even tried out for Wheel of Fortune years ago.

"La Toya" Family Photos

  • With my niece Aubrey, hanging at Millineum Park.
  • Hugging my dad for supporting my Board’s benefit cruise.
  • Enjoying Bears Game in Los Angeles with my cousin, Jenelle
  • Attending White Sox Game with my Auntie Sorority Sisters
  • DST Family: Aunts and Cousins Sorority Sisters at Founders Day Luncheon
  • 40th Birthday Trip with my Aunt/Soror Veta and I in Abu Dhabi.
  • Wakanda Forever! King Family Reunion
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my siblings.
  • Witnessing 60 years of marital bliss with my paternal grandparents
  • Loving on my greatest supporter (Mommy) at my graduation.
  • Granting Mommy’s wish to attend US Tennis Championship
  • All dressed up for afternoon tea with family.
  • Attending Wendy Williams Show in NYC. How you doing?!!!
  • Playing with my baby cousin, Dutchess.

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