Hello!  We are Danny, Lindsay and Ryan!  We are a loving, giving, energetic and active family of three, excited to add to our family.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  We are hopeful and interested in learning more about you. Sharing our love, support and laughter with your child would be an honor.  We love watching our son learn and grow, and as parents we want to help him fulfill his dreams.  We would love the opportunity to do the same with your child.

How We Met:

Danny and I met in an elevator.  He proposed in the same elevator.  We got married in an elevator.  Just kidding!  But, our doorman was at our wedding since he was responsible for making our relationship happen.  :)

As a couple we have always loved to watch movies.  We enjoy home cooked meals and our weekly pizza nights.  We love the beach and just being together.  Since we welcomed our son Ryan, we still love to do those things, but our movie interests definitely include more Disney films than they used to…but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are always playing at the park or in the yard on the weekends.  We love our family time.

All About Lindsay (by Danny)

Lindsay is an incredible teacher, mother, wife, sister and daughter. She also manages to have the patience of a saint not only in dealing with her husband, but she also married into my very large extended family of 7 brothers and sisters, in-laws, cousins, etc. I can tell you through real life experience the fact that my entire family adores my wife tells you everything you need to know about her. I am so proud every single day at the relationships she has with my parents and siblings and she is the rare in-law that gets along and is liked by all. I believe our son Ryan, and his future brother or sister, are so lucky to have this masters degree holding, 12 years spent teaching, mom.  I know they will both flourish under her love and guidance.  I could not be a more proud husband and father, she is everything I ever dreamed of and that is such a blessing.

All About Danny (by Lindsay)

Within minutes of meeting Danny, you immediately feel at ease with him.  He has this ability to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable with him by telling a funny story and making a connection with them.  I guess growing up in a house of eight kids you have some sort of connection with just about everyone!

Danny really is a kid at heart!  When neighbors come over to play with Ryan, they always ask if Danny can come out to play too.  He is the dad that will make forts with the kids, play in the sprinkler, play basketball, soccer and t-ball.  He has more energy than any adult I have ever met and he makes any task seem fun.  I am so lucky to be married to Danny.  He is so supportive, loving, caring and funny!  I love the life we have created together. 

All About Ryan

Ryan is a happy, silly, thoughtful, smart and fun little boy.  We are so proud of him and we love watching him grow.  He has an incredible memory and loves to learn and follow directions. (He gets that from Lindsay!) We often call him the mayor of our street because he LOVES to greet all the neighbors by name and he is always so curious about where everyone is. Ryan wants to play with people all the time. (He gets that from Danny!)  Any new situation he is in, he always says "This is so much fun.  I have a lot of new friends!"   Ryan is excited to have a baby brother or sister.  He can’t wait to teach him/her how to ride a scooter!


We are very lucky to have such a large, supportive family.  Both sides of our family have been through many joys and some very difficult times as well,  but through love and communication we have grown stronger and closer.  We know we can handle whatever life brings thanks to our family.

Lindsay’s parents live 15 miles away and Danny's entire family lives within a 7 mile radius!   Ryan has 16 cousins that he sees on a weekly basis.  Our two families have merged into one and we love being together.  The more the merrier and everyone is so excited to welcome another member to our big family! 

Adoption and Openness

We are very excited about adopting.  We know that all open adoptions can look different for every family.  We are open to all races and are very willing to incorporate new cultures into our lives through traditions, food, gatherings, travel and more.  We want what is best for our children and we will always put their needs first.

We know that truth and honesty are so important in all relationships.  You will always be an important part of our child's story.  He/She will know that his/her story is a story of bravery and love, courage and compassion. 

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time learn about us.  We hope this gave you a glimpse into our everyday lives.  We hope to meet you in person and get to know you over the years.


Fun facts

  • I am loving, patient, organized, giving and honest.
  • I enjoy running, reading, watching movies, getting manicures, going to Target, and most of all, spending time with my family!
  • Cleaning the house relaxes me.  So weird, I know.
  • Growing up, I went to 6 different schools in 6 years.
  • I played soccer, basketball, tennis, and softball.  Soccer was my favorite sport though and played through high school.
  • I was a ball girl for the first olympic dream team!  I met my hero, Michael Jordan.  True story.
  • I loved my 12 years of teaching at the elementary grade level but the best job that I have ever had in my life is being a mom.   I was meant to do this.  It brings me so much joy.  I have so much love to give and I cannot wait to love another child.
  • I am a big fan of films and I still love to play basketball, which has been my lifelong passion.  And when time allows, I play some golf.
  • I am a lucky son of amazing parents.  I am a brother to 7 siblings and a godfather to 3 nieces and 1 nephew.
  • I am a proud husband and father.
  • I love being a Dad and I love that my children will grow up in the same town that I did. 
  • I google everything.  I love to learn new things and surprise people with random facts that I know.
  • I am very creative and try to make any situation fun!

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