"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade".  It may sound cliche, but it is something we have embraced as a type of family motto for us.  We've had our share of ups and downs in our relationship but it has made us all the stronger for it.  From Luke changing jobs in the middle of our engagement, to losing power at the beginning of our wedding reception to a sudden move to a new house.  The upside of these changes were Luke getting his dream job, a wedding that people still fondly talk about  and a home that is very close to family and friends.

Connect with us

We'd like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit as you consider an adoption plan.  This is the first step in a lifelong journey for all of us if you choose.  We hope you will always be a part of our child's life in whatever way you feel comfortable.  It is important for our child to know their story and how they came to be part of our family. 

            Family is the secret ingredient to our lemonade as they love and support us through all we do in life.  Mary Ann's family is large, and there are birthday parties, holidays, graduations, baptisms and many other events all the time.  Luke's family, on the other hand is not as large, but is very close.  We regularly get together "just because".

            Pets have always been a part of our family too, with both of us having dogs, and Mary Ann having cats growing up.  We have 2 cats.  Our dogs, Rookie and Pepper are the newest additions to our family. They are full of energy. Their hobbies include long walks and playing together.

            We love traveling, from weekends at the family cottage in Michigan, to longer road trips in local states, or relaxing with Mary Ann's parents in Florida, we love it all!  We look forward to expanding our family and sharing our love of travel with our children.  Luke is also a big fan of the flying part of travel as that is what his college major was to begin with, so it's quite enjoyable to him.

            We both think that education is important and will prepare for our child's future from the beginning.  Mary Ann has her Master's Degree and Luke has his Bachelor's Degree and we are preparing for our child's education for wherever their plans and interest take them. 

            Having both of us around for our child's life is very important to us too.  Mary Ann recently switched jobs to have a more flexible schedule to be more available for our future child.  She is a Speech Pathologist and works with both children and adults.  Luke is a Police Officer and while working different shifts can be hard sometimes, it does allow one of us to be home at different times for caring for our child.  We want to give our child all the opportunities that we had growing up. 

            We live on the far South Side of Chicago, about a block and a half from where Mary Ann grew up.  Having a child share in similar experiences as Mary Ann is one of the reasons why we picked the house we now live in.  Mary Ann's parents are also excited to have their daughter and her growing family right down the street.  There is still a playhouse in Mary Ann's parents' backyard that her dad built for her when she was growing up, and we hope that our child will be able to play in it one day as well. 

            We are Catholic and both went to Catholic schools growing up.  We will be sharing our faith with our child and the rest of our family as it always brings us together. 

            As for fun, we enjoy movies, going to museums and the zoo,and playing games. Mary Ann enjoys Harry Potter and Luke likes Star Wars.  Mary Ann enjoys cooking and bringing people together for meals, reading, and spending time with friends and family.  Luke enjoys reading as well, painting models for table top games, and playing video and board games.  We both look forward to sharing our interests with our children in the future, and even have a plan to have a Where the Wild Things Are theme for their room.

            We have been blessed with a very supportive family on both sides.  They have been there for us and will be there for our own growing family in the future.

Fun facts

Mary Ann
  • Has been to Australia twice
  • Has been to the train station with the worlds longest name
  • Is a morning person
  • Played the violin in high school
  • Climbed the Sydney bridge twice
  • Is left handed
  • Started college off as a pilot
  • Rides a motorcycle
  • First CD owned: They Might Be Giants
  • Enjoys random facts
  • Went to space camp as a kid
  • Went to Disney World for the fist time as an adult 

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