Hello – We are Brian, Malcolm, and Ilana from Chicago. We imagine you've been doing a lot of thinking about your options. We wish you strength in making the best choice for you and your baby. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your hopes and dreams for your child. Until then, here's a little bit about our family.

About Us

It's been 12 years since our first date. Back then it was just the two of us living in a small apartment in San Francisco. Brian was studying to be a professor, and Malcolm had just opened a kitchenware shop.

A few years later, Brian finished his degree, we bought a house, rescued a fluffy little dog from a local animal shelter, and were feeling settled. We were ready to start our family, and welcomed our daughter, Ilana, into our lives.

Two years ago, Brian was offered his dream job in Chicago. We drove from San Francisco to Chicago with us in the front seat, and Ilana and our dog in the back.

We feel like Chicago's our home now, and Ilana has grown into a little girl. She's talking up a storm (“Daddy, ice cream please!”), swinging on monkey bars at the playground, and helping set the table for dinner. We're feeling settled again, and we're ready to expand our family.

We love being parents -- we're excited to welcome another baby into our family who we'll get to love, teach, and guide as they grow into their own unique person.

Welcoming a New Baby into Our Family

We are ready to open our home and our hearts to another child. All three of us are ready to learn new things together as a family and to experience life as a family of four.

Brian is ready for another little set of hands to help him in the garden. He's ready to pull over the step-stool so they can feed our fish. He'll point out spiders and bugs on walks, and share his love of butterfly museums and aquariums.

Malcolm is looking forward to swim lessons with a new little swimmer. He's ready to show them how to knead bread dough and mix pancake batter. He's ready to take them on a bike ride, kick the soccer ball around, and encourage them to be strong and independent.

Many of Ilana's friends have brothers and sisters, and she's excited to have one too. As they grow she'll be their number one teacher, excitedly encouraging them to crawl, walk, and eventually chase the dog around the house.

And we’re all looking forward to cuddles, snuggles, and hugs, and showering a new child with love, laughter, and support.

Family and Friends

We'd like our kids to experience the joys (and frustrations!) of having a brother or sister. Malcolm has two younger brothers, and Brian has an older sister. We all live in different states (and three different time zones) but we make sure to visit twice each year.

Every Thanksgiving we pile into the car and head to Michigan to see Brian's family. Malcolm's family heads to Lake Tahoe in California each summer. They squeeze more than 20 family members around the table for dinners, including the little toddler cousins, his 90-year-old Grandma, and everyone in between.

In between family reunions, we video chat with the grandparents every week. Malcolm's dad, “B-Bob”, will read “5 Little Monkeys” to Ilana, or Brian's mom will sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, complete with hand motions.

Our parents and our siblings have been incredibly supportive of us as new parents and we know they would be thrilled to welcome a new baby into the family. Malcolm's mom is all ready to make a quilt and Brian's Mom can't wait to send a care package of clothes and toys.

Our Home & Community

We own a home in a wonderful family-friendly community in the North Side of Chicago. When we walk down our street we run into people (and dogs!) that we know. It feels like we live in a small town.

We bought a house with room to grow. It has two stories, plus an unfinished basement that will likely become a playroom. In the back yard, Brian created a gorgeous vegetable garden. Malcolm uses the back yard grill to cook up Brian's favorite meal – grilled steak and veggies with roasted potatoes.

When it's time for kindergarten, there's a highly rated public school just two blocks away. We already know many parents with kids at the school, and can't wait for our kids to join that community.

Our family is Jewish, and our synagogue is just a short bus ride away. Ilana has a blast singing at the kids’ service, and we are excited to share our love for Jewish traditions with our second child. Many adoptive families attend our synagogue, making it a warm and inviting community for our family.

Thoughts on Open Adoption

Open adoption matches our values—it's honest and centered on what's best for the child. We had the honor of adopting Ilana as a newborn. We felt lucky to be able to meet Ilana's birthmother a few times before Ilana was born. We got to know her a little, and even though she doesn't want updates right now, she knows how to reach us, and we can tell Ilana about her. We are in contact with Ilana's birthmother's mom ('Nana'), so Ilana will have that connection as she grows.

We have encouraged Ilana to understand her story. We have a community of friends who are adoptive parents – some whose children are her age and some whose children are grown. Ilana knows that adoption is one way that families are made and she knows other families that were made this way.

Our second child will also know how they came to join our family, and they'll know that you acted out of love. Whether it's an adoption book, photos, or letters, they'll have a connection with you. We look forward to creating the new relationships that will form our modern family.

Fun facts

  • Is the oldest of three children, and so is his mom
  • Has lived in three cities as an adult (Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago)
  • Has three favorite foods: gnocchi, mushrooms, and ice cream (not together!)
  • Volunteers on a community board that wants to bring healthy, affordable fruits, vegetables, and meats from local farms to the people of Chicago
  • Loves crossword puzzles
  • Can say “Hello, how are you?” in Russian -- he studied Russian in Middle School.
  • Built a table so we can eat outdoors when we grill
  • Rides his bike every chance he gets, and has had two jobs where he got to commute to work on his bike
  • Loves his family’s reunions where they’ve seen amazing sights like glaciers in Alaska, volcanos in Hawaii, and a moose up-close at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
  • Is the youngest of two children, and so is his mom
  • Has lived in three cities as an adult (Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago)
  • Has three favorite foods: steak, brussel sprouts, and Yukon gold potatoes. They taste great together!
  • Volunteers on a community board that helps families of people with disabilities find support when needed, especially as parents get older
  • Loves to play board games
  • Knows American Sign Language
  • Built garden boxes in our back yard so we could grow our own vegetables
  • Crochets Halloween outfits for Ilana to wear – so far she’s been the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and the Poky Little Puppy
  • Takes photos of bugs, butterflies, and birds when he sees them on the street 

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