Hi we’re Andy and Maggie! There are not enough words to describe how excited we our to start our family through adoption. We are simply so grateful for you taking the time to look through what is just a glimpse of our life! We wish you the best.

A simple twist of fate brought us together in 2003.  When we met at work, our humor and constant joking is what caught each other’s eye.  Two weeks later we had our first date at a concert and we have been inseparable ever since.

We have been married for over 10 years and the one thing we can say is that laughter is a constant in our home. It is what made us fall in love with each other.  It has also gotten us through the hard times.  We simply cannot wait to laugh with our child one day.

Family is very important to us.  We are very close to our immediate and extended family.  We feel very blessed to have such loving and supportive family members who are beyond excited for us to be adding to our family through adoption.  We spend a lot time with both sides of our family.  Summers and holidays are constantly filled with family gatherings, outings and vacations.  Maggie has a niece and two nephews who are so looking forward to a new life long friend and cousin to pal around with at these events.

We love to travel and explore new cities near and far.  While we live in the southwest suburbs, we always love to go to the city.  We love to go to the different neighborhoods and search for restaurants and experience the culture.  The summertime is the best in Chicago.  Andy loves to eat!  He considers himself a food adventurer.  Any dinner outing will bring a huge smile to his face!  When we aren’t staying local, we love to travel to different parts of the U.S.  as well as abroad.  We cannot wait to be able to take our first trip as a family with our child...oh the possibilities!

About Maggie by Andy

Maggie is the kindest person I know and has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She is truly my best friend and the person I would want by my side for any situation. Maggie is the most supportive and hard working person I have ever known and has a witty sense of humor that can defuse any tense situation.  She will immediately put you at ease when you meet her and will make you feel like you have known her forever.  Maggie loves to bake and cook and always has something new for me to try on a regular basis when I come home each night.

Maggie will make an excellent mother because she is patient, caring, and always has a smile on her face that is infectious to everyone around her.

About Andy by Maggie

Andy is the type of guy who is your best friend.  I admire him so much with how many relationships he has maintained throughout the course of his life.  Some of closest friends are from when he was a small child.  I think it says a lot about a person that once you are in Andy’s life you will be in it forever!  Andy is a kid at heart.  His goofy nature and laughter is contagious.  I know that Andy will make a great dad because he cannot wait to ride bikes, build toys, and watch cartoons with them.  Andy is always willing to do anything for anyone, even if he doesn’t want to. If it makes the other person happy, then Andy is happy.  That is what I like the best about Andy.  He is always going the extra mile. 

What life will be like with us

Our home is warm and cozy and full of love.  We love to be here.  Nearby, there is a park and walking paths that we love to go to.  We love to relax at night, watch movies and TV shows and eat popcorn.  We have little traditions that we have maintained throughout our marriage that we love.  We have pizza Fridays, movie Saturdays, and Sunday brunchday.  While Maggie loves to bake and cook all the time, we also do enjoy to cook together especially on Sundays.  Sunday dinners are special in our house.  We always try a new recipe and new dessert.  Traditions continue with holidays.  Our favorite holidays our Halloween and Christmas.  At Halloween we love to decorate our house, carve our pumpkins and watch the all-important scary movies.  Christmas is a whole other level at our house!  Besides the over-the-top decorating, Maggie has her annual Christmas cookie baking with her family.  Christmas Eve is our favorite day, as we have all of our family over to our house for a family gathering.  We love this.  All day our house is filled with love and laughter and food.  It is the best day.    After writing all of this it really makes us think about how much we cannot wait to be able to share all of these traditions and moments with a child.  Even though we have already started these traditions our lives will begin when we are able to make up new ones with our child.  

Fun facts

  • Loves a good gloomy, rainy day
  • Can’t pass up a good bargain
  • Loves to cook and is pretty good at it!
  • Favorite city other than Chicago, is New Orleans
  • Loves anything haunted and ghost stories
  • Cannot get enough of her reality TV shows
  • Makes a mean taco salad
  • Has two left feet, but loves to dance like nobody is watching anyway
  • Loves to boast about her Irish heritage but doesn’t love the traditional food
  • Favorite Restaurant is Hugo Frogs because they have great crab legs and shrimp
  • Avid Chicago sports fan
  • Loves all types of since fiction television shows and movies
  • Would drive to a different state if he had a craving for unique pizza
  • Has to have Mexican food at least once a week
  • Still has his closest friends since the 5th grade
  • Enjoys golfing and working out
  • Has been saying he will “Run a 10K this year “ for the past 10 years
  • Loves Disney World
  • Should buy stock in Little Debbie’s with the amount that he eats
  • He is everybody’s favorite Uncle

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