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Marni & Seth

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We hope this will give you a glimpse into our lives.

Adoption is very special and important to us: our son Ari came to us through adoption, and we feel so blessed that he has joined our family. We are ready for our family and our hearts to grow with the addition of a new child. We have so much love to give, and we are committed to providing a great home and being the best parents we possibly can be to Ari and an additional child. 

Our Story

We met through Marni's sister at a dinner party in 2011 and we quickly became inseparable. We could talk for hours, laughing, having fun, and being goofballs. But we also connected on a deeper level of shared values and learned that we wanted to spend our lives together.

We got married in 2014 and have only become stronger as a couple. We've been through many adventures and challenges since we've gotten together - new homes, moving to a new state (and back!), career changes, and of course, welcoming our first child Ari into our lives in 2019. Through it all we’ve stayed strong by making sure we are always communicating and bringing joy into every day moments.

About Seth

I love being a dad. By nature, I’m patient and thoughtful and loyal, and I also love teaching and exploring and learning new things alongside my child. I try to retain a sense of childlike awe and excitement in my approach to the world.

Besides being a dad, I like playing soccer, throwing a baseball or frisbee in the park, taking long road trips, swimming in lakes and rivers, or just reading a good book. But there’s nothing I like more than making Ari and Marni laugh; it’s just the best. I also have a ton of fun running around and playing with Ari, my nieces and nephews (they call me “Funcle Seth”!), and our friends’ kids, making up songs and stories and just being silly.

I was born and raised in Chicago; it’s my home and I love it. I loved growing up in the city, and I’m so happy to be able to raise my family here and to be able to give them the amazing experiences that my parents gave me. Going to the zoo, the lake, a museum, or just for a walk in a neighborhood--there’s no place like Chicago.

About Marni

I was raised in a close-knit family with four kids. We moved a lot when I was growing up, so being close with my family was extra important and is a value I hold dear. Having grown up all over the world, I feel comfortable pretty much wherever I go and I love adventures! Before having kids Seth and I traveled around the country and the world, and we are determined to keep adventuring even with kids in tow. 

As a wife and mother I try to be thoughtful, kind, fun, and generous. I like to find the joy in everyday things, even dancing and singing while Ari and I brush our teeth! Becoming a parent has been the most exciting and gratifying experience of my life, and I have learned and grown so much.

I strive to build a warm, welcoming home where everyone is welcome, and I cherish hosting family and friends for home-cooked meals (and including Ari in the cooking of course!). It’s been so fun to create our own family traditions, like friday night dinners, holiday celebrations, and early morning walks, and I can’t wait to add another little one into our lives.

About Ari

In two words, Ari is sweet and hilarious.  He is extremely curious, determined, and resilient, and has been from the day he was born. Ari truly spreads  joy wherever he goes. He has a huge heart and loves playing with friends, always aware of other peoples’ needs. We are lucky to live on a block with tons of kids and he plays outside with them every day. We also live close to his cousins and grandparents who absolutely adore him and we see them every week.

You can usually find Ari riding around the neighborhood on his bike, picking tomatoes from the garden, or trying to perfect his cartwheel. His favorite activities are riding in his “boat” (aka sitting in his sled in our living room), playing with his cousins, making “tea” in his play kitchen, and always doing anything “all by himself!” We are so excited for Ari to become a big brother -- he adores babies and will have so much to teach a little brother or sister.

Our Feelings about Open Adoption

We will embrace whatever level of openness you prefer, and we will be flexible based on any changes you may have in your level of openness. Adoption is a regular topic of conversation for us, and our wish is for our children to be proud of their adoption story, their birth family, and their heritage.

Thank you

If you choose adoption and select our family, your child will be welcomed into our home with unconditional love. Your child will be surrounded by our large and loving families and many kind and caring friends. He or she will be raised in a diverse city with lots of opportunities. Your child will grow up in a home built on strong values: kindness, honesty, tradition, learning, and joy.

We are so grateful that you took the time to read about our family. We wish you peace as you make your decision.

Fun Facts

  • Can speak 3 languages
  • Has a dream of owning and running a bed and breakfast some day
  • Has worked on farms and loves growing vegetables at home
  • Has mastered playing “wheels on the bus” on guitar (per Ari’s request)
  • Organizes our annual block party (this year’s theme was “tropical”)
  • Has lived in 5 countries and 4 states, but calls Chicago home
  • Has been to all 50 states
  • Has exceptional talent for funny voices
  • Is the captain of a co-ed recreational soccer team
  • Went to musical theater summer camp for 10 years (and it shows in his ability to make up songs and do funny voices)
  • Is a lifelong Chicago sports fan and got to dance with Benny The Bull as a kid!
  • Loves nothing more than jumping into a lake or river on a hot day
  • Is a human dictionary: can define any word without fail!

"Marni & Seth" Family Photos

  • Enjoying an ice cream treat on a nice day
  • Blowing out the candles for Ari’s birthday
  • Ari’s first camping trip!
  • We love biking around the city
  • Beach day with Ari’s cousin Abe
  • On an early morning walk to the river near our house
  • A recent trip to visit friends in Wisconsin
  • Swimming with Ari’s grandma on a visit to Florida
  • Ari snuggling with his cousin
  • Eating his favorite food from the farmer’s market
  • Pure joy blowing bubbles
  • On a hike at a nearby nature preserve
  • Ari’s first Cubs game with his dad and grandpa
  • Marni kayaking on the Chicago River
  • Wearing matching outfits for July 4th
  • Sous-chef Ari helping Marni make lasagna
  • Climbing around at our local park
  • Dressed up for the tropical themed block party
  • Spending time with dear friends in our neighborhood
  • Ari helping water the plants

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