Hello!  We truly believe that all moments in life happen for a reason: from the moment we met…to the first moment we talked about becoming parents….to this moment right now.

We have so much to give a child and we are ready to provide a fulfilling life for our future son or daughter. We are confident that we have the commitment, devotion, and passion to be great dads.  We are ready to fully love and care for a child and give him/her the support and encouragement to be the best person they can be.  Every individual has their own unique story to tell.  We want to help our child write his or her story.  We have no idea what your life journey has been like up to this moment, but we would be excited to share the journey with you.  We appreciate you giving us a chance to share who we are and what is important to us.  We are grateful for this moment with you.

Our Life Together…so far!:

We met in the summer of 2006.  Our relationship began as a strong friendship. Running is what brought us together.  As our relationship was developing, we started training together for the Chicago Marathon.  During our long runs, we had numerous conversations about all aspects of life.  One Saturday morning on the Chicago lakefront, the topic of parenthood became the focus.  We remember watching children heading into the aquarium with their parents.  We discussed parenthood and the idea of becoming dads.  Although our thoughts for the future were parallel, we knew that it would take time to foster our relationship.  The past ten years has allowed us to prepare ourselves for parenthood.  The moment is here! 

All about Lee (by Yoni):

The three letters in Lee’s name completely describe the person he is: Lovable, Empathetic, and Earthy. Lee is so lovable!  Children and animals are truly drawn to him. He loves to spend time with kids, especially his nieces and nephews.  He can often be found playing in the sprinkler in the summer and building snowmen in the winter.  Family is top priority for Lee. He is extremely empathetic and earthy.  He has a heart that is always extending to others.  Lee loves all living creatures. Rather than harm a spider found in the house, he will carry it outside to freedom.  For some people, these acts of caring would be “silly,” but to our family it represents a noble individual.   I cannot wait to see Lee parent and teach all these human qualities to our future child.  He is going to be an amazing dad!

All about Yoni (by Lee):

Yoni is a loyal and gentle-hearted person!  He is always full of positivity.  Yoni’s true passion is music and dance.  He is a group fitness instructor at our gym where he teaches hip hop, Latin Fusion, and C9 challenge.  Members are always lined up outside the door to get a spot in his class.  Not only are they excited about working out with him, but they gravitate towards his caring personality.  He is going to make an awesome “dance dad” someday.  At home, Yoni is the “go to” guy for many questions.  He has a background in technology and is really good with understanding how things work.  He is truly the Mr. Fix It!  His ability to put things together will be a huge plus come Christmas morning.  I look forward to seeing the relationship grow between him and our future child.  Parenting is not an easy job, but it is comforting to know that we will be sharing the experience with bundles of love, complete understanding, and equal responsibility. 

Our Professions = Teachers x 2

We are both primary education teachers.  Because of our professions, we both value education greatly.  After teaching many other children, we are excited to share our passion for teaching and educate our own little one.   

We plan to each take a six week leave, allowing us to be home the first twelve weeks with our new family member.  Our child will attend the same school district where Lee teaches.  Our schedule is perfect for parenting with summers and holidays off to be home together.  We plan on taking advantage of our summers off as a family to take trips, visit water parks, explore nature, and create special memories in the backyard.

Home Sweet Home: 

Our home is located in a welcoming community and desired school system.  We are a short walk to great parks that are always full of children.  We take great pride in our home and can often be found doing “Do It Yourself” projects.  We can’t wait to get started on the nursery!  Our kitchen and family room are where we spend most of our time together.  We love cooking and we may have a cookbook addiction! We have a beautiful fenced backyard that overlooks the forest where we often see deer.  When spring rolls around, we can often be found getting our hands dirty by planting flowers and trees.  Our home is a place where we hope others feel welcome, and we can’t wait to hear the little pitter patter of our child’s feet running on the hardwood floors.  We are so ready to be “dad” and “papi” and creating new family traditions with our future child in the place we call HOME.   

Things we will teach our son or daughter

How to accept mistakes.  That’s when you learn the most.
How to express feelings
How to love themselves
How to value friendships
How to show respect to all living things
How to value education
How decisions impact the world
How to honor family, customs, and traditions

Our Thoughts on Openness

We knew instantly after our first class at The Cradle that an open adoption was our path.  We had considered a child through surrogacy, but decided after many conversations that adoption was the best fit for us to extend our family.  Our primary goal is to love a child.  We have learned so much from The Cradle staff about open adoption and understand that openness can exist in a wide range of comfort levels.  We are willing to embrace your thoughts on the level of openness that you would desire. We are open to visits, calls, texts, social media, and/or anything that you are comfortable with.  We have no expectations, but hope that your child would form some type of relationship with you and develop a deeper understanding to that piece of his/her life story.  

Our Childcare Plan

Yoni’s mom will be our caregiver.  She currently cares for our four month old niece and is thrilled and ready to welcome her new grandchild.  It is comforting to know that our child will be with his/her cousin during the day and continuously surrounded by grandma's love!

Thank You

Thank you for taking a little bit of time to get to know us. We have so much love to share and are excited to have the opportunity to expand our family through adoption. The gift of adoption is the ultimate act of pure love and selflessness.  We truly believe in destiny.  Destiny is what brings lives to together. We would be honored to have the opportunity to meet you.  Whatever decision you make, we pray that you will be filled with PEACE, COMFORT, and LOVE. 

With Gratitude, 


Fun facts

  • Won the 2015 Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching in Illinois
  • Enjoys running and has run 8 marathons, 22 half marathons, and 1 triathlon
  • Wants to be best friends with Chip and Joanna from the show Fixer Upper
  • Loves going to vintage markets to find treasures
  • Started a Critter Club and Running Club at school
  • Officiated best friend’s wedding
  • Applied to be on the show Survivor twice
  • Loves all types of music and can often be heard singing in the car
  • Voted most musical in high school
  • Can’t live without tacos
  • Loves a good beat and can choreograph a song in his head while driving
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Huge fan of science fiction and thriller movies and especially likes the X-men movies
  • Won 2nd place in a fitness instructor dance challenge
  • Builds rustic items out of wood for the Leoni Vintage business
  • Worked in the technology field for ten years and can fix just about every technical issue
  • Lived in Guatemala City for 16 years
  • Learned to swim as an adult to complete the Chicago Triathlon
  • Has a green thumb and treats the plants and trees like family members
  • Can’t live without bananas

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