Not to be too cheesy but...we have an open seat on our life's adventures and we are ready to fill it. We are loving, fun, nerdy and adventurous. We can't wait to see what else life brings our way.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. This is likely a difficult time for you so the fact that you are even reading this means so much to us. We hope that you will enjoy a peek inside our lives and enjoy getting an idea for the type of people we are and the type of parents we hope to be. We can't pretend to know what you are going through with so much to consider. We hope that you can find peace for yourself and your child through this journey.

If you decide to choose an adoption plan for your child, we will welcome the level of openness with which you feel comfortable. We embrace the possibility of visits, letters, phone calls, emails and pictures. We started this journey not knowing much about openness, but have learned a great deal from The Cradle about the opportunities that exist. We also understand and respect your wishes should you choose otherwise in regards to openness. Most importantly, we hope to create a life for your child where they feel safe, loved and knowledgeable about how they came into this world and into our lives.

We met in graduate school in Tampa, FL when we were 23 years old. It was love at first rude interaction. Liz was in the middle of giving a presentation in front of the whole class when Matt rudely and loudly interrupted her. Shortly after this (and I can only assume against her better judgement) Liz agreed to go on a date with me. After dating for over five years, we were engaged in New Orleans on a family vacation with Liz's whole family. Matt proposed on his birthday, at dinner, to really throw Liz off. He picked epic timing to have her pull out the ring just as the restaurant came over with a birthday hat and song. It has always been a story that brings many laughs when we tell it. Right after getting engaged Matt was transferred to Chicago for work and Liz followed after finding a job too. We got married in Chicago in 2013.


Our Home

We live in the West Loop/Near West, a neighborhood, just west of downtown Chicago. We are in a great area that is right between Printer's row, Pilsen and the Loop. We have a 2-bedroom condo that is right outside a blue line stop and within walking distance of parks, the lakefront and museums. We live in a small building of 24 units that is part of a larger complex. We have been here for 5 years and love our culturally diverse neighborhood. We are two blocks from amazing tacos at the Maxwell street market and have 2 donut shops within walking distance.

About Liz

Liz is Canadian and was born in Toronto. She is the oldest of four siblings. When she was 12 her family packed up everything and moved all the way to Australia! After 12 months of riding kangaroos to school (not really) her family moved back to Canada for a year and then onto Pennsylvania.  Then, after she finished college, her family relocated again to Tampa, where we met.  Liz has two sisters, Hillary & Sara and a brother Brian. Liz is much more quiet than Matt is and very much so an introvert. Personality wise, we are a case of opposites attract. Matt is the perfect companion because he always makes me laugh and knows how to make me relax. I love spending my free time with my siblings or with our close friends. I love researching new recipes to try out for Friday night dinner or when entertaining friends.

Matt about Liz

Growing up the oldest of four, Liz got to practice being a mom pretty early. I can still see it today with all of her siblings. Each one of them comes to her for advice or help with anything that happens to them in life. They do this because Liz has always cared more about what her siblings need than what she needs.

About Matt

I was an Air force brat. I was born on Edwards Air force base. According to my mom, it was 116 degrees when I was born.  (It seems to get a little hotter each year she tells the story). From CA we moved to Utah where my brother, Alex was born. After that, we were off to England, where we lived for three years. My parents got divorced shortly after we moved back to the U.S. So from here my list of siblings grows quite a bit. I have two older step-sisters Chris & Jen. In addition to my brother Alex, I have a much younger half-brother Gabe. (I'm 16 years older). I would say I am mildly (extremely) obsessed with Star Wars. I have about 10 star wars t-shirts. So if needed, I could wear a different one each day of the week. I own all of the movies. I even own some of the same movies on DVD and VHS. This means yes, we own a VHS player.

Liz about Matt

Matt is such a caring husband and I know he will be such a caring father. He preps my breakfast and lunch every day and I know he can't wait to cook for children too (he always asks at what age a child can eat real food).  He is so fun loving. All our friends and families children love playing with him. Matt looks forward to baby wearing, baby costume ideas (Star Wars themed) and eventually being a stay at home dad at least part time.


We have a few traditions in our family that we love to keep up with. 1. Every Friday we go out to breakfast. This allows us some weekday uninterrupted time. 2. We love exploring Chicago on the weekends. One day every weekend, we try to explore a different part of Chicago by getting lunch, coffee or visiting a library or museum. 3. Holiday traditions. We love watching our holiday movies and going to the Thanksgiving Day parade. We also have a ton of fun traditions with our families like matching pajamas every Christmas eve.


Travel has always been one of our biggest passions. We both moved around a lot as children and both lived outside of the U.S. during our childhood. Since we have been together, we have visited over 10 countries together. Even if we aren't traveling to different countries we still love to explore within the U.S. We plan to continue our travels with children. We can't wait to explore and teach our children about all of the different cultures in the world. The room we have set up for a baby is travel themed with a map taking up one of the walls.

Thank You!

Fun facts

  • Liz is Canadian
  • She has lived in four different countries
  • She used to be a figure skater
  • She loves the tv show Friends and has watched all episodes at least four times
  • Favorite vacation is Hawaii
  • Favorite dessert is almost any kind of pie with ice cream
  • Favorite place in Chicago is MSI in Hyde Park
  • Hobbies are baking and binge watching Netflix
  • Matt owns a VHS player
  • He has a mini Star Wars obsession – 7 figurines, a pillow and 10 t-shirts to be exact
  • He does most of the cooking and cleaning around the house
  • He has lived in two different countries
  • Favorite vacation is Japan
  • Favorite dessert is carrot cake
  • Favorite place in Chicago is the Harold Washington Library
  • Hobbies are reading and language learning

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