Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are grateful you are considering us to love and nurture your child.  It has been our constant hope that we will be blessed to continue to grow our family with another child, to share our love, relationship, and home.  We plan to support a child's need for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth by fully participating in his or her life-not only in the great joys, but in facing the challenges, too.  We are ready to give unconditional love, share a safe home, and expose him or her to the many educational and social opportunities in our community.  We have deep respect for you and the challenges adoption can bring.  We look forward to meeting you and to joining you on this journey.

Adoption and Openness

Coming from large families ourselves, we have long dreamed of having a family of our own.  For us the choice to select adoption has been thoughtfully considered, but also fairly straightforward.  We are well-acquainted with this path, as adoption has already positively shaped our family.

We adopted our son Keanan in 2015 through The Cradle, and we have a niece and nephew who are adopted.  Maureen's mom worked at an adoption agency for over 20 years, and we have several friends and family who are either adopted themselves or have chosen adoption to build their families.

With adoption, the meaning of family can be ours to define together.  We know every idea and degree of openness are unique and want to work with you to create the kind of family that fits all of us, but most importantly is in the best interest of your child.  Whether we stay close and connect regularly, share pictures and updates through email and text, or arrange visits, we can find the right balance of interaction that enables exposure to your family, roots and heritage.

Our Home and Diversity

We value diversity as an essential component of life, every day.  Chettha is Asian, Maureen is Caucasian, and Keanan is African American and Caucasian.  We cherish the unique traditions, customs, and heritage from each of our own backgrounds and look forward to including even more.  We cannot wait to share life's experiences with another child in our family and are open to adopting a child of any race.  We look forward to continuing to celebrate and embrace being a multiracial family.

Our home and community make up the perfect environment to nurture and instill confidence in a child, as our location offers a safe neighborhood in a diverse community just minutes from Chicago.  We enjoy our home as the center of action as well as a peaceful retreat, whether cooking up a Thai-style feast to share with friends and family, making blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning, or exploring a new park to try out the swings and slides with Keanan. 

About Us

Our relationship has always been special from the moment we met, and have been a conspicuous couple from the start given our physical appearances.  This is where the differences end, and we both contribute our energy, creativity, and values to create a healthy, loving home.  We value each other's strengths and participate equally in the relationship as a couple and as parents.  We enjoy many activities together including spending time with family and friends and maintaining an active lifestyle.  

Maureen is the youngest of six children and loves to celebrate everything with great tradition, from holidays to birthdays and everything in between.  Maureen graduated with honors from college and saved up to be able to study abroad in Spain.  She has since earned her Master's Degree while building her career.  Maureen takes great care of others, shows kindness and trustworthiness which shine through as the mother of our child.

Chettha is the oldest of 8 children, and developed a nature of responsibility, leadership and achievement.  He moved to the U.S. from Thailand by himself when he was just 15 years old to attend high school.  Chettha embraced American culture, and after college decided to stay in the States to start his own company and is now a U.S. Citizen.  Chettha is the favorite uncle as he is a natural with kids and is eternally positive.  He embraces fatherhood every day, and truly has fun while providing security and love to Keanan.

Our Family Plan

We feel it is extremely important to bond as a family early in the relationship, so Maureen plans to take a temporary leave from work and Chettha will adjust his work to dedicate time to make the most loving, comfortable environment for the child from the start.  As we ease back into work, we are planning to continue to provide loving care during the weekdays with Keanan at our local early childhood education center.  We feel it is important that your child receives exceptional care, and are lucky enough to enroll at the top school in our area. 

Two loving parents, one adoring sibling, four affectionate grandparents, 19 kind-hearted aunts and uncles, and 14 fun-loving nieces and nephews cannot wait to welcome a new member of the family.

Thank you for inquiring about our family, and the chance to share our hopes and dreams with you about growing our family through adoption.  We look forward to an opportunity to meet you!


Fun facts

  • Favorite food: Peanut Butter (Preferably with honey.  Eats daily.) Runner up: deep dish pizza
  • Favorite sport: volleyball (High school captain. Still has fun playing beach with friends!)
  • Favorite outdoor sport: downhill skiing
  • Favorite mom moment: reading and singing with Keanan at bedtime
  • Favorite duty as an Aunt: sewing baby quilts for nieces and nephews
  • Tallest girl in class from kindergarten to 12th grade.
  • Captain of grade school crossing guard in 5th grade; won the school citizenship award
  • Babysitter extraordinaire - earned enough money to pay for school trip to Spain.
  • Trip inspired college studies, majored in Spanish in college.
  • Placed 24th in 2017 Plum Lake swim meet.
  • Favorite food: Thai fried chicken. Runner up: shrimp scampi with angel hair pasta
  • Favorite sport: soccer (captain of Hight School team, walked on to Division I college team)
  • #1 Hobby - Photography
  • First time on a plane: flew was from Thailand to Chicago by himself to attend high school
  • Earned four U.S. Patents
  • Became US Citizen June 2009
  • Contemplated being the first and founding member of Thai Ski Team for Winter Olympics
  • Decided it's never too late to learn to swim - started swim class this winter
  • Up North Fisherman master (well maybe "master" is optimistic, more like beginner)
  • Aspiring Travel agent - over past 15 years has coordinated 7 trips to Thailand for total of 50+ people

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